The Tab gets its prediction spot on as Flick Osborn comes out on top in the CUSU presidential elections. Read all the action from the night, as it happened.

Flick Osborn has been announced as the new CUSU President, seeing off rival George Bangham by 147 votes.

Osborn had been ahead at the online stage, and she extended her winning margin after the paper ballot was counted. The remaining candidate, Greg Hill, struggled to keep up with what ended up being a two-horse race.


President: Flick Osborn wins by 147 votes

Welfare and Rights: Helen Hoogewerf-McComb

Education Officer: Jia Hui Lee

Coordinator: Dom Weldon

Women’s Officer: Lauren Steele

Access: Sam Ruiz

Uni Councillor: Ros Old

GU Pres: Richard Jones

TabTV joined in the fun at the count earlier tonight:

Using our very own Compsci mastermind, The Tab has calculated that Flick Osborn is the frontrunner in the race for the CUSU presidency. On the basis of online votes cast yesterday, she currently leads by just 23 votes.

If the numbers confuse you, take it from us: it’s neck and neck

Online voting closed last night. Although the results aren’t available, the raw vote data is. The Tab ran the data through a programme similar to the one that will be used to decide who ultimately wins.

There are multiple rounds of counting to determine the overall winner. In the opening round, all first preference votes are counted. On the basis of this, George Bangham leads comfortably.

Then, the loser of the first round is knocked out and the second preference votes are counted. After this, Bangham is still head of the pack and Greg Hill brings up the rear.

However, when Hill is eliminated and his votes are re-assigned to Osborn or Bangham, Osborn comes out top by a mere 23 votes.

Watch this space, because all could change as the paper ballot result comes in later tonight.

Who said CUSU wasn’t exciting?

  • Can someone explain

    why everyone is hating on Greg Hill?

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