They Got Us! Drunken Debauchery Revealed

Drunken misdemeanours of Cambridge students have hit the press again.

The drunken antics of Cambridge students are in the public eye once again, as reports emerge detailing bad behaviour.

The information, obtained by a request under the Freedom of Information Act, was collated by The Telegraph from discipline reports of 15 Oxbridge colleges since 2010.

Cambridge’s worst offending college, Sidney Sussex, had 44 instances of indiscipline over the period, which ranged from students setting off fireworks at 4am to “general drunken behaviour” and pennying.

At John’s, 14 students were drunk “to incapacity” in a single year, with three being dealt with by paramedics.

Meanwhile, at the Other Place, “alcohol-induced bad behaviour” at Merton led to the Myrmidons’ garden party being cancelled.

Some students having a nice time after a May Ball

However, students in Cambridge and across the country maintained that Oxbridge is no worse than any other universities for student discipline.

Ben ‘Bantersaurus’ Lucas, a third year classicist at Bristol, told The Tab: “The few inevitably drunk people out in Cambridge and Oxford don’t compare – in destructiveness and substance abuse – to the drug-fuelled after-party that is the non-stop mayhem of Bristol University.

“The majority of ravers will be smashing party powder, pills and horse tranquilisers, which to my knowledge doesn’t exist to the same extent at Oxbridge.

“You Tabs would be shocked at the work-lash balance.”

Meanwhile, at Bristol…

Indie Eckley, a third year criminologist at Derby, voiced her agreement: “Other universities are equally as bad, if not far worse.”

“[Oxbridge students] shouldn’t have to behave ‘better’ or ‘set a good example’ because they’re at top universities. They should be equally allowed to have as much fun as they can.”

But it is not just Oxbridge students who have made headlines for bad behaviour. In March this year, the University of East Anglia’s rugby team disbanded after attending a bad taste-themed party dressed as Joseph Kony, Baby P and the late Gary Speed.

In 2010, York University’s hockey club was fined £200 after hosting a vomit-filled initiation ceremony, where students were made to down drinks mixed with dog food and goldfish.

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