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Welcome to Twickenham, and The Tab’s live Varsity Match coverage.

Rob Malaney’s boys will be desperate to prevent the Other Place making it three in a row, but face a tough battle, after they were outclassed in last year’s 28-10 defeat.

Follow all the action live!


15.48 That’s all from me. We’ll have a full report up in a couple of hours, complete with photos from the game. Thanks to everyone who followed this live feed today, sorry about the result, we did all we could! Leave some commiserations below for the men who gave their all out there, I’m sure they’d love to hear them.

15.45 Tears from some of the Cambridge boys as John Carter, who remember played very little part in this year’s game, goes up to lift the trophy. Congratulations have to go to Oxford for their comeback, but we’ll be back next year!

15.41 Cambridge applaud their opponents off the pitch, looking devastated. They climb those long steps to receive their losers tankards. There were a lot of questions about this side, and they performed admirably.

15.39 Man of the match Sam Egerton tells TV that letters from Old Boys inspired them to go the extra mile today. I don’t think anyone can claim that our boys didn’t give everything they had, but in the last few minutes they just couldn’t hold on.

15.37 They do all they can, but there’s nothing happening. Max Mather runs out of space, and the whistle blows. A valiant display from Cambridge, who led for most of the match, but just not enough on the day. It’s three in a row for The Other Place.

15.34 Could that be it? 3 minutes to go and Scott Annett is penalised for not releasing. Marr kicks another 3, and Cambridge need a converted try to draw, with a minute to play.

15.31 And that is why we forwards can’t stomach backs. Cambridge drive form the 22 to 1 yard out, a feat of technique and strength. When it’s finally puled down the backs stumble right back to the 22 before Abraham has a kick charged down, and Oxford’s Bramham Law races 90 yards. Will Smith did get back and make a superb recovery tackle, but now the light blues have to start again inside their own half.

15.28 Just when Cambridge looked out of ideas, moving backward in midfield, the Oxford forwards commit another infringement. Cambridge have good ball inside the Oxford 22. The maul starts to move…

15.25 Cambridge 19-23 Oxford It’s that man Egerton again. He breaks from a ruck, and puts Charlie Marr under the posts for a try he can convert. It’s all gone wrong, but there’s still time…

15.23 13 minutes to go and Cambridge are having to hang on in there. The game loses its only international, as Oxford 10 Hudson is replaced by Hughes.

15.21 Finally some ball for Cambridge. They go right, and Cook gets his first touch, makng headway on the wing. Eventually, once it slows down, Abraham drills it towards the corner, and Oxford line out 10 out.  

15.18 Cambridge 19-16 Oxford Some technical difficulties have swallowed the last two updates, and you’ve missed a lot, but nothing good. Egerton has moved from fullback to scrum half and is pulling all the strings, eventually using quick ball to put James Harris in on the far side. Cambridge respond by bringing on Kristian Cook and Nick Marshall for Stephen and Stu Brown.

15.13 That line-out is cleared nowhere, and now it’s a Cambridge throw, 15 out. They lose it though, and then after it’s kicked long Smith and Stephens contrive to knock the ball forward near half-way. Ollie Wolfe is on in place of the hard tackling Kelly in the back row.

15.10 Egerton has been the Other Place’s best player so far, but he gets munched then, trying to run the ball back, and Brakely does superbly to hold off 3 Oxons at the break down and win a penalty. Cambridge look threatening until Stephen knocks on trying to offload 10 yards out. Although the ref decides it went backwards, and it’ll be a line-out.

15.07 Cambridge 19-11 Oxford Are just about making their first up tackles, but they look sloppy around the fringes. A long period of Oxford pressure before they spin it wide, and Sam Egerton, up from fullback, escapes three tackles to score in the left corner. The conversion drifts right.

15.05 Another big hit from Dugal Bain (he’s been immense today) and then some tidy work at the breakdown from Nate Brackley earn Cambridge a scrum, but it buckles under pressure from the Oxford tight 5, and it’s a penalty. That’ll be a Dark Blue line-out in the Cambridge 22 and they get the maul rolling…

15.02 A lovely cross-kick from Abraham sets Murdoch away, he’s wrapped up by two but gets the offload away and Cambridge look like they have numbers, but the ball doesn’t come back and they conced a penalty at the ruck. That’s a shame, because it was genuinely clever and well-executed rugby.

 15.00 That’s another huge tackle as Cambridge chase an Oxford kick, but the Dark Blues do eventually make progress, running through a few tackles before knocking on just inside the Cambridge half. Handling must be tough out their in this cold.

14.59 Cambridge 19-6 Oxford No mistake. Lead up to 13.

14.58 More indiscipline from the Dark Blue forwards. They concede a penalty on half-way, and when Cambridge’s attack breaks down on the left wing, they are rewarded with another one, bang in front, on the 22. Stephen steps up…

14.56 We’re back underway, Cambridge with a 10 point lead, and they’ve replaced number 8 Matt Steele, who had a good first half, with Max Mather of Downing. So both starting 8s off.

14.56 A bit of Varsity trivia for you. This year we return to professional assistant referees after last year’s experiment to have the previous club presidents run the line was deemed unsuccessful.

14.55 Oxford back out nice and early, Cambridge keep them waiting a couple. I don’t blame the. It’s cold.

14.52 Just seen some highlights of that half. Carter seemed to hurt his knee as he went to body-check a Cambridge runner. Not nice to see. Elsewhere that tackle from Dugal Bain in the 10th minute was absolutely HUGE. Could watch it on repeat for hours!

14.47 Well, that can only be described as a very good half for our boys. Seeing their nemesis from last year John Carter escape punishment from the referee, but suffer it at the hands of his own body, will have given them confidence. Then that try at the death put daylight between the sides.

14.45 I’m reliably informed that 5 Cambridge fans attempted to ‘do the Poznan’ after that try. The Tab salutes you, but that’s not really what we do at Twickers.

14.44 HALF TIME Cambridge 16-6 Oxford What a boost that is, just a couple of minutes before half-time too. As a Caius lad has pointed out to us by email, you can see the belief growing in the Cambridge players. They win a penalty at a scrum and that’ll be the half.

14.41 TRY Cambridge 16-6 Oxford Great score. Great score. Hugo Kelly makes ground down the right, two quick offloads set Will Smith through on the touchline. He goes himself but just when he looks to have been stopped offloads to his fellow wing Andrew Murdoch who scores in the corner. Stephen adds the extras brilliantly.

14.40 Like the 21s earlier, the Blues look dangerous from set plays. This time they almost put Stephen into a gap. Still have the ball inside the Oxford 22.

14.35 Danny Holmes, take a bow. A superb interception interupts an Oxford move, and he then bounces off the full-back before being stopped 20 metres out. Steele drives on but doesn’t release, so nothing comes of it, but top work from the centre. Once the Light Blues recover the ball they move it left, where Will Smith is unceremoniously dumped by James Harris. Will Briggs then wins a penalty with some superb work at the breakdown. All a bit tit-for-tat here.

14.33 Cambridge apply a bit of pressure for the first time in a while, a couple of well placed kicks in behind, from Tullie than Stephen put Oxford on the back foot.

14.30 Cambridge 9-6 Oxford Oxford seem to be unfazed by the loss of thier captain, and are right back in this. Once again it’s the cantab defence that’s letting them down.

14.28 One way traffic. No sooner than Abraham clears Cambridge lines but Egerton shows great hands, and then an excellent kick, to but Oxford riht back down in the light blue 22. Big effort needed in defence now, and it comes, but at the expense of a penalty 5 out, bang in front. An easy 3 points and a warning to Cambridge.

14.27 And here they come again, a lovely inside ball releasing Oscar Vallance, who races to the Cambridge 22 before Will Smith brings him down, Cambridge turn it over and an Oxford prop gives away the most blatant offside call I’ve ever seen.

14.25 The Dark Blues are just starting to get a foothold, running the ball from deep, and twice making half-breaks there, before Dugal Bain is pinged for lying all over the ball. Silly, needless penalty, and play is back in the Cambridge half.

14.22 Cambridge 9-3 Oxford Another big tackle from Hugo Kelly in midfield, but Oxford get a penalty, and they should be back in this. Through it goes. But, and this is big, John Carter has left the field, can’t shrug off that injury it seems. Gus Jones on in his place.

14.21 A really good start here, we’ve seen nothing from Oxford yet, but an early lead, as the 21s saw, is no garuantee..

14.19 Cambridge 9-0 OxfordHe gets away without, which I have to say is a surprise, given that both referee and touch judge saw it. Not seen a replay yet, to be fair, so maybe it looked worse from up hear. Anyway, Stephen has a shot from bang in front. And that’s 9-0.

14.16 With Cambridge looking to break around the fringes, the Oxford captain Carter has put in an off-the-ball shoulder charge. I’m not sure who it was he hit, Carter is the man down, it’s a penalty to Cambridge, and once Carter gets up he could get a card…

14.15 This is getting very physical. Hugo Kelly gets away with a late one on the Oxford 10, and as Seb Tullie catches it he is absolutely hammered. Cambridge recycle though and first Will Smith on the left and then Rob Stephen on the right find space. THAT IS HORRIBLE.

14.11 Cassian Bramham Law (is there a more Oxford name?) has a go from 40 metres, just to the left of centre, but it’s never close. Still 6-0.

14.09 Hits are flying in from the Cambridge defence, as Oxford have their first spell of possession. A couple of pieces of indiscipline though, after an absolutely huge tackle, mean that the Other Place have a chance to score their first points.

14.07 Cambridge 6-0 Oxford Just hard enough. Just. Good kick.

City boy points out below that Oxford certainly have more experience, and in their skipper John Carter, a former Exeter Chief who almost single-handedly destroyed us last year, black eye and all, they have a real performer.

14.05 Another penalty from the restart, that’s already 3 in the first 5 mins from Oxford. The Tab welcomes this indiscipline, as the light blues get up to the 22 again. And are given another penalty. Slightly further out, and 5 metres from the touchline this one, but Stephen is going for goal again.

14.04 Cambridge 3-0 OxfordPoints on the board. Stephen pushes it through, just glancing the inside of the far post on its way over.

14.03 With Cambridge moving back slightly, Andrew Abraham puts a kick in behind, forcing, Sam Egerton, the Dark Blue full-back to carry into touch. A line-out inside the Oxford 22 becomes a penalty, and Rob Stephen steps up…

14.01 And the scrum becomes a penalty. A bit of handbags as well from the front rows after the award. Hotting up nicely.

14.00 Oxford kick off – the 131st Varsity match is underway. Cambridge gather and send it back – where it’s dropped by the Oxford winger. A light blue scrum. Ideal.

13.59 A student from each university belts out the national anthem, I try and fail to think up a royal baby pun to slip in, and we’re ready to go. First win of the day for Cambridge, our fans outshouting the Other Place.

13.57 Teams in the tunnel…and here they come. Remember, you can get in touch with your comments via email (, twitter (@tabcambridge) or by commenting below. How do you think this one’s going to go?

13.53 Jerusalem rings around this massive stadium. Enough to warm the heart, if not the rest of the body. Lovely. 5 minutes to go.

13.49 Twickenham filling up nicely, particularly the Cambridge end away to my left. Just over 10 minutes to go til kick-off, there’s a fair bit of nervous tension around.

13.45 Players to watch for: Rob Stephen is the first King’s choral scholar to play in the Varisty match since….well, a long time. Stu Brown will be important up front, and the Cambridge pack will need to perform at its best if we’re to have any chance. And of course, the pace and power of winger, Tab writer, and ‘the best thing since Jesus’ Will Smith will be an attacking threat.

13.41 And the Cambridge team, now going through their paces out on the hallowed turf:

15. Rob Stephen – King’s

14. Andy Murdoch – Homerton

13. Danny Holmes – Hughes Hall

12. Dugal Bain – Jesus

11. Will Smith – Girton

10. Andrew Abraham – Homerton

9. Seb Tullie – Emma

1. Will Briggs (B) – Magdalene

2. Paul Mallaband – Emma

3. Stu Brown (B) – Clare

4. Nate Brakeley – St Ed’s

5. Scott Annett (B) – Clare

6. Rob Malaney (B) c) – St Ed’s

7. Hugo Kelly – John’s

8. Matt Steele – St Ed’s Replacements:

16. Rupert Cowan 17. Nick Marshall 18. Frank Sanders 19. Max Mather 20. Ollie Wolfe (B) 21. Kristian Cook (B) 22. Ilia Cherezov (B) 23. Kieran Hegarty


13.38 It’s also worth noticing that 7 of the Oxford men come from Kellog, a postgrad college. Not that there’s a problem with that, but more than a hint that some of these guys may have reached the university with a day like this in mind.

13.36 That Oxford team then – those 6 blues have a B next to their name.

15. Egerton, 14. Lamont, 13. Bramham Law (B), 12. Turner (B), 11. Vallance, 10. Hudson (B), 9. Commins, 1. Anderson (B), 2. Gardner, 3. Baker, 4. Law (B), 5. Rowlands, 6. Waddingham, 7. Harris. 8. Carter (B) (c)

13.30 Half an hour to go then, and time to take a look at the team that Rob Malaney has named. Only 4 returning blues for the Cambridge side and all of them in the pack – but three blues sat on the bench who played last year. Oxford, on the other hand, have 6 returning blues, running right through the spine of the team. And in fly-half Jonathan Hudson, they have a full international…for Switzerland. Still, that’s more caps than our Light Blue boys can boast this year.

13.23 Before we turn our attention to the main event, a few of your comments, emails and tweets. Steph Lipman has tweeted @cambridgetab, saying “At work, wishing I was at Twickenhm…religiously refreshing the @tabcambridge live feed. #GDBO”. Thanks Steph, we appreciate it. As for the comment asking me to lay off the BNOC chat, you sound bitter? Did you fail to make our list?

13.20 Right, I’m back inside and my fingers have regained feeling, so time to look back on that game. It wasn’t a terrible performance from the Cambridge side, but they just couldn’t cope in defense, particularly in the early part of the second half. Hard to pick out any stand-out performers, although Chris Blucke took his try well and alway threatened. I’m sure several of them will be back next year, and making the step up to the Blues squad.

13.02 A shame then for the 21s boys, who look utterly devastated out there. They gave it their all, but it just wasn’t enough. It’ll all be forgotten if the first team can win later though. That starts in about an hour or so, i’ll be back in 30 once i’ve warmed my hands a touch!

13.00 FULL TIME Cambridge 17-31 Oxford They almost get it too, Blucke finding space and putting Thompson through, bt he’s stopped by an excellent tap tackle. And that’s it, not the start we were hoping for.

12.56 Oxford clear their lines and Cambridge are going to have to attack from deep. They earn a scrum half-way inside Oxford territory, but with 2 minutes left, any score now would be little more than consolation.

12.54 And when they do get it wide, that happens. A lovely move releases Blucke, who looks like he’ll make it in at the corner, but a superb cover tackle from Oxford winger Sam Wareham, covering across the field, forces him out.

12.52 Cambridge, cambridge, cambridge. Three times there, 5 metres out, Cambridge had an overlap. Each time they went inside, until eventually a knock on relinquishes possession, and Oxford clear. For all the problems in defence, Cambridge could have scored 5 tries today.

12.50 The Dark Blue back row have shown some lovely handlng skill today, and I’m sorry to say Cambridge haven’t been able to cope at times in this second half. Heathcote throws a lovely inside ball, but eventually Bell is brought down, and Cambridge get a penalty.

12.46 Tab favourite Hugo Cobb is replaced, not his best game I’m afraid. Still, the replacements seem to have given Cambridge som new life, Jamie Crawford breaking a tackle and into the Oxford 22, before holding on too long and being pinged.

12.44 Cambridge 17-31 Oxford Cambridge makes several changes, Lloyd, McBride and Williams on, and it has an instant impact, McBride running strongly down the right, and when it comes back for a penalty, Lloyd bundles over. Easy extras added, a glimmer of hope?

12.42 Cambridge 10-31 Oxford It gets worse. Oxford drive a line-out up to the line and flanker Fraser Heathcote, a Cambridge-born boy, goes over. The conversion hits the post from the touchline, but Oxford are out of sight.

12.41 That may just be that. With 17 minutes remaining, Cambridge are 16 points behind, and I just can’t see any way back.

12.38 Cambridge 10-26 Oxford A better kick from Foster ears Cambridge a line out just outside the Oxford 22, and they run a superb back move, which puts Tom Hudson through. He almost makes it all the way, but is stopped just short. Then, with an overlap a pass is intercepted, and Oxford’s replacement propDean Irvine runs 90 metres to score. That’ll be a tough one to take.

12.36 They’re almost in again. Foster kicks possession away with an aimless up and under, and Oxford counter with quick hands. The referee’s whistle calls them back however, a slight forward pass saving Cambridge this time.

12.33 I hate to say it, but Oxford look like scoring every time they have the ball in this second half. They would too, if Will Boardman didn’t knock on 10 metres out. Meanwhile, David Leahy is on in place of James Scott on the Cambridge flank.

12.31 Downing lock Luke Thompson is the first man off the Cambirdge bench. What impact can he make? Not much at first, Oxford’s try scorer Barnes put into space and marauding into the light blue 22, before his winger is bundled into touch.

12.28 Couple of changes in the Oxford pack, but it’s the light blues who need to find an extra gear. Seb Foster ducks inside on half-way when there was a three on two outside him. 30 minutes left to save this one…

12.25 Cambridge 10-19 Oxford And they break beautifully. Williams and Bell combine on the right and but for a hand in from Hudson, deliberately knocking on, they would score. Hudson would surely have seen yellow had the Dark Blues not arrived in numbers, secured the ball, and danced throug again, hooker Dan Barnes scoring under the posts. Cambridge are under the cosh here.

12.23 This is better. A bit of attacking innovation from the Cambridge backs gives Blucke space to run into the Oxford 22. But Roope is turned over 10 metres from the line and Oxford can break.

12.22 Where has the Cambridge defense gone? Oxford work it wide from the kick off and again would have been through if their handling were a bit better. In the end it comes to nothing inside their own half, and Cambridge have a scrum.

12.20 Cambridge 10-12 Oxford Cambridge are behind for the first time, Matt Shorthose  continuing kicking duties.

12.19 That should have been a try for the Dark Blues. They work a clever overlap down the left, brteaking at page, Dace goes through but decides to pass and Tom Hudson gets back in the nick of time to put a hand in. Still pressure though, and Doug Sexton repeats the feat almost exactly seconds later, again throwing the ball away at the last moment. Eventually Oxford get a penalty in front of the posts, but that could, and should, have been a five-pointer.

12.18 Yep, we’re back underway, Cambridge leading by the odd point in 19.

12.16 Currently showing on the big screen is a Jack Wills video asking who the biggest name on campus is. Will Smith resists naming himself. But enough of that, second half is about to start…

12.12 HALF TIME Cambridge 10-9 Oxford As the whistle goes we’re still in the lead, but  it could be so much more. Oxford look dangerous but Cambridge have had the clear-cut chances and should probably have scored more points.

12.11 Oh dear. That was poor from everyone. Oxford’s backs knock on, then Seb Foster kicks straight into touch. Back where we started really, give or take 2 yards.

12.09 It’s settled down into a battle in the middle of the park for the moment. Oxford having  a spell of possession, but going nowhere, until a little grubber through forces Tom Hudson to carry the ball into touch just inside his own 22.

12.07 Robinson captain Jonny Miller charges down a kick from the Oxford scrum half and regathers. Cambridge up to the 5-metre line….but are penalised once it slows down.

12.06 For all their territorial dominance then, Cambridge still only 1 point up – they may come to rue that. But wait…

12.02 Cambridge 10-9 Oxford This isn’t so good. Twice in 2 minutes Cambridge’s backs  knock it on in the middle of the park, and the second time it leads to an Oxford break. A necessary infringement slows it down, but Dace just has the legs with his kick to reduce the deficit to 1 point.

11.58 That is superb. Nick Roope, leading by example, leaps high to gather the kick off from out of the hands of an Oxford man. A penalty is soon forthcoming, but Foster misses it this time. A shame, that deserved more.

11.57 A few worryin signs out there. When the Oxford forwards get their heads down, they seem to be breaking tackles rather too often. They find themselves inside the 22, and Dace steps back to slot a drop goal. 10-6 Cambridge lead.

11.54 A knock-on from scrum-half Vora there, but an important one. Oxford’s O’Halloran had chipped over the defence, and though he didn’t gather cleanly, Vora’s halted that attack well. Cambridge spoil the scrum too, winning one of their own.

11.51 MUNCHED. That’ll hurt. Cambridge win the line-out on Oxford’s throw, and Vora’s box kick is chased superby by Hudson, who hits his opposite man very very hard. That’s what today is all about boys!

11.50 So, a great first 20 for the Light Blues, 7 up against 14 men. Dace returns to the field now, and his first action is to push a penalty into touch about 15 metres out, after Cambridge were penalised for being in front of the kicker.

11.48 TRY Cambridge 8-3 Oxford Oxford’s full-back is having a nightmare. First he drops a high ball over his own line, just saving his own blushes with some fancy footwork. Then, when Cambridge kick from deep he is beaten to the bouncing ball by winger Chris Blucke, who the referee decides, after checking with his assistant, got the ball down. Foster adds the extrass, 10-3

11.45 Cambridge 3-3 Oxford Despite having their kicker in the bin, Oxford are level, Matt Shorthose putting it through.

11.43 A half-break for Boardman of Oxford gets them up to the 22, and onother from Bell, filling in at first receiver, takes them further, Cambridge missing tackles all over the place. Eventually however, with the advantage, Oxford go blind when they have men open, the chance is gone, but a shot at three…

11.41 Cambridge 3 – 0 Oxford Cambridge take immediate advantage. Seb Foster steps through the gap that Dace had left, and is only stopped a few yards short. Alderson made it even closer, but when he’s held up short the ref comes bakc fro a penalty against the retreating forwards. Foster slots it home no problem, 3-0.

11.39 YELLOW CARD – Dace, Oxford Off that scrum Cambridge go inside to Gill, who is dumped – or in the referee’s mind speared – by the opposing fly half. Penalty, and ten minutes in the bin for Dace. Harsh one that.

11.38 Ohhh, that was a chance. Only on the half-way line, but the Dark Blue backs work a  5 on 3 overlap, only for full-back O’Halloran to squander it, and then knock on.

11.37 And the line-out comes to even less, another penalty against Cambridge for crossing in midfield. A bit scrappy so far.

11. 35 It’s all happening here. Cambridge are pinged for a ruck infringement on the Oxford 22, the kick doesn’t find touch and Chris Blucke dances past three tackles before he’s brought down. Cambirdge continue to attack and skipper Roope goes through, only stopped 5 out. The pressure comes to nothing though, when the light blues knock on and Oxford clear.

11.33That scrum becomes a penalty and Cambridge have a basis fom which to attack.

11. 30 Right on cue, Will Dace kicks off. Cambridge gather and kick away, Oxford knock on, and it’s the first scrum of the game.

11.29 Here come the players, straight into a pre-match huddle. The light blues look a touch nervous…maybe that’s just extreme focus.

11.27 Just a couple of minutes to go until the U21s get started – the players have returned to the dressing rooms and the stadium is filling up…there must be at least 500 people in here now. Which isn’t very many when you look around the 80,000 seater. And most of them are school-kids. You must all be following it with us – good call!

11.24 So, who are the men to look out for in that Cambridge side? Captain Roope is one of 5 Jesus men in the 21s side, which also includes Tab BNOCs Hugo Cobb and Rob Hall in the pack. Much though will depend on the Fitz half-back pairing of Vora and Foster if Cambridge are to draw first blood on Varsity day.


11.20 And the men charged with getting us off to a good start:

15 George Smith – Pembroke

14 Tom Hudson – Jesus

13 Andrew Gill – Jesus

12 Jamie Crawford – John’s

11 Chris Blucke – Jesus

10 Seb Foster – Fitz

9 Kiran Vora – Fitz

1 Sam Alderson – Caius

2 Tom Blaksley – Homerton

3 Hugo Cobb – Magdalene

4 Oli Exton – Jesus

5 Rob Hall – Downing

6 Jonny Miller – Robinson

7 James Scott – Trinity

8 Nick Roope c) – Jesus

Replacements: 16 Pascoe (John’s), 17 Quarry (Selwyn), 18 Leahy (Fitz), 19 Thompson (Downing), 20 Lloyd (Clare), 21 Williams (Clare), 22 McBride (Pembroke), 23 Devane (Christ’s)


11.18  So, with just over 10 minutes until kick off in the first game, I guess it’s time to give you the line-ups – Oxford first:

15 O’Halloran, 14 Williams, 13 Boardman, 12 Bell,11 Wareham, 10 Dace, 9 Shorthouse, 1 Symington, 2 Barnes, 3 Littlejohns, 4 Russell, 5 Sexton, 6 Bonnell, 7 Heathcote, 8 Reeson-Price (c)

11.13  The 21s have been going through a pretty vigourous warm-up out there. You’d have to, to keep warm today. No wind to speak of, but it’s bloody freezing here at the home of rugby. Kudos to the hundred or so hardy Cambridge fans already in the North Stand!

11.10  It’s still almost three hours until kick off, but before then we have the small matter of the U21s to attend to. TPJ may not have been at training this year, but there’s still plenty of talent on the light blue side.

11.08 If you haven’t already done so, check out our match preview here. And remember, you can get in touch all day by commenting below, or emailing We’ll publish your comments here as the Light Blue machine storms to victory.

11. 05 That’s right, the 131st Varsity Match is almost upon us, with Cambridge looking to right the wrongs of last year. And over the next four hours, I’ll be here to take you through the action.

11.00 Six days ago, the stadium in front of me errupted with joy to celebrate one of the biggest shocks in rugby history. We may not get 80,000 in today, but don’t expect this crowd to be any less passionate. Welcome to Twickenham.




It’s settled down into a battle in the middle of the park for the moment. Oxford having  a spell of possession, but going nowhere, until a little grubber through forces Tom Hudson to carry the ball into touch just inside his own 22.



15. Egerton, 14. Lamont, 13. Bramham Law (B), 12. Turner (B), 11. Vallance, 10. Hudson (B), 9. Commins, 1. Anderson (B), 2. Gardner, 3. Baker, 4. Law (B), 5. Rowlands, 6. Waddingham, 7. Harris. 8. Carter (B) (c)


6. Rob Malaney (B) c) – St Ed’s11. 30 p


/p15 O’Halloran, 14 Williams, 13 Boardman, 12 Bell,11 Wareham, 10 Dace, 9 Shorthouse, 1 Symington, 2 Barnes, 3 Littlejohns, 4 Russell, 5 Sexton, 6 Bonnell, 7 Heathcote, 8 Reeson-Price (c)




14.33 6. Rob Malaney (B) c) – St Ed’s11. 30 p

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    This article is too sympathetic towards feminism in my opinion.

  • Andrea

    A simple point to clarify: feminism is simply the right of women to dress/act in any way that makes them feel happy.

    You may like to wear make-up, and that’s great! Go for it! Any ‘feminist’ that says women are ‘betraying’ the cause by wearing make-up is just as ridiculous and self-defeating as a sexist man who says women *should* wear make-up at all costs.

    The vast majority of feminists do not take such a strong line – it’s simply about freedom to behave how you like, regardless of prior conceptions. To dismiss feminism just because of the extremism of a few is as unsubtle and stupid as dismissing any great campaign because of a wild minority.

  • Jim Davidson

    What happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room?

  • Posie

    Hmmm. I’m a bottle blond and a feminist, I own a padded bra and control underwear. I like to look nice, it’s part of my identity. I also like to wear make up and occasionally dress up in well fitting clothing, I don’t really buy the notion in order to be a good feminist one has to completely eradicate the effect of the patriarchy in our own life, just has to try and fight to gain equality between the genders in opportunity and value.

    I recently had dealings with a particularly nasty “feminist” who is totally prejudiced against women with children…but this is because she’s a deeply flawed human being and nothing to do with her feminism. Modern feminism isn’t asking women to pout away their make up bags, it’s asking irrespective of beauty or age that women are valued the same as their male counterparts.

    As person who is fast approaching forty I can tell you that from my perspective sexism does exist in almost every aspect of our lives. Women have been sold the faux empowerment of being sexually and wholly objectified in the sex industry and in the media. Women are still paid less, are more likely to be overlooked for a promotion, less likely to sit on the board of directors, less likely to sit in the house of commons, are more likely to be a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.

    Author if you’re fed up with a particular group a feminists, find another, it’s not so difficult. I would advise one that is made up of a plethora of feminists from all walks of life.

  • Educate yourself

    Congratulations on wilfully ignoring even the most basic concepts necessary to write a balanced article on this subject. Just when you think the tab’s writing quality could sink no lower than “why private schools are better” it finds a way. I could list all the hypocrisies contained in this but to do so would constitute more effort than the original author put in.

  • Ash

    You have clearly missed the point of feminism. Please don’t bother writing an article on a subject that you don’t understand, or have failed to do your research on. This is a lazy article.

  • Crap

    Obviously staged photos are obvious

    • Snehal Shah

      Staged? I assure you we did not go round the Downs putting bras and used condoms everywhere to take a few pictures.

    • You moron

      Shut up you fucking buffoon

  • Droppin’ Bombs

    Yeah, it’s all fun and games until you’re being bummed in prison.

  • Po Po

    Is it even legal to post stuff like this?!

  • Emma

    Im a recent childhood studies graduate and I’m going on to work with banardos helping children who are facing deportation from the UK. This includes looking into safeguarding issues, providing therapy, evaluating there status in the UK and working with Boarder Controla and the police etc. Are these children unworthy of someone with degree? There are so many jobs out there with children that do not encompass “playing with play dough” many of my friends have gone into working with young offenders, public policy and further teaching qualifications. Your email encompasses extremely narrow minded views that should be reevaluated.

    • Reality check

      Yeah, no-one cares

    • louis

      alright emma laskey

  • anon

    Or what about just letting people do whatever they want? I hope for your sake you write a better essay than an article

  • Anon

    ‘No practical purpose?’ I’m not sure who you think trains guide dogs, police horses, police dogs. Who looks after the welfare of the farm animals we eat? And who helps make the laws to protect animals in this country?

  • Anon

    Simon Pegg, David Walliams and Matt Lucas all studied drama at Bristol…………

    • Carol Ann Duffy

      And the rest…might have got a role as an extra in Holby City if they were lucky

  • haylea

    Clearly the article writer can’t use what little time he has in his course to research these degree disciplines properly.

    I will believe the stuff in this article when I see credible sources being referenced, where is this stuff about 7 different shapes of playdough? Don’t remember doing that! Sounds ace

    Maybe you should reaccess your Katie Hopkins style article methods, and back stuff up with evidence.

    Please to be of service,

    A childhood studies student

    • John

      Think your style of writing – ‘the article writer’ – perfectly illustrates that Childhood Studies students are thick. Thanks.

  • everyone

    Sam Bradpiece is a boring cunt

  • Notajudgementaldickhead

    ‘I don’t mean to get all high and mighty as a History student, but excuse me while I proceed to shit on everyone else’s future plans’
    I do languages, so none of these, but I recognise that I don’t have the right to criticise anyone for their lifestyle choices, you can’t knock it till you’ve experienced it.

  • KesterR

    You clearly have no idea what the Animal Behaviour and Welfare course involves, or the career prospects compared to Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

    Obviously the only point of the article and the Tab is to try to be funny, but this is just stupid and boring.

    Humour can be useful and serve seriously good purposes.

  • Alex

    There is a huge advantage to doing these degrees though, as you won’t be stuck in a three year course with a dick like this Sam guy.

  • University of Bristol

    Who do I see about getting the last 3 minutes of my life back?

    Maybe you should stick to your History course and perhaps keep your opinions to yourself? Hopefully after a few years, when you’ve learnt how to support what you write with actual facts rather than your simple minded assumptions, try again? I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a more useless opinion posted anywhere on the internet. Good luck with the hate, you deserve it.

  • anon

    Is there any way I could get in contact with your parents? As a childhood studies student it would be a great learning opportunity to find out where they went so wrong?

  • anon

    good for you!

  • Would still smash


  • Oh dear.

    I just can’t believe you say:
    “Judgemental boys and girls can be irritating, but the reality is that I don’t care.”

    And also:
    “there’s nothing worse than a girl who doesn’t want sex and doesn’t take care of their appearance.”

    In the same article.

    You, my friend, are a moron.

  • Ok…

    Obviously you do care otherwise you wouldn’t have written this article.

  • Ugh

    Is everyone who writes for the Tab a misogynistic bigot, incapable of seeing past their own stupidity?

  • Effie

    Another attempt at controversy from the Tab. Oh please.

  • Dr. Germaine Greer

    How dare you debase yourself to nothing more than a sexual object! You are not only attacking your own femininity but you are also insulting every single woman in the world! With this article you are smearing excrement in the faces of Joan of Arc, Emily Davison, the Suffragettes, women who suffered and died so that women would no longer be subjected to persecution and vicious stereotyping. In response to such awful misogyny I shall be writing an essay entitled: ‘Why Izzy Harper Anderson is a Medieval Man’.

    • grilled cheesus

      what’s the betting this was written by a dude who thinks the suffragettes was the epitome of the feminist movement

      • Dr. Germaine Greer

        I don’t want to sound too arrogant but you should probably have heard of me before, and you should probably be well aware of the fact that I am a woman, and definitely not a ‘dude’.

  • grilled cheesus

    “There’s nothing worse than a girl who doesn’t want sex and doesn’t take care of their appearance.” idk mate I can think of a few things.

    the principle of the article is a bit second wave fem but it’s true that guys can be dicks about how many people a girl or woman has slept with.

  • alright love

    >I don’t have much time for the people that care about my number.

    So… er, you?

  • omg


  • Rachel

    You’re a dick.

  • Sam Cantlon

    I think that this perfectly captures the view of the majority of properly educated people in the world. I do honestly pity such poor naive people that take these degrees. Good luck with your lives.

  • Johnny Snaketoe

    One must ponder the thought process of those studying such degrees. I thought that raising the fees would rid universities of such pointless people studying these useless programs. Studying a degree to become a volunteer is like paying a prostitute to watch you masturbate…

  • Politics Student

    Politics should be on there….

  • Neville Longbottom

    I think Sam Bradpiece is a massive cunt.

  • doug

    Small minded idiot. Most pointless article I’ve read.

  • Cerri

    how dare you say that you are a ‘better person’ than those who do ancient history??? thats disgusting and really snobby. Also, by reading this pointless and offensive article, im confused about how you can feel so superior when obviously you lack a huge amount of intelligence and an inability to research. the importance of these degrees are so relevent, they will all impact you at some stage of your life. Try and do your research before jumping to stupid assumptions and attempting to put yourself above others… it makes you look idiotic.

  • Shagger

    I’ve knobbed loads of birds from Tinder

  • John

    Sounds like she needs to fuck off back to tumblr

  • Someone

    Please don’t take Ellie Williams’ views as representative of those of the Union. She’s an absolute joke, not to mention a fat whore.

    • Hmmm

      Latter part of that comment is a bit unnecessary isn’t it?

      • Anon

        So many things are unnecessary. Doesn’t negate truth.

    • Anon

      You’re such an arsehole; I don’t know you Ellie, but don’t worry: ‘Someone’ is just someone who agrees with a Tab article, so I wouldn’t give their comment any thought.

  • SE

    I’m sorry, but this whole article is blown entirely out of proportion. When discussing old theorists, a typical problem of the arts or social sciences is that many of those featured are ‘white, male and privileged’, it’s not some terrible term. Used in a wrong context here, perhaps, but certainly not an issue as it’s made to seem.
    And the comments, what a pile of tripe. Hiding behind anonymity to insult someone is frankly vile. I don’t know Ellie, but neither do any of you.

    • #sorrynotsorry

      Why bring ethnicity into it? Would expect better from a Union Officer

      • SE

        I don’t defend the comments she made, and I assume they were posted in an initial annoyance at the motion failing. I do want to provide context though that the terms she uses are ones that some students come across every day as criticisms for authors etc.
        One view is that those who are ‘rich, white, male’ are in the dominant position, and therefore less likely to appreciate the views of others because they don’t experience any hardship. Last night, those opposing didn’t seem to listen to any arguments and ignored the fact that they would still have representation, but now so would PGs. Bad choice of words? Yes. Serious point? Yes.

        • A.G. Lounge

          Or perhaps they decided that trying to have one officer to cover the responsibilities for both sports and societies was stupid, and illogical.

          • SE

            When there are six positions and so many groups to represent, not every is going to be entirely happy, but when postgrads aren’t represented at all, the only stupid and illogical thing is not having them represented by an officer.
            What people don’t seem to realise is that sports would still be represented, but now PGs could be as well.

  • Hannah

    Sport clubs spans all social and ethnic groups- let’s not pigeon hole students

  • White male sports enthusiast

    I was present at the AMM and voted against the motion. I did this based on an informed judgement about the implications of it, particularly the effect it would have on University Sport. This does NOT imply, as it has been mistakenly assumed, that I have blatant disregard for the representation or Postgraduates, for example, or that I do not believe that student living is an issue. It means that I weighed up the implications of the motion and decided that I would vote against it. I fully support a referendum on the positions and roles of Union officers, however on this occasion I disagreed with the proposed terms.

    The public response of some members of the the student body, both within the Union and otherwise, to the outcome of the vote has been, quite frankly, shocking. The response of Ellie Williams in particular, according to this article, undermines the very democratic system the Union is supposed to uphold, and the responsibility of voters. An active response to the outcome of the vote is not to be discouraged, but taking cheap shots (I refer to comments such as “disgusting”, and implication that the ethnic and financial background of voters is relevant to the outcome) at those who turned up to the AMM and voted against the motion is an appalling reaction. Not only would I expect and encourage an apology from Ms Williams, it should be noted that such actions are detrimental to the reputation of the Union and University, and therefore she is clearly not responsible enough to maintain the position of VP for Community.

  • This is appalling

    This is bullying and harassment. If you have any compassion at all tab, delete them now

    • Bristol Student

      No, what’s appalling is that an elected representative would undermine the Union’s democratic process, whilst simultaneously taking a swipe at people’s race, gender and social background.

  • SV

    this comments section should be moderated – some comments use abusive/ bullying language

  • Guest3

    Yet another hateful article! And disgraceful personal attacks in the comments (some of which have thankfully been removed). Whatever you thought of the motion (which I thought had some good ideas in and was widely misinterpreted), resorting to such attacks on individuals is never ok.

  • Russ Mulligan

    good article this one, best of this type on the tab. nice juan.

  • Byrom

    “There’s nothing worse than a girl who doesn’t want sex and doesn’t take care of their appearance.”

    Not even rape?

  • Guess what?

    More vapid piss from this pondscum airhead…

  • Ben Smith

    To be fair thinking about it, I wish more girls were like this. Because of womens low sex drive and preservation of themselves, the world is a much darker place. Can you imagine what it would be like if girls were like guys in terms of wanting sex? You would be having sex 3 times a day.

  • Guest


  • studying a real subject

    because there’s so much point to a history degree……

  • Bristol Graduate

    FYI, Simon Pegg did Drama at the University of Bristol and I would say he’s done pretty well for himself…the only thing this article highlights is your complete and utter ignorance and stupidity. Nothing more

  • Student

    BA Drama’s most famous drop out is not jack harries (who is an arrogant twat), it is will poulter, who just won a BAFTA. bet you never get that famous!

  • Mae

    I’ve heard 2nd year history students can have just 3 hours of contact time a week – i wonder how many films or hours of tv most of them watch in their lengthy spare time?

  • Stu

    Cannot believe you put Ancient History on here and open with “don’t mean to be all high and mighty” when you study History

  • BeachBodBruce

    You forgot about Mechanical Enginerring

  • Louis Roberts

    I find this article incredibly offensive on a number of levels. Well, just one actually. Gareth Barry is boss. And so are Everton!

  • Ciara

    wow goodness me I wonder what industry I could work in with my film degree? I wonder if anyone has ever made any money in such an industry, assuming it actually exists?

  • Ciara

    Also I happen to be having THE best time in my Film and Creative Writing degree so you can go eat a whole big bowl of fucks

  • A friend of Sam’s

    Good effort mate, loads of people you’ll never meet are angry at you. Next time, try and be a bit more controversial. It’s funny

  • social policy student

    you’re a fucking stuck up twat mate. get a life

  • bobbob

    Are these just pictures of people at the ball, or are you actually trying to claim that these are the best-dressed? :/ Without being harsh, you can’t have looked very hard, let’s be honest here.

  • Kate

    A Film and Television degree may, on the surface of it, appear like a waste if money, yet if you are interested in going into that industry (which you obviously would be, a fact that seems to have slipped from your ‘analysis’) having the chance to learn how to operate professional equipment and to make industry contacts is one that only a film school would offer… At twice the price with no government support. Your view is limited by your own sense of self-inflated worth and pretentious arrogance, and what’s more, a degree in History or any other ‘academic’ subject does not automatically guarantee that you won’t end up working in Starbucks like everyone else.

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  • James

    know where I’m going next time I’m in Newcastle

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  • RGPoo

    Don’t get me wrong, I detest the tab. However this article is the first, decent, structured and meaningful article you’ve produced. Solid effort

  • Ausa_Reshake

    To many of these sab’s don’t do their job properly and use the sab role as a spring board to NUS. It’s ridiculous, they should be properly held accountable for what they actually do during their term of office, and if they are not up to it sacked. That is what happen’s in real life. In their defense 9 months ( summer and freshers doesn’t really count) isn’t long enough for anyone to make any real progress. Perhaps £17,000 for two years is a fair deal for the student populous , after all it’s more than they would have lived on as students.

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  • WTF Tab

    It is for the Tab…

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  • jessica

    this is the best tab article I have ever seen

  • Alice

    This is amazing

  • Adrianne Lois Mcmanus

    I was at this rave. It’s been one of the best nites of my life tho it was a bit creepy n scary to start of with. Would do this every weekend instead of going clubbing.

  • Chad W. Helton

    We still have raves like this stateside (USA) in the midwest, best shows/events ever…. never can go wrong in the wild! 😉

  • Shut up Tiffany

    Tiffany, get your head out of your arse. Feminist.

  • Tiffany smells

    Bore off Tiffany

  • Be quiet

    Shave your beard and bore off Tiffany

  • A Guiding Hand

    Don’t worry Nathan. At the top corner of your page you should see a small, red X.

    If you don’t want to see the material on the page, feel free to press it, rather than complain about it.

    I could watch dwarf porn if I wanted to, but I don’t. Equally, you don’t have to read this.

  • Come on now

    Nathan, posting this once is offensive. Posting it twice is down right ridiculous.

  • Max

    shut up Beesley you pretentious, pseudo-intellectual arse

  • Nathan

    Miss Mills retains the right to have her contentious and poorly researched opinions published on here.

    Similarly. the rest of us retain the right to pick her up on the flaws of her writing. It’s called a free press. It works both ways.

  • Everyone, ever

    Shut the fuck up Amy

  • Cunt Observer

    …well it is a student tabloid you moron

  • CS student

    Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • Bristol

    Yes, but the same is true of the majority of degrees at Bristol which do not cost a lot to put on and so money is distributed to other areas. Are these degrees (e.g. English, Economics, Maths) therefore pointless just because some the money that the student pays goes into also funding other degrees?
    With regards to Childhood Studies, the worth comes in the graduates which are produced. Bristol only runs the course as it leads to respectable and skilled graduates suitable to work in the variety of fields relating to children. This includes highly demanding fields such as Child Protection and Social Work. Bristol sees the worth in contributing to the education of such professionals which do vital and challenging work with young people. These careers require very specific skill sets. It is a shame you do not share the view young people are worthy of professionals trained at one of the UK’s best Universities.

  • Sam Cantlon

    You are definitely a faggot mate

  • Shagger

    I’m nearing the hundred.

  • RealityCheck

    Remember, it’s not racism if it’s aimed at white people

  • zzzzzz

    It makes me laugh that you think calling me a vagina is an insult.

    And you said I had no sense of humour… :p

  • zzzzzz

    I’ve met Cathy Brennan and various other TERFs, nothing would surprise me anymore…

  • still leon

    i was too blinded by rage to even finish my point; both pieces of ‘journalism’ are shocking. please stop.

  • grammar

    seriously? “evaluating there status in the UK…”

  • G Wayleigh

    As for you, you are evidently not an educated (or at least ‘properly’) if you are under the misconception that un-grounded sexuality-based insults are in some way a valid counter-argument to a better point than yours…

  • Ben Smith

    Oh come on. Ancient History gives you no idea of real heritage. It basically is looking at literature of a few dozen people. Archaeology and History are th only ways to se real heritage

  • Philippa

    I do Classics. I could have done English (getting record results at A-level and GCSE), Maths, History or pretty much any degree I wanted. I got into every University I wanted and applied for. I am not doing a “second rate degree” because I have no choice or couldn’t get into a real subject. I’m doing it because I love it.
    I fully acknowledge that my choice may stop me getting a job in the future and I am working very hard, on top of my already heavy course work, to create enough of a CV to help me stand out. It’s hard, it’s difficult and I am well aware that all my hard work may be for nothing. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    I am having the time of my life studying my favourite subject with the best teachers in the world alongside other students who there not because they “should” be, because it’ll get them a solid degree and a reliable future, but because they want to be.
    I am not unaware of the costs of my choice, particularly financially. I am paying for my degree myself, not living off of “Daddy’s money” as many might presume. I am spending £9000 a year in tuition fees alone to be utterly and completely happy, and possibly making the first big step towards a future filled with the subject I love. Maybe not, I don’t know and I don’t care. I am ecstatic to be where I am right now.
    Why on earth would I want to do a “real” subject?

  • .

    Horrible wording

  • Lol

    It’s not meant to be per se

  • Derek Branning

    well you put an extra it in your comment, using big words doesn’t make you so clever now does it? cunt

  • tom pitts

    oooh someone’s swallowed a dictionary but can’t poo it out – Tom Pitts

  • Not Tom Pitts

    ‘Tom Pitts’ – Tom Pitts

  • read properly

    The equals ‘=’ sign has a cross through it implying that feminism isn’t about anti-men

  • Twat

    Because that was made very clear…….

  • Mmm

    actually it is clear because that symbol is a basic maths symbol for not equal to….

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