Exeter fresher loses fives, finds himself in Edinburgh

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Hockey first year brings new meaning to the idea of club training.

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This is the moment an Exeter hockey club fresher realised he was going on a 16-hour round trip to Edinburgh.

Ben Sully, right, at the moment of defeat

Fifth team goalkeeper Ben Sully was the unlucky loser at Exeter uni hockey club’s annual Edinburgh Fives social on Wednesday night.

Forty freshers started the mass game of Fives, which sees the loser catch a train from Exeter to Edinburgh and back again in just one day.

Young Sully faced second teamer Tom Abell in the final. When the intrepid keeper held out five fingers as Abell guessed “five”, he was off to Scotland.

Sully being sent on his merry way

The freshman left Exeter’s main station on the 08.23 on Thursday morning. He arrived in the Scottish capital at 16.05.

He spent most of his journey north gazing out the window.

Sully in a surprisingly empty carriage

However, in a heartwarming twist, Sully was greeted at Edinburgh station by Edinburgh Uni hockey players. The club heard of the Exeter fresher’s journey on Twitter and were on the platform to present him with a bottle of wine, chocolates and a bunch of flowers.

It was Christmas come early for the Exeter freshman

Edinburgh picked up a re-tweet from Team GB hockey player Dan Fox as news of the fresher’s journey spread across social networks. The Edinburgh club is already planning a return fixture in February.

Touched by their generosity, Sully exchanged club ties with the Edinburgh players before climbing aboard the 16.52 back to Exeter. He arrived home at 00.55 this morning.

The tie exchange

Return tickets from Exeter to Edinburgh cost around £170. Don’t worry though, the fresher wasn’t left out of pocket and he was awarded a new club tie on his return.

Home safe and sound

Exeter hockey club captain Andrew Miller said: “Edinburgh Fives is an annual game and it’s great that this year our Edinburgh hockey partners decided to get involved. Exeter hockey club look forward to welcoming one of them to us in February.”

The Tab salutes fresher Ben Sully and Edinburgh’s hockey players. This truly is the spirit of Christmas.

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  • like jailbreak

    but shit

  • welsh joe

    nothing on a santakini spoof

  • Enjoying

    this increased holiday Tab coverage. Usually a ghost town outside term time.

  • This is

    so irrelevant

  • Errm

    Cambridge student is confused why meaningless news about Exeter student finds itself on Cambridge Tab.

  • johnsbridgemegalad

    don't understand this, where's the booze?

  • Eton FIves

    Edinburgh Fives looks shit, there isn't even a buttress

  • Simon Johnson

    Big up Sully and all tha Exeter hockey manz. Pretty swag sport but a #Dench game and a #Dench story to warm all our hearts before xmas. #blukubluku

  • Official adjudicator

    Adjudicates: Celebration. Rematch.

  • This Article

    Is everywhere. The comments on the Oxford Tab are CLASSIC.

    • Fact checker

      There aren't any…

  • The game

    is called spoof…

  • Safe

    Euuuggghhhhhhhh will Disney

  • parrett

    finally an article by you i approve of. congrats disney. you’ve earnt yourself 1 free motorboat (of gramy not me)

  • are you having a laugh?

    there’s no drugs in Bristol

  • ii

    Who still listens to drum and bass?

  • Big Dog

    enough of these stupidly cynical articles about the “Bristol stereotypes”. I am pretty sure 50% of these Tab articles make some sort of allusion to the ‘gap year tragedies’ and the excessive drug taking by ‘public school hippy wannabees’, to name a few of the most classic examples. Just fuck off and think of something original. (And even though I am a skinny jean wearing public school drug user I am not saying this because I am bitter, I am saying it because it is so boring)

  • Sore_calves

    Hahahaa tragic but true
    Seriously if I’d known that the cross country club is more like the mountaineering club I’d have bought a sports pass, SO MANY FUCKING HILLS.

  • Jason Donervan

    Yawn. Not original, not funny, although a lot of the points have some truth in them.

  • YouAreSoBoring

    The Tab is really on a serious roll of producing overzealous, ill-informed articles written by people who I could only assume live under the largest of (ofte conservative and boring) rocks.

    This writer clearly hasn’t really been out in Bristol properly or found any people to hang out with. I wonder why….

  • coolkid

    funny that neither artful dodger nor shadow child are drum n bass or house. YOU FUCKING LOSER

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