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It's back. Our sexiest paper copy ever is in your college now!

Whether you’ve just arrived in Cambridge and don’t know what’s what, or you’re simply looking for some entertainment in Freshers’ week, relief has arrived.

The Tab‘s third paper copy has found it’s way in to colleges this afternoon, just waiting for you to pick one up. But hurry, our papers don’t sit there for 4 weeks.

Featuring all the stories that matter in Cambridge, our Freshers’ week edition will provide the perfect remedy to all those annoying coversations with people you’ll never see again.


– All the news that you missed over the summer
– Full and detailed report on the Trenton trial
– The sexiest Lingerie shoot you’ll see in Cambridge
– The definitive guide to Cambridge sport, including our CUAFL Premier League guide
– The Tab’s guide to reinventing yourself


– Introducing our new page 3 – TAB ABS.

As well as much more…

Copies are already dissapearing from colleges all over Cambridge, so make sure you get one before it’s too late!

  • Luke McLoughlin

    Total Bollocks

  • Stu

    try being an irish supporter..

Heard something newsworthy?

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Police crash Peterhouse JCR Christmas Party after drunk fresher smashes window

They asked people to come forward or they would personally inspect everyone

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Vote Now: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2015

All bums are equal, but some are more equal than others. Help us choose which ones.

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Why do girls love calling each other sluts?

The week 8 ADC late show Girls Like That follows a group of girls and explores the toxic, social-media dominated world we grow up in.

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What’s more important: Face or body?

Pretty face, average bod > average face, fit bod

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What is the best all-girls school in the country?

‘Millie can I borrow a tampon?’

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All things considered, doing DofE Gold is quite weird

So many blisters

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London’s plubs are the best thing about UK nightlife right now

(It’s a pub and a club mixed together)

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We asked guys whether they prefer thongs or french knickers

The finer things in life

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Your gluten free diet is killing the wheat industry

Bread just makes me bloat