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Get involved with The Tab in Easter Term 2013

With tens of thousands of hits every day, The Tab continues to be the UK’s most-read online student publication.

And we’re now recruiting for Easter 2013. You don’t need any experience to get involved for next term, and there’s never been a better time to join us.

For more information on any position, or to apply, email John Bardsley at, clearly marking in the subject line which job you are applying for.

We are recruiting for all positions:


 Deputy Editor

 Communications Officer

 News Editor

 Sports Editor

 Features Editor

 Debate Editor

 Fashion Editor

 Culture Editor

 Interviews Editor

 Theatre Editor

 Music Editor

 Film Editor

 Tab TV Editor


DEADLINE: Friday 8th March at MIDNIGHT (Thursday 28th February for editor and deputy editor).

To apply, submit one piece of your own writing along with answers to the following questions:

– What would you do differently with your section?

– What are your favourite and least favourite things about The Tab?

– Why should we give you the job?

As always, if you want to get involved as a writer, photographer, graphic designer or illustrator, get in touch.

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  • Groan fan

    Groan Hardsley for editor.

  • Thumb Bandit

    Whoever joins the tab team, please bring back the ability to rank comments by number of thumbs.

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