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The Tab gets its prediction spot on as Flick Osborn comes out on top in the CUSU presidential elections. Read all the action from the night, as it happened.

Flick Osborn has been announced as the new CUSU President, seeing off rival George Bangham by 147 votes.

Osborn had been ahead at the online stage, and she extended her winning margin after the paper ballot was counted. The remaining candidate, Greg Hill, struggled to keep up with what ended up being a two-horse race.


President: Flick Osborn wins by 147 votes

Welfare and Rights: Helen Hoogewerf-McComb

Education Officer: Jia Hui Lee

Coordinator: Dom Weldon

Women’s Officer: Lauren Steele

Access: Sam Ruiz

Uni Councillor: Ros Old

GU Pres: Richard Jones

TabTV joined in the fun at the count earlier tonight:

Using our very own Compsci mastermind, The Tab has calculated that Flick Osborn is the frontrunner in the race for the CUSU presidency. On the basis of online votes cast yesterday, she currently leads by just 23 votes.

If the numbers confuse you, take it from us: it’s neck and neck

Online voting closed last night. Although the results aren’t available, the raw vote data is. The Tab ran the data through a programme similar to the one that will be used to decide who ultimately wins.

There are multiple rounds of counting to determine the overall winner. In the opening round, all first preference votes are counted. On the basis of this, George Bangham leads comfortably.

Then, the loser of the first round is knocked out and the second preference votes are counted. After this, Bangham is still head of the pack and Greg Hill brings up the rear.

However, when Hill is eliminated and his votes are re-assigned to Osborn or Bangham, Osborn comes out top by a mere 23 votes.

Watch this space, because all could change as the paper ballot result comes in later tonight.

Who said CUSU wasn’t exciting?

  • CUSU person

    Well I’m very glad it’s not the liar Hill. We got one out of the way. Osborn is essentially a vote for incumbency, things will be exactly the same, especially as Ros is likely to win her place for the Council. It shows that, if she does win, that people are actually happy with CUSU doing as it does rather than voting for someone a bit radical, which is shocking for someone like me used to hearing about how awful CUSU is. Bangham could still win it though, which would be very interesting…

    • CUSU person

      Sadly disappointed Bangham lost, but Osborn is a safe option and one that will be boring yet won’t rock the boat. I’m just delighted that Hill will have to find another route into his precious safe Labour seat

    • Banghard

      I Sharpie-ed one (several) of her campaign posters to read ‘FUCK OSBORN’

      • So brave!

        And so clever! Really witty political commentary! You’re right to be proud of that.

  • Nobody

    Gives a flying fuck.

    • About

      your comment evidently

      • indeed

        i accidentally upvoted their stupid comment :(

    • weatherman

      tonight, you’ll be pleased to hear, the chatmosphere over cusu will be flying-fuck free. stay classy, cambridge

  • Speaker of Truth

    This is why I voted NO to AV in 2011. Ridiculous that the sort of moron who puts Greg Hill as their first preference should ever get another chance to ruin the outcome of an election with their idiocy.

    • The Truth

      You clearly have a problem with democracy then…

      • YEAH

        Let’s all pick the candidate we think is slightly less shit than the slightly more shit candidate because the person we actually wanted didn’t get it! WOOO TACTICAL VOTING FTW!

    • look everyone

      a totalitarian

      • Speaker of Truth

        1) I don’t think you understand what totalitarianism is (hint: it’s a form of extreme statism, not a position advocating moderate democracy).

        2) Pure democracy is a form of despotism.

    • You’re an idiot

      And Condorcet would agree

  • whats the point…

    …of CUSU; college JCRs do everything they do pretty much and don’t spend all their time finding pointless things to stage the next protest about… surprised the RON vote is only 6.6%…

    • CUSU person

      Disaffiliate then. They have to cover your services whether or not your union is joined to it (not that they have much to cover), and if enough unions disaffiliate it’ll force change. Having only one or two isn’t much good.

      There should be a central union (purely for representation on university councils and for the purposes of organising deals on behalf of all JCRs), but there shouldn’t be so many sabs. If a load of unions disaffiliate it’ll force a rewrite of the constitution, rather than basing it on some 1980s vision of student unions

      • Whats the point…

        Which is why I voted to disaffiliate the last time it came up in a JCR open meeting. Not least because one of the main selling points the CUSU representative seemed to promoting was free condoms/the C card… which the NHS, the college nurse and JCR all give out free anyways…
        Hell i didnt even know we had a students union for most of first year they did so little… i thought it was just The Union society and the JCRs…
        Just really dont see a reason for having a CUSU… if you want a central representation of the JCRs just tap it onto JCR president responsibilities to meet once a month with the rest to talk things over and have a symbolic “president” who reports the meetings findings to the relevant people… no need for a full on CUSU…

        • Ewan…

          is that you?

          • Whats the point…

            I genuinely have no idea who Ewan is… He sounds like a top guy though…

    • Bigger Picture

      Access and welfare. It does amazing work in these areas – just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

      • Whats the point…

        Don’t need a whole CUSU to do that… and colleges do a pretty good job IMO on their own…
        Plus access has much bigger problems than just having someone on a CUSU committee patting themselves on the back for doing a good job…

        • IMO

          It’s important because a lot of people from non-traditional backgrounds are unfamiliar with the collegiate system and would look to the university as a whole before considering colleges. Personal experience, plus some conversations with confused 16-year-olds at access events suggests this. CUSU and college JCRs both have roles to play and don’t have to be at each other’s throats. Flick Osborn was a JCR Pres, so I’m sure she has ideas about how to improve connections and do what JCRs do well on a larger scale.

          • CUSU person

            CUSU plays no meaningful role in promoting the university in access terms. The frankly amazing (with a frankly amazingly large budget) central university does this, then each college gets given certain areas of the country where it does work both as a college and as a JCR. CUSU access is not necessary as a sab and access is not the grounds to defend it on. Nor is welfare, but last time I brought this up it went into a barrage of abuse about Chris Page who, whilst incompetent, was a sidetrack, and I don’t want to repeat myself.

            The main defence of CUSU would be the Education officer role, who plays a central part on the various councils and is the person you have to turn to in a major dispute and is essentially your union rep (yes colleges will mainly do this for you but there may be an event where your college won’t defend you well or you don’t trust your DoS etc.), Coordinator because they do lots of tiny jobs (although the current plans for the website are shit Dom, don’t waste all that money), and the President is pretty important but the argument I saw in the last discussion was that one JCR president should do it per term which I think is a pretty good alternative. NUS twats are utter shit so don’t even bring them up.

            Osborn will do sweet f.a., don’t expect anything big, but the plus side is don’t expect any major upsets either

            • Anonymous

              When you say “Osborn will do sweet f.a.,” what would you, in an ideal world, actually expect her or any CUSU president to do or at the very least attempt to do?

  • cu-


  • nobody


  • Flakey

    Why all the Greg Hill hate? He’s a lovely guy who’d make a great CUSU president.

    Go on, thumb me down. I don’t give a shit.

    • Nice try

      Greg Hill.

  • Little Miss Vulnerable

    I would like James Mitchell to invade me.

  • how could people…

    vote for someone from St Johns?

  • flick

    the bean

  • Pulling an all…

    Nighter… only reason I’m reading this, not gonna lie…

  • RON

    I run for all these fucking positions and no-one of your ingrates ever appreciate my campaigns enough to elect me. I’d do a far better job at keeping things exactly unchanged – surely that’s what CUSU is about?

  • this means

    the people are happy with CUSU in its current form

    • CUSU person

      In a sad sorta way yes. Council is boring, no one will go, they have too much work to do although I’d love to hear some angry voices. Look at how few even bothered to vote, despite how piss easy it was to log on – RON could have easily amassed a thousand if people who hate CUSU bothered to vote for it. The best thing about the preference vote is you could do RON then pick your least hated candidate, as I did with Bangham. I don’t like blaming the populace for democratic failure, especially when interacting with CUSU is impossible, but for once I will because this election could have been very different.

      The big moment of truth will come when someone anti-CUSU stands. I wish I had the guts, but appealing to you people through ingratiating talks would be tedious, so I’ll just settle for my position as CV fodder.

      • No, it just means

        That people didn’t even care enough and were already too fed up to even bother voting RON since the CUSU core will show up and overrun it anyway. So what’s the point, CUSU will continue, unaffected, ignorant of any student sentiment and it will continue to pander to it’s core.

        tl;dr = who fucking cares, lolcats are more worthy of my time than these pissants

  • Flick


    • Really?

      Last time I checked she was utterly unremarkable in every possible way. Which is pretty much why people voted for her – safe, boring middle of the road candidate.

      • Do you

        even go here?

  • CUSU

    can flick off

  • dullforce1

    it is a dreary fucking man who runs for a CUSU sabb position two years in a row – Dom Weldon

  • Happy Grad

    The big moment of truth will come when someone anti-CUSU stands”.

    Make of it what you will, but if I recall correctly, a chap called Hugo Hadlow ran on pretty much exactly that basis not that long ago –



    And here’s how he got on…


    • I

      think his problem was that he was a libertarian lunatic.

      Downvotes to the right, self-righteous libertarians —->

      And now you can go back to Reddit and post about how frustrated you are that the sheeple just don’t open their eyes.

  • Congratulations, you are the
  • Just a rumour

    Flick is apparently pro-life #awkward

    • can anyone confirm

      whether this is true or not?

      • FO

        It is false

        • based on

          what information?

  • I

    saw them practising that lame video routine in the pub on Wednesday night. Didn’t realise just how awful it was actually going to turn out though.

  • Can someone explain

    why everyone is hating on Greg Hill?

  • classic Indigo

    fell for it…

    • tab pigeoto

      How do you know she’s not in on it..

  • Homer J Thompson

    Pray, do tell: how would one undertake such a significant structural amendment as merging the ledge with the dancefloor? How would they be connected, a super fun happy slide perhaps?

    Fuck off. You could surely have come up with something better than this, or at the very least have got someone else to read it so it makes logical and reasonable sense.

  • every male

    classic indigo hull being a flange

    • every normal male

      Are you joking mate?

  • Muttley

    Bore off Pidge.

  • Jack

    How I can tell you know fuck all about lifting – oly weightlifting is about technique and little strength, it will not build huge muscles. – you feel the need to ride a 50kg clean to the bottom of a squat, when you should be power cleaning it easily. – your description of the jerk is just bafflingly stupid. – encouraging rookies to start oly weightlifting without a coach is dangerous.

  • MS

    The £50,000 spent on the affiliation fee is made back on savings through NUSSLE (the commercial arm of NUS), as they supply the SU commercial operations (shop, mooch etc) with huge discounts on goods worth significantly more than the £50k. Furthermore, our SU receives money from every NUS card sold. Not being a part of NUS would actually cost UoNSU a lot of money.

    Oh and society and other SU activity budget has nothing to do the affiliation fee but I’m sure you already knew that.

    • people hate change

      It’s easy to see how we make savings via NUSSLE but like any business there’s going to be other suppliers that can give the same or better savings! It would only take some time and research to find a replacement. Corner shop by mine is cheaper than portland on a fair few things and they probably just have costco card (way cheaper than £50k). You can guarantee that NUSSLE make money from selling the shit to us as well! I mean why wouldn’t they, they set the prices and deal with all the suppliers and take their cut off the top. For less than £50k we could employ someone from the uni to do all of that for a lot less (free food & beer? I would).
      I think OP has a point, NUS doesn’t really benefit us and we’re too comfortable to complain or just leave.
      Heck us leaving would probably have a good knock on effect causing them to change their policies, because it sounds like they kinda missed the point. Really we want Bob Crow running it, we’d all end up on huge salaries and become untouchable!

      • FSO

        As someone that has spent considerable time and effort looking into this, I can tell you that things really are MUCH cheaper through NUSSLE than other sources. By quite a long way, too.

  • Not A NUCA (So Smart)

    Hmm an Anti-Union rant from the General Secretary of the Nottingham University Conservative Association (NUCA)…. a most unbiased of potential opinions to take for an article…. maybe the Tab could have found somebody For the NUS to try and pretend they aren’t just printing this for the controversy factor.

    That £50K he refers to is made back in the huge savings the union gets from the commercial services arm of the NUS so George Highton is just ignorant or knows this but is so ideologically blinded by being an anti-union of any kind Thatcherite Tory that he wants us to be rid of the NUS regardless.

    The NUS has it’s issues there is not doubt but just pulling out with their being no alternative is a bit naive and leaves Liberation campaigns disconnected from NUS campaigns.

    The NUS has voted on actively campaigning for the return of free education in the UK contrary to the NUS being irrelevant to our rising tuition fees they are trying to have them abolished, i’m sure George decided to ignore that when he wrote this article.

    • Food for thought

      Perhaps George Highton should post anonymously because you seem rather prejudice towards his affiliation with NUCA, of which I’m not affiliated.
      I think it’s a very valid point to question £50k because it’s easy for you say “we make huge savings” but that’s just salesman pitch bullshit that we are fed to pay the fucking money! NUSSLE’s job could be done in house at a fraction of the price for a larger saving by dealing with local businesses, we’d actually be helping the local economy SHOCKER! And I used to work in a corporate owned store and the big companies have some pretty good deals too!
      You can’t seriously think that it’s the best and only deal we can make?
      I think leaving is a good idea, let’s try something different because change is good and OP has valid points regardless of his political views, which I don’t share but that doesn’t mean I can’t agree with something on a totally different matter!

  • duncanjdavis

    I’m not a fan of Toni Pearce. She’s a centrist careerist Labour politician. But criticising her for never having been to university is elitist bullshit. She’s from a further education background. FE students are just as much students as HE students and so should be represented by the National Union of Students.

    It’s ridiculous to just pick a few policies and say that’s all the NUS cares about – loads more motions were passed this year. And lots of what you mentioned are important policies. One motion you didn’t mention is particularly in the interest of students: a policy of free education funded by taxing the rich. That policy stands up for us as we are pressured by tuition fees. Other policies tackled energy prices and rents.

    You say it’s undemocratic but we all got a say on these policies. We elect a set of 10 NUS delegates to attend the conference each year and they are bound by policy that has passed the democratic structures in our SU. I should know because I was elected a delegate to represent Nottingham students at the conference. I voted in line with my manifesto promises and SU policy.

  • Robert Barber

    i think you’re out of touch with students, it’s pretty offensive that you think we don’t care about stuff like climate change.
    And our lecturers have a right to strike when the people at the top of uni who run it get paid stupid amounts, where as it’s our lecturers who put in all the hard work to help us become what we want to be!

    • You missed the point :'(

      Perhaps OP isn’t the best writer but don’t you think NUS should be more interested in the well being of the students it stands for?

      Promoting climate change is a great thing but it’s not really relevant to student life, the uni does enough in that respect #1 environmentally friendly uni right?! HELL YEAH COS WE’RE BADASS!!!

      And yeh lecturers can have a right to strike but it’s not for a student union to stand behind that! Why on earth should NUS care how much lecturers are paid? They have their own union to deal with that.

      Every policy the NUS makes should primarily protect and defend the rights of students and students alone, it’s not a political party trying to make some world changes, world changes are cool and all but it’s not the purpose of a students union. If they refocused maybe we’d actually benefit a whole lot more!

  • Anon

    Attacking Toni Pearce for not going to university is misleading and irrelevant. Over 60% of the people NUS represent are in further rather than higher education. Furthermore, she is the first further education President ever who was resoundingly re-elected for a second term at the 2014 conference. She has every right to run for President and has done a fantastic job thus far.

    Furthermore, the benefits for NUS membership have been completely skimmed over. NUS makes positive change on the ground. Examples include the current lobby of the government to keep the Disabled Students Allowance and the recent research into the welfare of LGBT students in education. NUS liberation campaigns are a valuable resource that Nottingham is involved in and learns from.

    Yes, conference voted to support strikes. It was an incredibly close vote that was recounted. This is not, however, a reason to leave NUS. Rather, it is a reason to run as NUS delegate and vote in the way you best feel represents Nottingham students.

  • Jean H

    my fashion is always ballin

  • angryComputerScientist

    Universities don’t need gyms it should be left to the free market, sick of my tuition fee being frittered away on shit facilities i make no use of.

    • BobtheBodyBuilder

      Shut up nerd.

  • notemployedbyxercise4less

    Xercise4Less, £9.99 a month with opportunities to freeze over xmas, easter etc. loads of classes as part of this membership fee, massive weights and resistance area, cardo, ring, boxing, ladies only area need I go on…

  • cass

    i like the gym… obviously its gonna be busy at peak times and obviously stuff will be out of order once in a while. having said that, ive never waited to use a machine nor seen anything out of order..

  • Tom

    I have literally never met anyone like this, could the writer be projecting their own insecurities onto benign social situations where someone is simply just talking about their degree?

  • Tom

    Probably written by a Film Studies student…

  • Richard Feynman

    Perhaps if you watch this video you might think a little differently:


  • Amy

    Nottingham University Independence Party

  • Russ Mulligan

    you stupid little fucking mug, you really believe the university will come through on that one. FUCK OFF. Idiot.

  • Sam C

    It sounds like Alex is letting it get to him and being a cunt again. Oops.

  • James

    Sounds like we have a degree snob right here… it’s not your degree that matters but what you do with it and the experienced gained from it after university.

    But in the light of your previous comment answer me this why would you want to do a lowly BSc when you could do a MEng degree? So much more useful and obviously going to lead to a much better life than yours apparently.

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