They Got Us! Drunken Debauchery Revealed

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Drunken misdemeanours of Cambridge students have hit the press again.

The drunken antics of Cambridge students are in the public eye once again, as reports emerge detailing bad behaviour.

The information, obtained by a request under the Freedom of Information Act, was collated by The Telegraph from discipline reports of 15 Oxbridge colleges since 2010.

Cambridge’s worst offending college, Sidney Sussex, had 44 instances of indiscipline over the period, which ranged from students setting off fireworks at 4am to “general drunken behaviour” and pennying.

At John’s, 14 students were drunk “to incapacity” in a single year, with three being dealt with by paramedics.

Meanwhile, at the Other Place, “alcohol-induced bad behaviour” at Merton led to the Myrmidons’ garden party being cancelled.

Some students having a nice time after a May Ball

However, students in Cambridge and across the country maintained that Oxbridge is no worse than any other universities for student discipline.

Ben ‘Bantersaurus’ Lucas, a third year classicist at Bristol, told The Tab: “The few inevitably drunk people out in Cambridge and Oxford don’t compare – in destructiveness and substance abuse – to the drug-fuelled after-party that is the non-stop mayhem of Bristol University.

“The majority of ravers will be smashing party powder, pills and horse tranquilisers, which to my knowledge doesn’t exist to the same extent at Oxbridge.

“You Tabs would be shocked at the work-lash balance.”

Meanwhile, at Bristol…

Indie Eckley, a third year criminologist at Derby, voiced her agreement: “Other universities are equally as bad, if not far worse.”

“[Oxbridge students] shouldn’t have to behave ‘better’ or ‘set a good example’ because they’re at top universities. They should be equally allowed to have as much fun as they can.”

But it is not just Oxbridge students who have made headlines for bad behaviour. In March this year, the University of East Anglia’s rugby team disbanded after attending a bad taste-themed party dressed as Joseph Kony, Baby P and the late Gary Speed.

In 2010, York University’s hockey club was fined £200 after hosting a vomit-filled initiation ceremony, where students were made to down drinks mixed with dog food and goldfish.

  • Not enough Slags

    Arghg – I wish I went to fucking Bristol now…

    • plenty of slags

      in the Pitt Club

    • All true

      The one on the left is gurning like a boss

  • HGM

    May Week is the one week a year Cambridge parties as hard as other universities.

    May Week is the one week a year we *work* as hard as other universities.

  • Sidney Sussex

    FAME AT LAST! Sick of having Carol Vorderman as our idol

  • Greg

    This is what I dislike about going to Cam……. We get all of the stick and none of the pu-tang

  • Shamebridge stories

    are so bloody last year.

  • jpc

    bears shit in woods, it has emerged

  • Ego-trip

    The Bantersaurus sounds like a prat.

  • Ben Quarry Selwyn

    you have no idea mate 😉

  • Anon

    Why does George Allen go out of his way to be so over the top controversial? It’s embarrassing to watch.
    He is sooooo unique… Just like everybody else.
    Get a grip, he is clearly too lazy and doesn’t even care enough to write a real manifesto.
    His phony fashion sense and “secret tunnel party” make me cringe.

  • Beth

    The tab seem’s to be a bit obsessed with Welly…

  • ANon

    Well considering the court only found that a small amount of its vodka was merely unlabelled, and the same as the rest of its vodka, It looks like this is just another bogus and falsely reported piece of utter shit from the Tab! keep it up people!

    • Dingus

      How’s it falsely reported

  • Silly tab

    That neck nomination picture was a joke one, he’s literally drinking beer. So yeah I’d probably rather drink beer than vodka.

  • Anon

    This is what Mark Hall, Manager of The Welly Club, had to say on the matter:

    ‘I think I need to set the record straight about our alleged ‘dodgy vodka’

    Trading Standards visited The Welly last Summer to carry out a routine inspection.The officers carrying out the inspection found that one of the brands of our house vodka did not show the percentage of alcohol on the bottle’s label.
    The officers took all of that particular brand of vodka off the premises for further analysis; the results confirmed that the contents of each bottle was in fact pure vodka at a percentage of 40%.
    However, due to the percentage of alcohol being missing from the label, the officers had no choice but to prosecute us under the Food Labelling Act.
    At court the prosecuting solicitor, acting on behalf of Hull City Council and Trading Standards, pointed out that The Welly had been extremely helpful in respect of the investigation and that we were seen as a well respected operator.
    We, like many other Hull venues, buy our house vodka brands from a number of trusted national suppliers and have never sold any product that hasn’t been purchased from a legitimate supplier…. we do not buy from dodgy dealers or white van men and never will do.
    In this case we (and the supplier) have been the victim of a nefarious character further up the supply chain; we have put checks in place to make sure that we never take delivery of anything that doesn’t meet the requirements of the Food Labelling Act again.

    On a personal note, as an ex-Hull University student i believe that The Welly has a great reputation amongst students, which i have tried very hard to develop over the past 14 years that i have run the club. The ‘Welly Hangover’ is of course legendary, but i would NEVER buy or stock any product that was not legitimate or was in any way unsafe or unhealthy. I have noticed a number of posts on twitter and facebook from people saying that they have less of a hangover after a night at The Welly since the prosecution, but i have to point out that we still use the same house vodka brands that we have always used and that the mis-labelled brand that led to the prosecution was in fact only stocked at The Welly for two nights in the venue last summer.’

    • Mario’s long lost sister.

      Cool copy paste bro.

      • Anon

        Cool accent ‘bro’

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