Wei-Ying And Alice Set To Jail-break WORLD RECORD

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Team 19 look like they are going to make Jailbreak history!

One of the teams on this year’s RAG Jailbreak is set to break the world record for the longest distance travelled in a charity hitch.

Wei-Ying Chen and Alice Boughton, two students at Jesus College, are set to arrive in Sydney, Australia at 8.40pm, having made a stopover in Singapore on the way.

The pair used corporate contacts to secure the trip of a life time and to potentially become Jailbreak legends. It’s also Australia Day today, which seems fitting!

This is what they had to say to us:

“The Australians are going crazy for Jailbreak, fundraising some Aussie dollars atm!”

“Collecting Singapore dollars, Aussie dollars, everyone is on wifi watching the Jailbreak map from the airport!”

“Experience has been so surreal, not going to believe it till we see the Harbour bridge! Got our collection buckets ready to use for sandcastles and blagged a free ride into the city, bring on Australia day!”

This is what Wikipedia had to say about the previous record: “Durham University holds the world record for the competition; in November 2010, Thomas Cox made Jailbreak history when he and his partner Dave Binns made it to Sydney in under 36 hours. However, because the pair organised their flights before the event, regardless of whether they paid or not, many believe that this was not a true example of a charity hitchhike.[16]”

The pair had planned to raise £500 for the RAG charities, but surely, after such an incredible achievement, they deserve more than that.

Show them some support and donate HERE.

But, with their arrival set for 8.40pm, they only have 20 minutes leeway if they are to make Jailbreak history. Will they? Won’t they? Stay tuned on our Jailbreak live blog. You don’t want to miss this.

  • Thinking that

    “The pair used corporate contacts to secure the trip of a life time and to potentially become Jailbreak legends.”
    might be in the spirit of Cambridge poshness, but not in the spirit of jailbreak. Getting daddys company to pay for the trip is not really a charity hitchhike is it?

    • grassroots jailbreak movement

      If the flights were free, okay, but imagine how much money could have been made if everyone just hitchhiked and gave the equivalent flight money to RAG. It’d be much more impressive, and more exciting, than if everyone with the right connections just hops aboard business class.

  • Cheating?

    Is it ok to use personal contacts (former employer) to get a free flight? Not so much hitchiking as networking/using networks. I hope they raise loads, but it’s not exactly within the spirit of the law is it?

  • Surely

    if they don’t actually land in australia by 9pm they’re likely to have still broken the record for ‘longest distance travelled’

  • At the end of the day

    As long as we take a record away from fucking Durham, I don’t care if they used corporate contacts, abducted a child or slept with my girlfriend

    • What

      Why the animosity towards Durham? They’re not even worth it.

      16,355 Oxbridge rejects.

    • Adam Kuo

      Yeah, let’s save our antipathy for Wei and Alice – fucking cheats.

      • Pipe Down

        Mr Water Polo

  • Justin Maini

    I challenge Wei and Alice to get back home without using daddy’s contacts

  • Wei-Ying Chen

    So happy I’ve finally gone down under #stillcounts

  • Rett Babram

    Haters gon hate. massive #respect for #charityholiday of a lifetime

    #Region2 #NonaNo

  • Ying’s mate dani

    For the record tab, he gets called Ying, not Wei-Ying

    • harry

      oh stop douching dani

  • Simon Johnson

    Super #peak for all the man participating in Jailbreak and conducting themselves with #denchity and #integrity. “Corporate contacts….” #cheating #scandal #blukubluku

  • Wei-Ying

    Maybe now I’m a big name, Suki will finally date me…

    • Henry Somers

      Damn, I wish I’d thought of this!

      • Chemerton

        What about me, Henry?

        • Henry Somers

          Na you are a bellend

  • How many

    ways can you weigh whey Wei? Whayyyyyyy!

  • voice of reason

    They are not breaking a record, because the distance from Durham to Sydney exceeds the distance from Cambridge to Sydney. Besides, it is not entirely a fair comparison, since the rules between Jailbreak competitions vary. In the Cambridge version, whilst pre-arranging a flight is not permitted, one is allowed to spend money collected during the 36 hours towards outward travel (hence why you see many teams with collection tins outside the railway station; perish the thought that they could get the coach from Parkside, which is what I normally do when I travel to London with my own money, since it is cheaper).

    For my part, I am unimpressed by this competition. As a previous comment said, it has become too much about networking with rich people to buy them flights to far-flung corners of the world. Personally, I would be far more interested to see a competition that permits competitors to travel only by foot or bicycle or oar.

  • Tennis Fan

    They should head on over to Melbourne and go and watch Murray.

  • aaa

    ‘The pair used corporate contacts to secure the trip of a life time’.
    Pretty much sums up what Jailbreak seems to be about the last couple of years.
    Kudos to the teams that have actually been fundraising and hitch-hiking properly!

  • Louis Preston

    who the fuck are these guys

  • wtf is this

    how is this news?!

    • are you an idiot

      I don’t know, how could a potential felony and perhaps even animal cruelty make local news.. shocking

      • ‘Felony’

        What are you, some kind of damned yank?

        • boz

          Just because its potentially against the law doesn’t make it an interesting read.

  • Badger

    Why was Block 10 not approached for comment?

  • .

    stupid freshers

  • Wut

    Watch out if you get bovine TB, that’ll be fatal for ur mom.

  • The Dead Badger

    People need to get a sense of humour…

  • the doctor

    such a non article its untrue

  • Erin

    First world problems

  • Someone with sense

    Every single tab article is offensively shit. I get noticeably upset every time one appears on my timeline after some blatantly uneducated fool likes one. I then proceed to remove that person as a friend as I don’t want to be associated with someone who associates themselves with such dire, dire, chat. Please God please just stop writing shit about shit no one gives a flying fuck about. Now is the time to give up. – from a better writer than every tab article author.

  • ALittleDoseOfReality

    Kate Brown’s mother never loved her as a child, so now she lives out her days trying to belittle everything she sees because it’ll make her passing of this world feel slightly shorter for what remains of her wretched, miserable, tacky little life ahead.

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