Rugby Cuppers: Trinity Hall 20-5 Caius

Trinity Hall extinguish any hope Caius had of Cuppers glory, and in doing so, set up a tantalising finale with Downing. SAM HOBBS reports.

Sun bathed the Wychfield site on Tuesday as Tit Hall took on Caius. A nervy first half gave way to a more open second, in which the men in monochrome asserted themselves to stake their place in the final. Caius, having battled bravely, were left to make do with a consolation try right at the end of the match.

Caius’ back line in full flow

Many years ago, Henry James extolled the aesthetic virtues of Trinity Hall, and it was easy to see why, as their grounds made a beautiful setting to an attritional game of rugby. You couldn’t fault the two sides’ commitment – the hits were hard and the breakdowns brutal; it was just a final piece of quality that really lacked in the opening exchanges. An audacious drop goal attempt from the hosts was indicative of the scarcity of chances.

The two front lines reach for the ball from a line-out

Caius were not helped by a serious injury to cultured fly-half Tommy Village. Taken out late after a clearance kick, he hobbled off with suspected ligament damage to his ankle. This stunted the flow of their play and allowed Trinity Hall apply more pressure. Likewise, Caius found themselves hindered by Tit Hall’s insistence on uncontested scrums, which lessened the impact of the away side’s powerful forwards.

As time goes on, Trinity Hall’s strength begins to show

Still, the first half ended scoreless, and when the first try came, it was something of a surprise. Trinity Hall were 3-0 up, thanks to Bath’s penalty. They won a penalty in the middle of the pitch, and with nothing on, Williams ran at the defence. Showing remarkable pace for a big man, he found a gap, going all the way and scoring superbly in the corner. Bath put away the conversion without any fuss.

Bath looks to distribute possession

The try seemed to break Caius’ valiant spirit. Williams went over again after a close-range scrum; Ansari showed electric pace to round the defence and score. As a contest, the game was done. Caius kept plugging away, roared on by an impressive away following. Captain Austin knocked on with the try-line in sight on one occasion, but on another, he offloaded to Blythe, who finished well for a consolation try. Trinity Hall deserved their victory, though, and go on to face Downing in the final. A huge game for them; with the wind in their sails after an impressive second-half display, who’s to say they can’t upset the Division 1 leaders?

Photos by Simon Schofield

  • Warrior

    like display from General Nick Davies

  • Not taking bets

    on a Downing College victory… #inevitable

  • bear my children

    harry williams

  • the earth spins

    only because chris white is running westwards

  • Rugby player.

    You shouldn’t be able to get to a cuppers final without contesting scrums.

    • Trinity Hall Megafan #1

      You’re absolutely right – college admissions should really be a bit better about providing teams with qualified (and quality) front rowers as a standard admissions policy. Must try harder.

      • or…

        you pick another player, and get them trained up. You’ve had a whole season to do it – rather than ignoring an integral part of the game of rugby union.

        • Confused

          Was being allowed to have uncontested scrums all season not banned when Jesus won the league that way 2 years ago?

          • Perhaps you should…

            … ask the Ref.

        • Minto

          I have been running front row training sessions all year long…

    • Irrelevant

      Downing will put 50 on them, contested or not…

  • Wet blanket

    The final is going to be boring as hell

    • If we’re being honest

      Tit Hall being in the final shows how badly the organizers cocked up the draw. The top 3 sides (Downing, Johns and Pembroke) all in the same half is a joke. All 3 of these teams would beat Tit Hall any day of the week. The uncontested scrums just make this seem even more ridiculous.

      • THMF

        No shit Sherlock, sounds like it was a random draw or something?

  • Seriously

    You’re in cuppers final without a scrum

    • Trinity Hall Megafan #2

      Haters gonna hate

    • Trinity Hall Megafan #1

      I read that in an impressed tone. Thanks buddy.

  • Matt Hickey

    If we (Tit Hall) lose this game I will mount the Jesus horse naked and rump her. #haterscanhate, but we are sick.

    • Real Matt Hickey

      Change lose to win and it’s game on

      • Other Matt Hickey

        Stop calling my Pritch ‘the Jesus horse’

  • Tit Hall megafan #2

    Where was the comeback Caius?

    • Pran

      Sorry, I left my comeback in your mum

  • THMF #2

    Where was the comeback Caius?

    • Unimpressed

      Shortening your name wont make the comment any funnier…

  • Trinity Hall Megaphone #1

    I’d rather be a leper than at downing

  • Matt Hickey

    I have a very stretchy penis. Game on.

  • Weva

    Fitz beat John’s at Rugby

  • Nils Gravenhorst

    I fucked your women now I’m gonna fuck your rugby team.

    • horst by name

      horse by nature #yagetme

  • Max Mather

    I don’t like Tit Hall. I don’t like uncontested scrums. I don’t like Matt Hickey. You boys are history

  • Aran Rezai

    Mather watch out for me I’m coming for you on Wednesday #bigplayer

    • Nick Davies

      See you there #chickenlegs

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