Meet the Varsity Boxing Team


The 106th Varsity Boxing Match comes to Cambridge this weekend. Meet your team here.

Nine intense bouts of Varsity Boxing will kick off on Saturday 9th March at The Corn Exchange. This year will see the 106th Varsity Boxing Match, which returns to Cambridge for the first time since 2005.

Meet your team below:

Featherweight: Nick Melgaard

Nick Melgaard

Nick “The Thunder from Down Under” Melgaard originally comes from Melbourne, Australia, and is currently studying a Masters Degree in the Philosophy of Science.

Of all the animals in the world, Nick likens himself most to a shark. Say no more.

Lightweight: Stefan Lavelle

Stefan Lavelle

Stefan Lavelle is a first year economist from Caius. He’s been boxing on and off since the age of 15 and remains undefeated as a competitive amateur fighter.

He has eaten, slept and lived boxing for the last two terms.

Light-welterweight: Xiaofeng Li

Xiaofeng Li

Xiaofeng Li is an M.Phil student studying Bioscience Enterprise at Queens’. Born in China, his love for martial arts was nurtured through hours of watching kungfu movies with terrible acting but some impressive moves. Like most Chinese athletes he was then selected at six-months-old to commence his training and has been head down ever since.

Although his name roughly translates to howling wind, in the ring he is more like a typhoon and with his passion for all things red he is sure to knock out the opposition quicker than you can say “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.”

Welterweight: Sebastian Pender

Sebastian Pender

Sebastian said that 2012 would be his last year boxing. He lied. He is now saying that this is his last year boxing. We still don’t believe him. As Rocky said, “There’s always one more round!”

Seb is a direct descendent of Genghis Khan.

Light-Middleweight: William Nyerere Plastow

William Nyerere Plastow

William Nyerere Plastow only took up boxing when he first came to Cambridge, but what started as a break from work quickly became an obsession. He is undefeated in his first four amateur bouts, and means to make that 5-0 this weekend with a win at light middleweight.

Middleweight: Borna Guevel

Borna Guevel

Captain Borna Guevel is in his second year studying graduate entry medicine at Hughes Hall. A Double Blue, he will be boxing in his third Varsity match this year. Also a former British Universities Kickboxing Champion, he made the transition over to boxing five years ago and has never looked back.

Borna has survived off a diet of lettuce, celery and coffee in order to get down to weight for this varsity match.

Middleweight: William Wakeford 

William Wakeford

Will (aka Liam) is a first year graduate medic and has been desperately trying to juggle the work load of medicine and boxing training. After a brief boxing stint with Leeds University, Will has stepped up to meet the rigorous demands of CUABC.

Light-heavyweight: Tinashe Murozoki

Tinashe Murozoki

Tinashe is generally a very friendly and somewhat quiet individual. However, he has no problem making the SWITCH come fight time. The switch is the ability of a generally easy-going subject to radically change into a meaner and aggressive individual in competition. This is known in bro-science as BEAST MODE.

Tinashe can curl 60kg… with his neck.

Heavyweight: Dan Fountain 

Dan Fountain

Dan had been boxing in Switzerland before coming to Cambridge last summer. Now in his first year of Graduate Medicine at Hughes Hall, this is his first Varsity match for CUABC. He looks forward to bringing the truelove bowl back to Cambridge this year.

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  • Stefan Lavelle

    Is fucking hard.

  • Killian Donovan

    Cameron Standage, will you marry me? :)

  • Justin spring

    Go Sebastian and all the Cambridge lads good luck….

  • Big frank

    Your a nob head! And your mum is great in bed! Bitch! x

  • Ts

    Go, Cam!

  • Anonymous

    Nick ‘The Minister of Sinister’ Melgaard

  • Jack ‘the Hammer’ Randall

    is the only Big Rig in Cambridge

  • Woo

    So pumped for this.

  • When are we going to beat Oxford?

    What a great event last night – having it back in Cambridge makes it an altogether different spectacle. I can’t help but feel sorry for Borna and the guys. It seemed that they’d really made some positive changes this year. However, it is boxing and not a fitness test afterall, and I can’t help but feel that Cambridge were not quite up to it technically, and this showed in their lack of defensive skills. Maybe it’s time for new coaches, as Cambridge seem to be getting worse each year.

    A great performance from the 63kg guy though to overcome the Oxford captain. Though the decision for the second middleweight bout (Will?) to Cambridge was absolutely appalling. There is no way that Cambridge won that bout. The light heavyweight contest was a lot closer, but ultimately fell to Oxford which i guess levelled things up.

    Overall though, a great night. Looking forward to the next one.

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