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FRANCESCA HILL and JAMES MACNAMARA are tired, oh so tired. But they're still excited about theatre, and this week is oh so action-packed!

CUSU‘s Mental Health Week was two weeks ago: theatreland has caught up and is offering two of the most interesting plays of the year, both dealing with this issue. And there’s Shakespeare, Footlights Spring Review, a new opera, MORE sketch shows… get going before revision swallows you whole.


Dust Song

ADC, 11pm, 6th – 9th March, £6/£5

A new opera composed by Joe Bates, with a libretto by Ceci Mourkogiannis, co-directing alongside Fred Maynard. There’s some serious Cambridge talent behind this production, but they’re doing something very difficult – go and see if it succeeds.




Footlights Spring Revue 2013: Dressing Down

ADC, 5th – 9th March at 7.45pm, 7th and 9th at 2.30pm
Mats £8/£6, otherwise £10/£8

What you make of this is likely to depend on how many Footlights shows you’ve seen before. This is a three-man, many-costume show, and whilst it’s funny, we think they have and can do better.


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin, 7.45pm, 6th – 9th March, £10/£8
Matinee 2.30pm, 9th March

This production of Sondheim’s classic isn’t perfect but certainly makes a good evening’s entertainment. It’s funny, clever, and there are some consistently strong performances.


The Gift Of The Gorgon

King’s Bunker, 7pm, 7th – 8th March, £6/£5

The King’s Website calls it “a play about playwrights and academics, about right and wrong, about justice and revenge”. Francesca isn’t exactly a Schaffer expert, but thinks that all sounds great.


The House of Bernarda Alba

Corpus Playroom, 7pm, 5th – 9th March, £6/£5

By Corpus Playroom standards this is apparently only acceptably grim. Lorca’s classic tragedy about a house of women in mourning hit the mark in every way for our reviewers.


Julius Caesar

Fitzpatrick Hall, Queen’s College, 7.30pm, 5th – 9th March, £6/£5

BATS have done good things in the past, and JMac has heard that this might be good too. The Part II English Tragedy paper looms – this might give revision a welcome boost.


Leaving the Ward

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, 5th – 9th March, £6/£5

This play features some of the best acting of the term, and behind it is process that many people try but rarely is it pulled off like this. However, JMac had an issue with the way some of the themes are dealt with – but he urges you to go and make up your own mind.



Snap Out Of It!

Pembroke New Cellars, 7.30pm, 5th – 9th March, £5

A potentially important piece, this is a weaving together of accounts of mental illness through innovative dramatic technique. Not as pretentious as it sounds – in fact, in looks to be one of the theatrical highlights of the year.



Tough Crowd: A New Sketch Show

Pembroke New Cellars, 9.30pm, Tue 5th – Sat 9th March, £5

Another sketch show this term – haven’t we laughed enough? Can we bear any more mirth? Apparently this show won’t add to it much. So there’s no need to worry.


  • Shakespeare Fan

    surprised Tab didn’t review Julius Caesar – it was brilliant. i was so impressed. i went on opening night on tuesday – im going again tonight. it also got 4 stars from varsity and cambridge theatre review, shouldve got 5!

  • Anonymous

    It exists in our hearts, or not at all.

  • Innovative

    Snap Out Of It! was fantastic. I urge you all to go an see it – definitely not pretentious, not all depressing, and very thought provoking. A really fantastic production!

  • Gregg Wallace

    Soft, hard, chewy, slimy, rubbery, totally nutty base.

  • Duhhh

    who cares who runs it, I just wanna get nakeyyyyy

  • Dissatisfied Pidge

    So now, instead of RAG organising it and the money going to charity, the money is going to line the pockets of sleazy event companies… End result- the guild has achieved nout.

  • Vauxhall Daihatsu

    We can’t even see Mercedes Bentley’s bum. Distraught

    • Do one, mate

      Dem hips and dat back tho

      • Ford Skoda

        Ah I didn’t realise we were voting on Nottingham’s best back, my mistake

        • Now look here

          She’s obvs propa fit you shitstain. Don’t mug me off

          • Fiat Renault

            Yeah she’s hot, I’ll give you that. Good choice of Instagram filter as well

            • You unrealistc dickhead

              U honstly expct her 2 hav a tan? fuck me

              • inspector gadget

                Can we get back to the yellow star please?

          • TOM

            Hey asswipe its Notts BEST BUM…doesnt matter if shes proppa fit and aint willing to show it…cunt

      • Your average fruit bowl

        Talk about a pear #boobless

  • Zik

    Jessica Applepine looks familiar…

  • Sherlock

    was about the question the degree of castle building and moat planning…. but then i saw her surname was applepine,and there was pineapple on her knickers so presume that her surname and course are false.

    • Watson

      Cause Martha Anusal’s 4th year Accrington Stanley: Belief, hope and Shattered Dreams course is so plausible?

  • Curious

    When do the results come out?

  • Yofdude

    I am not sure Forster should be associated with a Uni. Bright Spark.


  • Pavel Nedved.

    Decent article. Nice one. Shame it took 5 of you.

  • TWZ

    Who cares? Football is for cunts

  • Nonce

    Do you even watch football mate?

  • mandem

    that was shite

  • Ned

    Guaranteed Flanagan will get more than 4 England Caps, will more likely be 10 times that amount by then end of his career

    • One of the authors

      You are incorrect.

  • James

    Poor article, great last sentence.

  • Adebayo Akinfenwa

    That was surprisingly genuinely good. well done

  • UCL

    Where’s UCL?

    • Justin Guthrie

      Sorry mate, how could we forget?

      UCL – Ashley Cole
      Experienced and full of pedigree, UCL and old Cashley are
      doubtlessly past their best. Some would argue that they both still belong amongst the elite, but time waits for no one, as Cole and UCL have found out. Eminently unlikeable despite their undoubted talent, no one will mourn their loss too much

  • Flabbas Spazmi

    Bizarre dig at art history, very strong from a PPEist Joe.

  • Bham Anti-Pigeoner

    oxford lefties being annoying as fuck then, they’ll all be investment bankers in a few years anyway

    • :)

      This is why nobody take climate issues or socioeconomic issues seriously. That makes me sad.

  • :)

    That was a mental idea. not serving Meat and dairy at a campus Uni? Where are people who want to have a healthy balanced diet (meat eaters and vegetarians alike) supposed to go? This would be a fine idea in a city uni, though it would leave the cafeteria offering it pretty quiet. You can’t force everyone to become unhealthy by restricting their choices for the sake of some nutters idealism.

    • Isaac Mundy

      Oxford is hardly a campus uni though.

    • A. Vegan

      “Unhealthy”? Hardly. As a culture we are unused to abstaining from meat, but if you use an evidence-based approach it’s pretty clear that meat isn’t good for health or longevity.

      • Stranaugh

        Wow. Please provide evidence of this meat being unhealthy, and I mean scientific papers please. Veganism can be terribly unhealthy.

      • :)

        You can easily have a healthy diet as either a meat eater or a vegetarian. You can’t as a Vegan, which is why it’s recommended that a vegan uses nutritional supplements.

    • Anon


      • :)

        Not sure if you are referring to me or the idiots who came up with and agreed with the idea?

        • Anon

          The latter- apologies, I don’t know why it appeared under your comment.

  • Can’t tell if trolling or..?

    Last paragraph…not sure if legit.

  • dfdf

    in 2020 we’ll only be allowed to eat privilege pills.

  • J

    “Elite College”? Have they seen Wadham’s Norrington Table rankings?

  • Anon

    Global capitalism forces meat consumption upon us… Yeah because it’s not like humans have been eating meat long before capitalism.

  • Hang on…

    This doesn’t seem to be a u-turn.The college authorities merely refused to follow the Student Union’s proposal.

  • A concerned reader

    What makes this particular Oxford college especially ‘Elite’? Typical trashy ‘journalism’

  • UniLad

    fucking bent

  • Will

    This is getting attention!!!??? We have this kind of stuff going on in Liverpool and no one bats an eye lid. http://thetab.com/uk/liverpool/2014/05/24/thug-who-attacked-and-robbed-uol-fresher-jailed/ If this happened elsewhere there would be a public outcry.

  • anon

    This is why nobody takes the Greens seriously, they’ve tried to ban meat on a council-wide level too

  • gareth

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  • Uncredited sixth writer

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  • Surrey Twat

    Hersham is full of plebs and chavs

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