“I Need Feminism Because…”: In Pictures

CUSU Women's Campaign team up with ARU Feminist Society to bring you: "I need feminism because..."

Armed with nothing but a whiteboard and a felt-tip pen, Cambridge students took to the streets today in a bid to prove that feminism is not just relevant but vitally important.


The CUSU Women’s Campaign and ARU Feminist Society caused quite a stir on King’s Parade as students of both sexes posed with powerful messages in support of women.

The campaign, which has appeared all over the web and enjoyed great success at universities around the country, will run in Cambridge for the next three days.


CUSU Women’s Officer Susy Langsdale, co-coordinator of the event, explained that the Women’s Campaign have been planning the event for some time now: “We talked about how useful it would be to show how widespread the need for feminism is and to articulate some of the many different reasons that women and men need it today.

“With the new feminist society having been set up at ARU we thought that it was the ideal opportunity to collaborate with them to demonstrate that the need for feminism is widespread in our community.


“By breaking down existing divisions and hierarchies I hope this photo campaign will reveal how united Cambridge city is in fighting for equality between the sexes.”

More details can be found on the project’s Facebook event page.

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  • PSB

    Good campaign, some really interesting ideas BUT….

    “I need feminism because my friends will laugh at me for doing this” is a shit reason.
    The same could be said about many things (and most of them are stupid – imagine a similar statement about nudism).

    Not that a few poor examples should take away from essentially a good thing.

    • I think

      he means that feminism is needed because his friends would laugh at him for supporting feminism.

      • C’mon

        Yeah he got that. It’s a shit reason.

        • Bloke

          “I need nudism because my friends will laugh at me for being a nudist”
          “I need cubism because my friends will laugh at me for being a cubist”
          “I need chauvinism because my friends will laugh at me for being a chauvinist”

          Do sound stupid. Quite right.

          “Society needs more female empowerment because no-one takes female empowerment , and by extension, women, seriously”

          Kind of works. No?

          • not really…

            That’s certainly not as pithy and witty as the original line, which I think was more aimed at the idea that even in Cambridge people are inclined to laugh at feminism, hence the need for its strengthening – both for men and women

    • Ivor

      I think you’re perhaps missing the point. His friends would laugh because they don’t understand the need for feminism and still cling to “old” attitudes. Until they embrace the equality of feminism they’re laughing because they don’t understand and need to learn. This is one of the cleverest examples of all.

    • Georgia

      stupid is as stupid writes re: laugh at me man

    • Anonymous

      You don’t get it.
      The point he’s making is, it shouldn’t still be an embarrassing or seemingly odd behaviour to promote equality. If his friends would laugh at him then ironically society is also still missing the point

    • jeremy

      I disagree. He sums up exactly how I feel about the situation (I’m a guy). The notion that supporting women’s rights is something deserving of derision, is EXACTLY why I think feminism is needed.

      The statement about nudism doesn’t have the same punch because there’s not the same widespread, systemic, daily, inescapable prejudice associated with having your clothes off. Women can’t – and shouldn’t have to – escape being female.

  • Simon Johnson

    Big up all you gash (and manz) participating in raising awareness of such a #DENCH cause! Man intends to reach out to many a feminist this term (especially on mans big post-exam soirees, dun know!) and although man has done awful tings when viewing many of your videos on YouJ man knows that ultimately we are all equal. Apart from the gash that hype too much and fill up mans newsfeed with breeze (#youneedagoodshagging) let’s all love, be at peace and focus on merking out some #dench exam results! #equality #dench #blukubluku

    • Anonymous

      You’re boring. Seriously.

      • Anonymous

        says the one as anonymous as a username

      • Anonymouser

        But really committed

        • Anonymost

          Do I know you?

      • trolly mctrolltroll

        BUT U R GAY LOLZ

        1-0 2 ME HEHEHEHE

        • Top Lad

          Massive internet shanter mate.

    • Simon Fan #1

      WHEN IS SJ GETTING A TAB COLUMN??!?! #demand!!

  • I need cusu because…

    nope, i still got nothing.

    • Has there

      ever been a more liked comment in tab history?

  • bluntnatsci

    look I’m all for women’s equality but if I’m perfectly blunt, I’m really scared of hardcore feminism. Its starting to sway the other way in some respects. There’s a poster in the materials department advertising internships specifically for women. If that shit isn’t sexist I don’t know what is. I like this though, these people seem pretty sensible with the reasons of support. There needs to be more of these people, and less of the, “I’M GOING TO CHOP OFF YOUR PENIS, AND WHERE IT ROUND MY NECK AS A SYMBOL OF MY INDEPENDENCE AS A WOMAN” hardcore feminists. All things in good moderation.

    • Pedantic Linguist


      • bluntnatsci

        I hang my head in shame.

    • How many of these hardcore feminists

      do you actually know exist? Or is this just a conception?

      • bluntnatsci

        sidenote: I think the fact that we have women’s officers in colleges and no men’s officers is pretty sexist

        • tl;dr

          what’s the gist?

          agreed – men’s issues are important and there’s lots of work to be done, but don’t you think the need to support women’s issues both pastorally and politically is more pressing? If it’s that much of a problem, why no lobby your JCR?

          • Anonymous

            Oh yes. Because feminism movement is achieving soooo much in areas of desperate needs. Face it, the western culture where feminism has influence, they’ve achieved everything possible. Rape is a serious fellony right up there with murder and fraud and robbery. You can’t change people’s opinions if they are cemented, just like we can’t change feminists. Feminists should be more brave and take actions where it matters, like Middle East and Southeast Asia.

        • Man

          It’s not their fault they were born inferior and as such require special treatment to deal with it.

        • Champion Ruseman

          LOL offering /r/MensRights as a source of evidence for why we DON’T need feminism?

          Your first comment was actually pretty sensible but really, come on.

          Also, upvotes to the… right?

          • bluntnatsci

            Yeah it wasn’t really a serious response :p

            but in all seriousness, if you need feminism, you need a male equivalent. Its like the gun control debate all over again

        • Actually

          My college has a men’s officer.

        • Anonymous

          My college doesn’t have a women’s officer.

          We have two welfare officers, one of whom is male and the other is female. It’s a good approach,

        • Check Yo Facts

          there is actually a men’s officer position but no one ever applies for it (says quite a lot really)

        • A.N.Otheranonymous

          I asked my college women’s officer about this, and she said there is a position for a men’s officer on the jcr exec but nobody ever applies for it.

      • Observer

        http://youtu.be/nvYyGTmcP80 She’s pretty bad.

    • Wake up

      Your comment about the internships: This is not, I assure you, a rare thing in certain industries. Lots of companies and even the Foreign Commonwealth Office now advertise internships especially for women. Bear in mind that they’re not advertising JOBS, they’re internships, and a big part of doing an internship is getting a feel for the industry and deciding whether you fancy pursuing a career in that field. Engineering, science, diplomacy etc are all fields where women are severely under-represented, and it takes a bit more courage than you would think to apply for a job and a way of life about which you may have only ever heard a man’s view. I’m interested in applying for FCO diplomatic faststream, and when I told a female friend this her first comment was ‘But what about raising a family if you get married or have kids? Few men would sacrifice their own careers to follow you around the world for diplomatic posts’. Do you see how that’s problematic? Very few women represent our interests in abroad – and that’s a big problem. Offering internships specifically for women gives more people who have serious doubts about applying a real chance to see that the job is worth it. It is NO different from the access schemes run by Cambridge for ethnic minorities or state schools, for example. When a significant percentage of the population in a certain field or area goes unrepresented, it needs to be sorted. And sorry fella, but the way things are now means these women-only internships are NOT sexist – they are perfectly legitimate.

      • Anonymous

        no. no. no. Try to make everyone more equal, by making one group more equal doesn’t work.

    • charlotte

      but that’s not feminism and those aren’t feminists. all feminism means is equal rights for women ( shouldn’t even be controversial. ) It doesn’t mean hating men. those aren’t feminists, they’e just man haters.

  • Burnie

    I got one for your board:
    We men should NEVER refer to women as ‘bitches’. A bitch is a female dog, and a dog is the most faithful, kind, loyal, and unconditionally loving animal on the face of the earth. NEVER call women bitches. It’s insulting to dogs.

    • We conclude that…

      8 Femenists have no sense of humour, proving once and for all women can’t be funny.

      • I conclude that…

        Command of spelling and grammar is inversely proportional to chauvinism.

        • Maybe…

          but English isn’t my first language.

          • Unfortunately

            It’s not the language, well not just. It’s that the joke is not funny, or clever.

            If you are going to make a sexist joke, at the very least be funny. Alternatively I suppose you will need to accept the fact that you will have to go through life as a virgin.

            • Yeah. That’ll learn you.

              You virgin

    • And we should therefore

      never refer to men as “dicks” or “cocks”

      • Interesting

        Dunno, does a girl calling a guy a cock carry the same kind of connotations? I know it seems one sided to say that calling a woman bitch is more oppressive or carries more power or whatever than calling a guy a dick. Calling someone a bitch because they’re a woman seems slightly different than if it’s someone who just whines vindictively about other people behind their back…maybes it’s all about context.

  • I need feminism…

    becuase I need something to rant about whilst on my period….

  • OMG

    A dog that can write! Whatever next?

    • Dog

      I cannot write, nor, being male, am I a bitch. As in denunciation, that sign before me speaks not my words but those of my slavers.

      “O, to be a dog in chains is a thing of truest sorrow, to yearn for liberty that never known.” (Rousseau)


      • Anonymous

        She’s a girl dog you prick.

  • I need feminism

    because of these Tab comments.

    • We have a winner!

      I love this new voting system.

      • Oh

        Never mind.

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing! Well done Women’s Campaign and ARU! :)

  • I need feminism

    to convince girls I’m enlightened and sensitive

    • Anonymous

      blatantly the “some of my friends will still laugh at me” kid

      • PUA

        To pull one needs to be openly feminist, but implicitly sexist.

  • Comment voting trend

    Well done girls! So proud of you. Next Year we will donate all of the proceeds from captains cocktails to you guys instead of spending it on hookers. #CURUFC4Feminism

    • Hell


  • Practical

    Its great to see young women out and about heckling misogynists on the streets of Cambridge but do you not think there is something more practical to be done with your time ? I too love getting out doors when its sunny, especially when I need to justify my procrastination with a generic cause, but don’t you think you could actually address your problems ? Petition the graduate recruiters. Addressing the (alleged #BlytheMasters) ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘sticky floors’ through collectively leveraging the Cambridge name must be more efficient than telling the world why your pointless badgering is important ?

    • I think

      that you’ve slightly missed the point by addressing your comment towards women specifically

    • Bloody feminists

      Can’t even campaign properly.

  • woohoo

    but in cam you are preaching to the converted. Not even the most hardened ‘lad’ here thinks women shouldn’t have equal rights. All of these comments are just trying to wind up the self-righteous campaign types who can’t laugh about anything, let alone themselves.

    • it’s not necessarily

      about what people believe, it’s how they act. And I’ve seen some pretty shocking behaviour during my time here.

    • The no-sexism delusion

      “Preaching to the converted”?- Have you even read the comments on this page. More sexist comments than non-sexist comments. More likes for sexist comments than non-sexist comments.

  • mmm

    I do love watching some Cambridge nerds baking in the sun.

  • I need masculinism

    to represent equal rights for men and women from a male perspective and ensure that women are not positively discriminated towards. To this end I will volunteer to jelly-wrestle a girl at Wyverns Garden Party this year for the chance to win a pair of Magdalene tickets. It is wholly unfair that this opportunity should only be offered to women.

    • and

      and men have vaginas?

  • If women were equal to men…

    wouldn’t they have penises?

    • Joey Belladonna

      you may not know this,
      we may be different,
      different but equals,
      different and free.

  • Boyard

    I don’t need feminism, otherwise Melinda Messenger might realise there’s more to life and leave me with the Professor, Jacques and La Boule.

    • Monique

      I don’t need feminism.
      I have my tigers and a whip.

  • umm

    “all oppression is connected”
    well done this is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day

    • It’s

      just an easy way for a group of, comparatively, very privileged women to justify the fact that they completely ignore other, far more damaging forms of oppression.

    • Cruellest Cat

      Chief cause of Apartheid?

      Misogyny. Definitely misogyny.

      • Um hello

        you guys are dumb. she is talking about the need to keep on eroding closed-mindedness, and modes of thought and behavior that lead to and justify discrimination – on the grouns of gender, race or anything else.

        • Yeah

          annoyingly put, but right.

  • Nothing


  • In the wise words of Dr. Dre

    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.

    • all the true gangsters know…

      you aint never loved no ho

  • Samantha Brick

    I need feminism because… I probably do more to slow progress towards sexual equality in the UK than any man.

    I am the turd in the feminists’ punchbowl.

    I am legend.

    • Dredd

      I am the law.

  • Why

    does the fourth one down write his E like a £?

    • Why?

      YOLO, brah, that’s why.

  • Confused sexless male

    Why is using gendered swear words sexist? Words such as bitch, whore, or cow? If we can’t use those swear words, then how does one express disapproval of women who are not particularly nice?

    It would be odd to call women, sons of bitches, or motherfuckers, or even bastards? Who calls a woman, a bastard? Who?

    This sexism business is hindering the ordinary man’s (or woman’s) ability to express her (or his) hatred for individual females, who, lets face it, can often be genuine mothefuckers.

    • Well

      I reckon most feminists would object to each of those male-gendered insults you listed, since they insult a man by indirectly insulting a woman. Son of a bitch, motherfucker, bastard…all focusing on yo’mama, and often on her sexual promiscuity. Insults relating to promiscuity are sexist because a) nowt wrong with safe promiscuity, and b) automatically calling a woman a whore if you’re angry at her for being rude or cruel feeds that idea that it’s the worst thing a woman can be.

      • Game of Thrones

        well “bastard” actually focuses on the parents as a whole, the illegitimacy of their union and the father’s infidelity. I wouldn’t say it “focuses” on the mother, but is a direct insult to the person, mocking their illegitimacy and how that will hinder them in life.

        It’s a relatively archaic insult.

        • Craster

          I’ll kill the next man who indirectly insults my mother by calling me a bastard!

          • You are a bastard.

            A daughter-fucking, wildling bastard.

        • Ah

          You must be Ned Stark’s bastard

      • Confused sexless male

        Good point. Didn’t notice the male insults were indirectly related on their mother or her promiscuity. And yes, being a bastard is connection to one’s mother promiscuity since women were usually blamed for such things, though to be fair among some circles the man, if identified, was also disapproved of. I guess it is somewhat debatable whether bastard is offensive because of mother’s promiscuity as opposed to father’s.

        I am not sure if it is correct to say nothing is wrong with safe promiscuity. Sex does involve a lot a psychological effects, and promiscuity is known to be correlated with depression.

        But either way, we do need word to express dislike of women. I think the reason a whore is insulting is because it implies a girl is not faithful (has affairs), and lacks self respect and is ‘easy’.

      • Ok then

        But what about dick, cock, wanker, dickhead, cock-goblin and so on? (I made up the last one, take it home with ya.)
        Thank you for using the word ‘nowt’ though, always good to meet a fellow northener.

        • Anonymous

          They’re shit too! If you don’t like someone’s behaviour, you can call them any number of things. Use your imagination. My favourites are a shit/arsehole/turd. But do so while engaging your brain. Insults relating to a person’s race, class, intellectual ability, physical ability, genitals, gender, sexuality (or asexuality, or non-engagement with sexuality) is prejudiced and shaming. We’re in the 21st Century.

          • However

            “shit/arsehole/turd” don’t express the same degree or kind of dislike as ‘bitch or motherfucker or even cunt or dick”

            • True, but

              Isn’t that the point? That it’s pretty crappy that all our ‘worst’ swearwords are focused on the target’s gender (or sexual organs). The connotations we attach to words only develop because we use and view them in certain ways.

          • Insults are by definition offensive.

            Arsehole is a homophobic slur. How about we recognise that when you insult a person you insult only that person and not whatever group you think they belong to. You bunch of oversensitive faggots.

        • Thumbs up for


  • I need feminism because…

    I desperately need a good shag


      Lazy comment is lazy

  • All sexes are equal but some are more equal than others

    I need feminism because in my country women have to work 5 years less until retirement and are not forced to do compulsory military/civil service.

    • Yep

      Because women are considered to be mentally weaker than men, and that women ought to be dependent on the male bread-winner in their family.

      Patriarchy’s a bit shit, really.

  • I need masculinism…

    … as much as feminism.
    I’m all for equal opportunities, but have them as equal rather than skewed towards the female perspective because they shout the loudest and believe they have inequalities.
    Men and women are different. It is not necessarily a bad thing.

    To take one single point: A man of reproductive age is more likely to be more reliable than a similarly aged woman due to both limitations on work whilst pregnant and the fact women get 6 weeks 90% pay maternity leave and up to a year at £136pw whereas men get 1-2 weeks at £136pw.
    So completely objectively if i want a person i can count on to be there continuously for the next 10 years, a man is the best bet and completely objectively should be the one hired *if* all other things are equal.
    Now if the maternity leave was exactly the same as the paternity leave or visa versa, THEN things would be EQUAL and either should get the job.
    In my experience feminists always seem to pick and choose, highlighting the inequalities which disadvantage them (“i get discriminated in job interviews cos i have a uterus”) but skim over the ones which give them advantages in different ways (“i get up to a year in paid maternity leave”).

    • yeah

      Completely agree. I think in modern British society, there are some issues that disadvantage each gender.

      Take grades at school, for instance. If boys outperformed girls, feminism would be using that as an example of the “institutional sexism” in society.

      • But…

        …girls do often outperform boys at school, yet still don’t do as well in the world of work.

        • One could argue

          Its the sexist school system keeping men down, when the real evidence (from the real world) shows they’re obviously superior…
          (I don’t believe that btw, just paraphrasing what hardcore feminists might say were the situation reversed…)

        • How did you get into Cambridge?

          So how come females always argue that the workplace is biased against women, rather than arguing the schooling system is biased against men? Both are equally valid.

          (I don’t think the schooling system IS biased against men, but we all know that if females were the poorer performing gender at school, we’d be hearing it’s due to discrimination.)

          Anyway, I look forward to feminists calling for an end to gender discrimination by colleges, namely Murray Edwards and Newnham. Strange that this is never discussed, isn’t it?

    • Not a complete idiot

      You do realise that the vast majority of feminists believe that maternity leave should be split equally between men and women, so that both have the opportunity to choose to leave work to look after the child? This is currently the case in some Scandinavian countries, and there was a lot of noise about Cameron bringing this in at some point during this parliamentary term, which would of course be an amazing thing.

      The fact that women get more maternity leave and their careers are interrupted by child-rearing isn’t necessarily an advantage for women in itself; the reason that this happens is because in our society, women are the ones that are expected to look after the children – and policy and work procedures are all geared to letting this happen. Even in households where both parents work full-time, the woman still does the vast majority of the housework and childcare. And although a lot has changed in recent years, stay-at-home fathers are still looked down on, and it’s considered a threat to their masculine identity. If a woman applies for a job (I’m not saying this happens with all jobs, but particularly highflying companies), even if she doesn’t want to have children and in fact never does, the fact that she has the biological capability of becoming pregnant will stand against her as an employer would still be worried that at some point she would need maternity leave.

      Basically, my point is that whilst you are right to be critical of inequalities in maternity leave, and argue that it is unfair for men, you need to look at the reasons behind the policy in the first place. Social constructions of femininity and masculinity are harmful for BOTH sexes – men and women are equally capable of child-rearing and workplace policy should create equal chances for them to do so. And the vast majority of people would (hopefully) agree with that.

      • Confused Male

        “men and women are equally capable of child-rearing”
        Now I’m no biologist but WHAT? I suppose if you set aside breast-feeding, Pregnancy and LABOUR then I’m inclined to agree with you….
        It’s become politically incorrect to admit that girls and boys have differences which can’t, and shouldn’t, be ‘overcome’ by anti-discrimination laws. After a mother has gone through 9 months of pregnancy and labour, it seems completely ludicrous that her partner could then take that time off work in her place (as they will be able to if we introduce transferrable maternity care). Of course the idea is that the choice should be there (which I completely get) but in an ideal world we would work instead to make people more aware (particularly in large male-dominated companies) of the need to take time off work to recover from what is a more painful and emotional than the average man ever experiences. Maternity leave was enshrined in law because men didn’t have to sacrifice having children for a career while women did. If it then becomes transferrable, then the very reason that it was fought for in the first place (that men and women’s roles in childbearing IS different) will have been undermined.

        For those of you still unconvinced – imagine the situation that a high powered woman who has just given birth has pressure put upon her to get her husband/wife to take that parental care so she can get back to work quicker. I simply don’t understand why it has become un-PC to talk undeniable differences between the sexes. We’re all for a equal society here but with biological differences that can’t mean ‘the same’ when it comes to childcare.

        • You numpty

          Clearly you misread. Child-REARING, not child-BEARING. There’s a fairly distinct difference. You idiot.

          • Confused Male

            Ummmm so you’re saying breast-feeding doesn’t come under the category of child rearing? And I’m the idiot?

            I do think that men and women are equally capable of ‘rearing’ a child in every other respect (which, I hope, is a given) and I also don’t think that women should breastfeed. It’s a choice (again a given).

            My main point, which you appear to have intentionally misread, is that the idea that men and women should split maternity leave ignores one of the principle reasons why we have it in the first place: that having a baby is a huge physical strain and recovery time is required. Your view completely ignores this and suggests it is just about childcare.

            So give paternity leave for sure. Parents should split their time with child care but DON’T take away maternity leave in the first 5 weeks or so of pregnancy to give it to the partner because it produces an attitude in businesses that the only issue is who will look after the child and not how ready the woman is to work. You would expect and require your employer to give you time off work when you have an operation and this is no different.

            But thanks for your reductive comment. You do the debate (which is in no way as clear cut as you seem to imagine) no favours.

        • Clarification

          Obviously, women have to give birth to a child. They also have to take a period of time off for health reasons to recover afterwards. But beyond that, I really don’t see why it should matter if the mother or the father takes maternity/paternity leave or if they split it between them. I know couples who have done the latter and have loved being able to share the experience of raising their children.

          The problem with maternity leave at the moment, as noted by commenters above, is that it is assumed by many employers that they will have to pay a woman for the time she takes off after having a child and so are less likely to employ her. If men and women were both entitled to take time off, then those assumptions would become nonsensical. Shared maternity/paternity leave could also allow a woman to return to her job earlier if she wanted to without having to put her child in nursery if that was something she was worried about doing.

          Basically, more equal maternity/paternity leave would be much fairer for BOTH genders.

          • Well put but…

            I mean we agree on the ideal way to raise a child. But if maternity and paternity leave is the same (or transferrable) this will negate the importance of this recovery time as it won’t be a legal right in the way that every other sort of medical recovery is.
            My worry is also that it engenders the idea that this time off is ‘a choice’. This won’t effect the majority of women but will be a particular issue for highflying women who are already under massive pressure to return to work as soon as possible.
            You’re right – it could be used as a way to reduce the pay gap but there are other ways of doing this that aren’t as compromising. MORE equal paternity leave I’m on board with – the timings are exceptionally unbalanced as it stands but if the partner can take all of it this could lead to a whole new way of discriminating against women.
            It’s also worth nothing that it wouldn’t make the assumptions nonsensical because there are a high proportion of single mothers who will take maternity leave while only men in a committed relationship would consider doing so. So it would still not be equally likely for men and women to take time off in the mind of an employer.

            • Very late reply

              Sorry I didn’t check back on this, but what I meant was that there should be the usual, shorter medical leave period (I’m no expert on how long this should be, but it’s clearly not as long as the current minimum maternity leave period unless there are serious complications) and then after that, it should be up to the parents as to how they want to split the rest of the time. That way, the ‘choice’ element comes in after the medical leave. As it is, women aren’t obliged to take a certain amount of time off, so I don’t really see how that adds pressure to get back to work. I also don’t think it would result in discrimination against women (not really sure what you meant there).

              In terms of an employer’s assumptions, I accept that they’d probably still think women more likely to take maternity leave. But it’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it? It would be nice to bring about a quick and wholesale change in attitudes, but realistically it’s going to come gradually through incremental change.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure women get longer maternity leave because of the physical effects of bearing a foetus to full-term. It’s just not easy, and the body definitely needs time to recover, especially if there were any difficulties. The man suffers no physical effects and therefore can go back to work sooner. Seriously, it’s not difficult to work out.

  • Ali G

    I need feminism because its good to experiment

  • Fitz freshers

    i’ve been harassed in Life by a lanky manc #wesaidnolopeman

    • RVP

      You schould watch youschelves. I schall be conschulting my lawyersch.

  • Alright, that’s fine

    but once we’re equal who’s going to make my sandwiches

  • Let’s just take a moment

    to congratulate all the commenters here today. All the other Tab comment sections at other unis are empty or dull. I know it began here. But here it became legend.

    • Anonymous

      They are, have you seen oxfords?

  • asas

    what a bunch of paggot

  • The only feminist in the village


  • We also need feminism because

    “I want to be known as an “engineer” not a “female engineer””
    “I want to enjoy the sunshine without sleazy comments”
    “Whether or not I give good head is not a facebook status”
    “Today in the UK there are 4000 girls in forced prostitution”
    “My 16 year old brother is called “lame” for respecting women”
    “We need more women in games besides Lara Croft”
    “If I say “Dr Smith” you’re probably thinking of a man”
    “I am sick of a beauty standard that says I am nothing if I am not young, thin and white”
    “Female genital mutilation is a thing”
    “David Cameron thinks the answer to Page 3 is “turn over””
    “Being groped in a club without my consent is not “banter”, it’s sexual assault”
    “I wasn’t “asking for it””
    “He’s a player but she’s a slut”
    “Girls the same age as my sister should not be shot in the head for daring to go to school”
    “Pubic hair is cool”
    “Teaching young girls about abstinence gets educators into less trouble than teaching them about choice and sexual autonomy”
    “I used to think calling my brother a GIRL was a legitimate insult”
    “I don’t want to have to worry about my safety when I decide what to wear”
    “People still say “But you’re a man!” when I tell them I’m a feminist”
    “Sex ed taught us about the penis but never the clitoris”

    These were some of the strongest messages from yesterday’s photos. It’s fantastic the Tab chose to write an article about this, but it’s a shame that some of the most powerful messages were lost in favour of much more generic “everyone needs equality”.

    • Ali G

      Me love bush, anything which give foliage to the poonani area.

    • Let’s rumble

      -women will always be a comparatively rare thing in science and technology. women tend to be more interested in empathising rather than systemising.
      -fair. that’s just simple manners. but logic would dictate that if your primary aim were to be comfy rather than attractive you’d wear loose shorts and a tshirt like men do rather than tight-fitting hot pants and the like
      -again fair. that kind of facebook status is uncouth and vulgar. an issue for simple manners.
      -fair. naturally, that’s illegal.
      -if this is a widespread phenomenon then also fair. kids do go through the whole jokey sexual sectarianism phase though. “cooties”, “boys are dumb throw rocks at them” t-shirts selling well, etc.
      -not really sure what this is saying. but given that men have always played videogames more than women I don’t think it’s unfair that men are pandered to more than women. That’s capitalism
      -fair. I don’t see the big deal though.
      -fair. any cosmetic surgery done without someone’s consent should be illegal.
      -he’s right. womeen are welcome to publish their own newspapers with male page 3s. no one would care that much.
      -and the law recognises it as such
      -this is a bit vague
      -men and women are predisposed to behaving differently on average due to biological reasons (testoserone, oestrogen, sperm is cheap but eggs are expensive). gender roles are a reflection of these mean biological differences.
      -is it? that’s a matter for personal taste
      -maybe teachers shouldn’t presume to tell pupils to be “sex positive” or otherwise and just teach the facts of having sex safely
      -and? it’s an insult because most boys don’t want to be weak and sensitive. you can’t begrudge human nature. lots of girls don’t want to be tall and ahiry either and I don’t hold it against them.
      -do they really?
      -that’s fair

    • Let’s rumble

      -Oh sorry I missed the one about the “young , thin and white” beauty standard. That’s capitalism. That’s what sells the best to the majority of people living in britain. if you want not to see a majority of white people in advertising then you should probably live somewhere where the overwhelming majority of the population isn’t white. If you want to live somewhere where it isn’t seen as attractive to be thin then you’ll have a bit of a hard time but you might be able to find a few countries with a culture that reflects that. IF you want to live somewhere where it isn’t seen as attractive to be young then, uhhh… you might as well whine about how it isn’t seen as sexy to be missing a lower jaw.

      • Confused Capitalist

        Then explain why, in countries such as India (which, last time I checked didn’t have a white majority population) cosmetic companies market face-creams to women with ‘skin whitening agents’?

        • king of rumble

          Because in India, high socio-economic class people, who didn’t need to work in the fields, traditionally had, and to some extent still do have, lighter skin than low socio-economic class people who did and to a large extent still do work in the fields.

          But that’s besides the point because even if skin-whitening cream is still advertised, you would still see people of indian ethnicity in the majority of advertisements rather than white people, i.e. people of western european extraction.
          The point being that if you don’t like seeing people of a particular ethnicity in advertising then don’t live in that region of the world.

          • Huh?

            I don’t get this line of reasoning. Most people don’t get to choose their nationalities or where they live. That is why we have immigration control

        • Different Angle

          What does being white have to do with feminism?! This is a completely different arguement about skin colour now…

    • Anonymous

      Upvote x100

    • Tom Porteous

      Apologies for not showing some of these, you’re right, they are on the whole much better! However I couldn’t be there the entire time to take photos The Tab could use, the article had to go up as quickly as possible, and these were the first few that came in. I think it’s more useful the campaign was given coverage as much and as fast as possible!

  • The real question is

    whether feminists, if they assume myself to be a feminist if I say I’m a gender egalitarian, would admit themselves (or any other gender egalitarians) to be masculinists whenever an appropriate situation arises?



    • Most feminists would

      agree. The point for (most) feminists is to get to a society where people are not discriminated against unfairly based on gender, and that applies to men and women. So societal prejudices against men like less paternity leave rights, more difficult to progress in “caring” professions, biases against men who are “emotional” or “sensitive” are issues feminists would care about too.

      A lot of people use “feminism” now to mean “the belief that all genders should be equal”. The term has “femin” in it because it started with women campaigning for women’s rights, but the term has expanded to mean more than that now.

      e.g. see http://areyouafeminist.com/

      • Louis

        Question 1. “are all human beings equal?”
        If you press no it takes you to the UN charter of human rights which states that humans are born equal, not that they remain perpetual state of equality relative to each other no matter what they decisions they make during their lives.

        Someone hasn’t thought this through very well at all.

  • Malik Agar

    Daily reminder that feminists are morally bankrupt:
    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers. DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, […] ”
    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”
    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”


    Yet it is the most puritanical nations, including Britain and America, that have traditionally resisted the notion of adultery most rigorously. Here, couples endure the challenges of child care, work pressures, mid‑life crisis and dwindling marital sex against a backdrop of repressive Anglo-Saxon hang‑ups about infidelity, seen always in pejorative terms such as “cheating”. ”
    “A central feature of patriarchy has been the construction of ‘moral’ ideologies that inhibit women from exploiting their erotic capital to achieve economic and social benefits. Feminist theory has been unable to extricate itself from this patriarchal perspective and reinforces ‘moral’ prohibitions on women’s sexual, social, and economic activities and women’s exploitation of their erotic capital.”

  • Hater of Dishonest Scum

    Feminism is a disease. “I need feminism because…everyone is equal”. No they aren’t. Nobody is equal. Everybody is different. That’s why society is diverse. The lying feminist scum equivocate between our equality, as human beings in an abstract sense (which justifies our equal rights), and a supposed but clearly non-existent “equality” in reality. No man is equal to a woman. No man is equal to another man. But the feminists will spread the lie that everybody is equal to justify the sort of hideous social engineering that doesn’t appear in this sort of nice “feminists are just normal people with decent views” propaganda like that offered above.

    Even ignoring the equality lie, all of the other boards are idiotic because they justify their feminism with some analysis of the world that only comes out of wearing patriarchy goggles anyway. “I need feminism because…my distorted feminist analysis of the world makes it appear necessary”. Incredibly circular, but nobody will say anything because feminism is “cool” and “trendy”.

    • 6/10

      Troll has potential, but really must try harder if they are attempting to induce more than minor levels of upset.

      • Yeah

        If it doesn’t sound clever, I just can’t get angry about it.

        • Hater of Dishonest Scum

          Funny that what I wrote “doesn’t sound clever” yet you and the twat above failed to respond to any of its content and instead resorted to accusing me of being a troll. Not that I mind, since this sort of childish inability to debate serious topics in a serious fashion only gives credence to my belief that those who disagree with me on issues like this are utter morons unworthy of my time.

          • Sorry

            I forgot that the Tab comments section is exclusively for highbrow debate. If I had deemed your bullshit worthy of a response, I would’ve pointed out that you seem incapable of grasping that “equal” does not mean “the same”

            If you were a troll, congratulations, we both had fun.

            • OED

              Nope, it isn’t like sameness is an essential element of equality…

              adjective: being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value
              noun: a person or thing that is the same as another in status or quality
              verb: be the same as in number or amount

              What do you think equality is, if not a relationship between two things that suggests sameness? Again, thank you for legitimising my belief that you’re a retard.

              • Congratulations

                on convincing me with the moral and factual authority of the dictionary. Your argument is that “No man is equal to a woman. No man is equal to another man”, with equality with regard to people meaning “the same as another in status or quality”. So, well done on working out that different people have different statuses and behave differently.
                But sameness of what? Equality of what? With regard to feminism, equality means rights, not that everyone must have a vagina and think the same things. Try applying your idea to skin colour: yeah, there is diversity, but that’s not a valid reason for people to be unequal.
                You’ve argued that if two people are equal, they’re the same. That’s just idiotic.

                • Hater of Dishonest Scum

                  No point continuing here. You’re clearly not capable of reading. I literally asserted the correctness of equality of rights in the first thing I posted, since rights come from our status as human beings in which sense everybody is equal. Incidentally, we have that – at least in the developed western countries where most feminists direct their whining. My whole point was directed at feminist social engineering, positive discrimination programmes, “bridging the gender gap” nonsense which suggests equality not only of rights, but equality of quality and necessary equality of status across unspeakably large groups of diverse individuals.

  • Any of you girls

    wanna make me a sandwich?

    • 13 year old boy


  • Not insulted

    but sandwich/kitchen jokes are just not funny

    • It’s funny because

      you just wrote that comment!

  • The point is

    that its not that women are ‘lesser’ in any way, it is just they are categorically and necessarily different from men. The sexes have evolved and adapted over millions of years to be suited to different roles. Granted some of these roles are no longer required (eg. hunting), but there has and always will be discrepancies between the two. Nature has done pretty well up till now, not much point in messing with it…

    • Privelege Cheque

      “Nature” is a lie invented by patriarchy.

      • You

        Evolution is a lie invented by patriarchy

        • Literally Hitler

          You are a lie invented by patriarchy.

        • Isaac

          So are testosterone and oestrogen.

      • Female Bio Anthropologist

        No it bloody isn’t. The idea of nature completely determining something is a lie, but genetic elements affect the probabilities of manifested behaviours. As we currently stand, out of 10,000 women and 10,000 men, environmental factors all equal (obviously impossible) and in a capitalist economy, more men will be lumberjacks than women. However, not all lumberjacks will be men either.

        • Don’t think you understand…

          Genetics is also natural. The whole world/universe/everything is nature.
          Guess thats why you do bio anth!

  • Example

    Back home after a night out I exhausted my phone book of taxi numbers. All of them told me none were available for over 30 minutes. My girlfriend phones up and we get a taxi right away.

    THAT is why we need feminism.

  • I need feminism because…

    nope, still got nothing…

  • This is why…

    we shouldn’t have educated women.

  • Wow

    That beardy bloke writes just like me. Why do we not join our writing up when it’s not being written on paper?

  • Why feminism?
  • Bored of it all

    This campaign is starting to make me wish I lived in Iran.


  • Why Feminism is working

    BBC NEWS: University intake: young women are more likely to enter higher education – 55% compared with 45% of men

    • incomplete citation

      “young women are more likely to enter higher education”…to study dance and drama

    • Anonymous

      This is clearly not working – it is discriminatory to men

  • Bloody hell

    Too many fucking comments. Too many sexist comments. Brain exploding. Don’t know where to start.

    So kiddies, (male kiddies, not female kiddies because they probably know this), here are answers to your daft comments:

    1. Feminism is sexist. No dumbo, women actually face a disadvantage for merely being women. Men, especially white men, get a lot of benefits which women (and minorities) are denied. Women aren’t paid the same as men, women aren’t promoted at the same rate. Look around. look at the faculty at Cambridge for a start and count the number of female professors. Observe the reactions people give when women speak-up. See how often they speak-up (very rare). Studies show that men are promoted on the basis of potential, women on the basis of past accomplishments.

    2. There is no such thing as equality. Again people don’t get this. No one is saying equality is the same thing as being identical. No one says a mentally disabled person is equal to a Field medalists in terms of intelligence. All humans are equal in the sense all humans are equally important, and the welfare of each individual is as important as another, irrespective of their race, or gender or even intelligence. What it means is that all people’s welfares should be given equal weight. One person’s happiness shouldn’t be considered more important because of their gender or race. A society in which minorities or women are oppressed so rich white men can dominate is wrong because the system priorities the happiness of rich white men over minorities and women.

    3. Where’s the men’s officer: Go fucking start one if you think men have special issues that need representation (like prostrate cancer), or girl friend beating them (actually apparently for people in 20s men are more likely to be beaten up than women by their partners).

    • Your comment is a joke.

      “No dumbo, women actually face a disadvantage for merely being women. Men, especially white men, get a lot of benefits which women (and minorities) are denied. Women aren’t paid the same as men, women aren’t promoted at the same rate.”

      Erm, if women want to take time out for childcare, that will obviously be reflected in their pay (just as it is equally reflected in them getting custody of the child in a divorce, which feminists never complain about). You can’t have it both ways. Young women actually out-earn young men now, feminism won’t be complaining about that either.

      Also, men get arrested more than women, and underperform women in school. Feminism never complains about this either.

      “Feminism – equal rights when it suits us”.

    • Too long love

      didn’t read it.

    • J.W.

      ‘Women aren’t paid the same as men, women aren’t promoted at the same rate’… And there can be no explanation for this other than systemic discrimination.

      ‘No one is saying equality is the same thing as being identical’… And yet that’s what your first point implies.

      ‘Where’s the men’s officer: Go fucking start one if you think men have special issues’… Agreed, but you don’t think the feminists would be complaining if the situation were the other way round?

      ‘prostrate cancer’… I think you mean ‘prostate cancer’.

    • excuse me, missy

      But you aren’t being oppressed whatsoever.

      You’re just chronically afflicted with this problem where you always look for any excuse to get offended and indignant
      Men have it easier in some ways: we’re stronger, don’t have periods, are better at taking risks on average.
      Women have it easier in other ways: on average you get punished for less time than a man for committing the same crime, you’re in higher demand when it comes to sexual dynamics for most of your reproductive lifespan, you live longer on average.
      it depends on what you want out of life whether you would be advantaged or disadvantaged by being a man or a woman.

      • This

        is why I need feminism.

  • I need feminism because

    of the entertainment value of the squealing from all the terrified chauvinists above

  • Hodor


  • Women speaking up for themselves?

    Time for some extra witty, cutting edge sandwich jokes! That’ll show them!

    • Go make me

      a sandwich, you sket!

    • NO!

      Don’t cut the edges off, they’re tasty!

  • Pass me the sick bucket

    – IMO as a woman – learn from Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In/The Will to Lead” – stop mentally masturbating as to why women aren’t as successful as men, get your head down, work hard and have the presence of mind and self-belief to pursue a route to the top.

    CUSU once again encouraging people to waste time. It’s exam term girls – get on with some work.

    • Someone who actually read Lean-in

      You haven’t even read the bloody book have you?

  • Aren’t we all missing the point?

    some of these gash just need a good shag

  • Hugh Jarce

    I need Feminism in my life as without a Feminist in the kitchen who will cook my tea or iron my shirts!

  • This is shit

    compared to the photos they did at other place. no one with a sign actually says HOW women are oppressed, harassed, degraded, belittled and treated unequally or differently every single day. ‘you write with the brain of a man but not the balls’ my friend was told by an English academic last week.
    The signs just have pointless abstract comments no one would disagree with in principle, but which many of us flout without realising it all the time. completely wasted opportunity.

  • I like

    The first girl with the golden nail polish.

  • I like men,

    and I also like. But which is better? There’s only one way to find out…

  • Martin Sewell

    Nobody ‘needs’ feminism. In all species, the relative investment that is made by the male and the female in their offspring determines the degree of discrimination exercised by the individual when selecting a mate. In humans, like many mammals and most animals, females can be expected to be the more discriminating in their choice of mates. Therefore women limit the reproductive success of men and men compete with other men for access to women. Men form a dominance hierarchy, and women only desire men of high rank (a minority of men). A cognitive mechanism known as ‘cheater detection’ evolved to police tactical subversion of the dominance hierarchy, i.e. keep lower ranked men ‘in their place’. The upshot of this is that women have an inherent prejudice towards the majority of men. Feminism simply reinforces this natural prejudice (as we cannot transcend our genes, no new motivations are possible).

  • Jimmy McMillan

    The number of comments on this article is too damn high

  • What

    is the point of this event/exercise? Surely one has got to summon the imagination to move past the ‘raising awareness’ stage at some point. We are all aware of the fact that feminism exists in Cambridge, due to a relentless train of similarly listless events in the past. Does anyone involved in this one actually believe that they have furthered the cause of feminism? Those who are for it will still be for it, those who are against it will be still against it, and those who don’t care, still don’t care. I wish people would be less self-congratulatory and neurotic. Go do something useful, or at least enjoyable, instead of wallowing in perceived wrongs for a couple of hours before continuing to do nothing about them.

    • Bombardier

      Bang on!

  • BNOC

    I need feminism like I need a kick in the balls

    • Good Samaritan

      Very fair, happy to oblige if you need!

  • Banter police

    Feminism only creates a bad chatmosphere

  • Where is the picture….

    of the girl with the arm pit hair?
    That was the best one.

  • Emily Gittins

    does not need feminism, she needs Matt Wyman

  • I need feminism

    because I see guys in the gym using the 2kg weights, which are for women

  • bigmal

    How many feminists does it take to chasnge a lightbulb?

    Just the one if she has big tits.

  • dick

    excellence has never required a handout.

  • Amazing potential!

    In a community, whether online or face-to-face, there is no place for blaming, judging, criticising or complaining. The responses to this article, and many other articles on this website, as well as the actual articles themselves, highlight the amazing potential that exists for all those who choose to share online to support, celebrate and exalt each other.

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