The Punt Sessions

TabTV spent the day on the Cam in the freezing cold with the fantastic and lovely Sophie Jamieson.

TabTV spent a fantastic (if freezing) day listening to the haunting sounds of Sophie Jamieson. Stay tuned for Part Two with Sophie on Monday:

You can find out more about Sophie on her Facebook page.

In association with and Cambridge Strolls.

Directed by Emily Dance

Edited by Ashleigh Maly, Daisy Turvey and Emily Dance

Camera: Daisy Turvey and Max Toomey

Produced by Nick Harris

Punting: Declan O’Connor 

  • Sophie Jamieson

    is very pretty

  • LAD


  • Wow.

    Haunting voice.

  • Fred


  • Great work

    This is just so… nice.

  • I can’t stop

    listening to this.

  • i love

    the low flying mallard. and sophie.

  • Beautiful

    I mean, really really good. But you should use a wooden pole. The metal on rock noise is distracting.

    • YEs


  • Decent music

    to do a pensive poo to, but nothing more.

  • Helen Meissner

    stunning – and if you like this, come to Hertfordshire on 21st September for FOLKSTOCK, a new festival showcasing this lovely singer/songwriter Sophie Jamieson and lots of other young acoustic folk and roots artists, bringing all the strands of beautiful music into the same field. National names and new ones! And I agree about the pole…. 😉

  • J’aime

    The punt sessions so far are fantastic. Good old fashioned family fun. Seriously, well done.

  • Who’s up next?

    Max singing mambo number 5 in his glittery y-fronts?

  • That would definitely be


  • Pretty enough

    But no substance to it. Voice is weak and performance is non-existent.

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