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MATT CARDLE may have won The X Factor, but does he know his physics from his philosophy? KATIE FORSTER finds out.

Matt Cardle beat One Direction and Cher Lloyd to claim victory in the 2010 final of The X Factor. But now it’s time for the real challenge – how will he fare in The Tab‘s test of his subject knowledge? Read on and find out…

Bio NatSci: You used to be in a band called Darwyn. Do you miss being part of a band or are you glad the ‘natural selection’ of The X Factor took place?

I like what you did there. I didn’t feel alone when I was making this album, because I was working with other writers and I have a band playing with me now. When I’m doing interviews and promotion though, I’m on my own. I prefer it that way because I can be a bit of a control freak.

English: Your first album was called Letters. Have you ever written a love letter?

Yes I have, and that was partly the reason behind calling the album Letters. Each song in my lyric book looked like a roughly written letter to someone, like to a girl if I’d done something wrong – or right! – or if I wanted something that I didn’t have. But I’ve written more apology letters than love letters recently… just for being a useless idiot.

Phys NatSci: Your new album is called The Fire. What can we expect from it?

It’s all very upbeat and uplifting, but sonically all the songs are very different. Some can be quite gospel-y in places, others are very rocky, very raw. I think it’s great! It’s out on the 29th October.

Geography: Do you consider yourself an Essex lad?

Of course I do. I’ve been living in Fulham in London for the last year and a half, so I’m almost a Londoner now. But I’ll always be an Essex boy. I don’t watch The Only Way is Essex though, that’s not the part of Essex I come from. I’m from the countryside in northern Essex.

Philosophy: You can sing, play the guitar, and paint walls. Is there anything you Kant do?

Erm, I can’t play football very well.

Music: Would you rather listen to Katy Perry or Mozart for inspiration?

Mozart. One of my favourite pieces of music in the world is Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings. But I couldn’t name track three on the Mozart first album, you know what I mean? I don’t know anything like that. Like, what was Mozart’s first single? I’m not sure…


History: When did you decide you wanted to be a singer?

When I was very little I’d sing along with the theme tunes of cartoons and my mum says I was always very in tune. Around the age of eight I listened and sung along to Michael Jackson a lot, and I decided that that’s what I wanted to do.

Engineering: Do you ever feel your music is too ‘engineered’?

No, I think a lot more engineering went on in the last album than on this album. It’s better that way. This album is a lot more honest, a lot looser.

MML: Do you have fans in any other countries?

I have fans all over the place. I regularly get tweets of support from people in Mexico, Portugal, Poland, asking me to go out there. I do speak a tiny little bit of French.

Maths: What’s your favourite type of pi?

Wheey! I don’t mind a good fish pie.

Politics: Are you interested in politics?

I couldn’t be less interested in politics if I tried. Sorry, that’s a rubbish answer, but it’s the truth.

History of art: Do people still go on about your previous career as a painter and decorator?

I was never really a decorator; I was just doing some painting to earn some money. The next thing I knew I was ‘Matt Cardle, the painter and decorator’ and all my mates were like, ‘What the hell have you been saying?’. I was a bit of a shit painter at the time to be honest. You wouldn’t really want me touching your walls.

Medicine: What makes you sick?

Cream tea. The whole idea of it just winds me up. Just have a cake, or have some tea! I could go on about it, but I’d sound like a weirdo.

Thanks Matt. Anything else you’d like to say to the students of Cambridge?

Come down to my show in London on the 23rd October, it will be a great night.

  • Anon

    Yes it is – A firearm includes guns and many people would define gun as mechanism that fires a projectile with the use of a trigger therefore crossbow may be equal to firearm….

  • Sian Eggington

    He fucked me

  • John

    Can’t believe the NUS has passed a motion to support this. Representing students my arse.

  • Brighton

    I like how this post is sponsored by Jager Rocks

  • Tom

    I shot JR

  • whatever

    Just to point out but ‘Free the Nipple’ most definitely barely happened, it never really took off except with a few SJW’s on twitter otherwise the standard person on the street wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking about

  • MrSandman

    “If I was allowed to walk around with my boobies out, I probably would” – Then how can you criticise men for doing it?

  • Calm your feminist tits, love.

    I agree that men shouldn’t walk down the high street topless or be topless in any other crowded, close knit public space. It’s gross.

    I also agree that it’s outrageous that women are not allowed to breastfeed wherever they want. It’s natural, healthy and should be encouraged.

    Those, however, are the only two reasonable points you made in this article.

    Men’s nipples are Women’s boobs are different and always will be. The assertion of the #FreetheNipple campaign that they are the same and that there is an unfair double standard is fallacious. One is effectively a sexual organ through biological necessity (not because of socialisation) and one is not. Hence, one should be covered up like every other sexual organ and one should not.

    Your deal that requests “legalising the female nipple” and also that “men keep their eyes to themselves” is impossible. Yes, we can and should keep our thoughts and comments to ourselves but not our eyes. It is perfectly natural for people to look at things that they are sexually attracted to and men are attracted to boobs. If men see an attractive women with her boobs out, they are going to stare and become sexually aroused.

    Your sense of entitlement to suggest that men should repress their most basic and completely reasonable urges in order for you to voluntarily flaunt yourself is outrageous.

    • Biology fail

      A boob is not a ‘sexual organ through biological necessity’ lol

      • Calm your feminist tits, love.

        When our ancestors made the transition from walking predominantly on 4 limb to walking on 2 limbs, the average size of female breasts increased massively.

        This is because a females ass was no longer an obvious indicator of fertility and ability to birth a child.

        Breast sizes started to grow and larger breasts were perceived by males as more attractive. Perhaps this is because our ancestors believed that larger breasts meant more milk production for their offspring (although in reality the correlation between breast size and milk production is not that linear)? No one knows the exact reason. We see this trend is many other species of primate, too!

        All we know is that males are attracted to breast on a primal, visceral level and doing so is as natural as breathing or getting hungry.

        So I stand by my statement that boobs are a “sexual organ through biological necessity”.

        You could do to brush up on your biology.

        • r u srs?

          Involved in sexual attraction =/= sex organ.

          Also you’re completely whitewashing modern and historical cultures which don’t view breasts on the same ‘primal’ or ‘visceral’ level. Women in many cultures don’t cover their breasts and the men don’t walk around constantly horny. Sexual attraction is highly socially constructed. Stop trying to use weak pseudo-science to back up your poorly conceived opinions.

          • Calm your feminist tits, love.

            Ah yes, those liberal, progressive, feminist communities such as the Maasai, where Women are at the very bottom of the social hierarchy and do exactly what and dress exactly how the Male elders tell them to do. The communities where Women are forced to stay at home, cook, clean, look after their children, and be subservient to their husband who she was forced to marry at the age of 12. The communities where FGM is still carried out en masse.

            Yeah, we should be more like them.

            • lol


              At least you’ve explicitly highlighted your racism now.

              Also you never refuted my actual point because I am obviously right and you have no argument. You’re boring. Bye xoxo

              • Calm your feminist tits, love.

                I’m not sure if you can read, but I specifically pointed the finger of blame at the men of their societies, not the women themselves. I believe in empowering and educating Women in these environments so that they are aware of their basic human rights and criminalising backwards traditions into the confines of history.

                If you believe in supporting the systematic rape and mutilation of young girls in favour of not appearing racist, then that blood is on your hands.

                I did address your point. The women are topless because men want them to be. They are still seen as sexual. You have no argument.

                P.s. I’m a black, working class student at university. You are the only racist here, with your sickening presumptuousness that is so endemic in the radical student left.

                I wouldn’t presume to know what demographic you come from, but I’d put money on you being a middle class, privileged, white girl who’s never known true hardship, oppression or discrimination in her entire life.

                Not that our labels or identity matter in the slightest. It our ideas and reasoning that count. xoxo

                • E

                  ‘lol’, your counterargument seems to be based off of making assumptions, leaping to conclusions and putting words in the mouth of Mr. calm-your-tits who’s been nothing but reasonable and backing up most of his statements where you just waved the oh-you-must-be-white-and-privileged-so-your-opinions-and-arguments-don’t-matter stick.

                  Your (incorrect) assumption that he was white, privileged and middle class, and that somehow even if you were right in that assumption that anything he had to say would be somehow devalued because of it betrays nothing but your own bigotry and double standards.

            • lsadore

              youre taken a westernised approach to a societal paradigm that doesnt comply with what we’re used to and so youre in no position to decry such communities

              • Calm your feminist tits, love.

                Nothing you just said constitutes a valid point. It’s vapid, empty rhetoric.

                I am in every position to decry whatever community I damn well please. Especially if they demonstrably show such blatant disregard for basic human rights.

                • lsadore

                  surely what you posit is more on the lines of empty rhetoric. what i said is what you’re doing, its very “white mans burden” to try and reprimand a community that isn’t in accordance in what you’re used to. Do i agree with it? No. Do I appreciate their ways of lives are different to ours and thus we can’t impose our own customs without fully understanding how their communities exist – yes.

    • the author of this article

      ‘their most basic urges’ if you have to refer to biology to try and normalise ur gross ways, u are the problem. u are the exact type of male this is about. u are the problem. BYE.

      • Maqqa

        What’s wrong with appealing to biology? It’s a science. That’s pretty objective.
        And sorry, but you appear to be the only one with that problem. Unfortunately, no one is going to go out of their way to accommodate a bitch like yourself.

      • Calm your feminist tits, love.

        I’m SO sorry for being sexually attracted to sexually attractive women.

        How inconsiderate of me.

        • lsadore

          youre a joke

          • Calm your feminist tits, love.


          • Bint alarm

            wooop woooop woooop woooop wooop woooop woooop woooop wooop woooop woooop woooop

            • Calm your feminist tits, love.

              This triggers me.

    • Neveramorereasonblethingsaid

      Spot on!

  • ?

    This is a mess of hypocrisy and projected anger.

    All nipples should be equally free, yes. What you’re suggesting is that in the pursuit of this we should ban male nips while simultaneously try to free the female’s? You’re like a child that thinks if you can’t have the toy, then nobody can. Your premises are false and your conclusions are ignorant and stupid.

  • Brennan Leslie

    ‘MEN CAN’T GO AROUND TOPLESS, WOMAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GO AROUND TOPLESS, MEN SHOULD KEEP THEIR EYES TO THEMSELVES AT THE SAME TIME’, she likes a female hitler with a lot more bitterness and less racial purity.

  • Michael Preston

    Wasn’t expecting a sophisticated article, but was expecting to be amused… This was utter rubbish, even for an article that was supposed to be trashy.

  • Topless Man

    She’s so salty. This has motivated me to take my shirt off the next time I’m out walking through a high street.

  • Male with a good body

    Just because you’re insecure doesn’t mean we should be

  • Wear a burka next time.

    Can women stop wearing short skirts? The entirety of their legs really gross me out.

    Can women stop wearing shorts that ride up into their arse and put their crack on display? Don’t wanna see your butt in public.

    Can women stop wearing nothing but a bikini at the beach? I’m kind enough to wear long trunks, don’t wanna see your gross thunder thighs.

    Can women just generally stop having so much flesh on display all the time? Human skin in general just grosses me the fuck out.

    Do you not see the hypocrisy here? 99% of the time women have WAY more flesh on show than guys will ever have. The most flesh a lot of guys are ever going to show is their arms and calves.

    Get over yourself.

  • Ross

    “If I was allowed to walk around with my boobies out, I probably would”

    “There is no reason for any man to ever need to walk around without a top on”

    “Men are horrendous hypocrites”

    Sorry, the only horrendous hypocrite here is you. Not that I’m for guys walking around topless. It’s not necessary for a man to walk around topless, it’s not necessary for a woman to walk around topless. So spare me your #FreeTheNipple bullshit.

  • Gary Stratwell

    The only event that hadnt happened yet had 300 people through the door tonight. I reckon it could be considered a success.

  • sam

    this is a student run paper helping to promote student run nights… get a life just because they didn’t pick your business

  • Callum Carr

    What do you know about shagging gyal? you’re frigid pal

  • PJ


  • Logic

    What does that have to do with theft?

  • Name

    Someone has been smoking too much canabis

  • im @ameliaperrin on instagram

    i’m not saying compliments are bad. thank you. i’m saying, then if you then go on to say ‘your boobs are so amazing they would distract me because due to biology reasons i am programmed to like them and cannot control myself as a human being’, as an excuse as to why women shouldn’t be able to expose their bodies, because of your lack of self control that you’re pinning on caveman ideology when dogs can even be trained to leave a steak alone or stop chasing animals that they’re biologically programmed to chase, then you need to take a look at yourself

  • Commonsense

    If you want to walk about the streets with your top off, by all means, I have no problem with that. But I’m not gonna start wearing fucking blinders just so you can’t feel more comfortable doing it. Unless you of course started wearing blinders so that you didn’t look at topless men. Equal rights and all. Gotta play fair.

  • Calm your feminist tits, love.

    Boobs are distracting in exactly the same way that genitals are distracting.

    Unless you’re suggesting that it’s okay to walk around with our junk exposed and everyone should just force themselves not to get aroused (which is a physical impossibility), your point is moot.

    Obviously there are times where professionalism and ones ability to ignore/repress sexual urges are expected e.g. a surgeon seeing you completely naked, but to expect people to do that everyday is unrealistic.

    Sorry Amelia, you’re asking for the impossible.

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