Balotelli Snubs Union

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Man City striker, Mario Balotelli, has rejected an invite to speak at the Union.

Man City striker and Italy international, Mario Balotelli, has turned down the opportunity to speak at the Union.

Michaelmas president, Austin Mahler, told The Tab: “The Union invited Mario Balotelli to address the Society in April, with a view to a possible visit for the Easter Term. It’s unfortunate that he declined, but it’s inevitable that some of the potential speakers we invite will not be able to accept for various reasons.”

Does Mario have nothing to tell Cantabs?

The 22-year-old frequently makes tabloid headlines with antics such as walking into a women’s prison to have a look around and spontaneously paying off student loans in Manchester University’s John Rylands Library, and just yesterday made off with an official photographer’s lens cap after a Premier League match.

But there has been some speculation that Balotelli turned down the invite because he does not see his behaviour as particularly unusual. A City source told the Sunday Mirror: “Mario really can’t understand what all the fuss is about. He has no interest in self-publicity.

“Mario just does things off the cuff to entertain himself and his friends, without really thinking of the consequences.

“He’s just a young man having fun and he thinks it is strange that so many people are interested in him.”

Balotelli would have joined the likes of glamour model Jordan and Radio 1 DJ Kissy Sellout to provide a more popular contrast to controversial speakers that have spoken at the Union in recent years, such as Julian Assange, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Neville Thurlbeck.

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  • Words, words, words.


    • Rant

      Since I've been at Cambridge, the Union has hosted the cast of Made in Chelsea, Jordan, and DSK just after he was accused of rape. If I was interested in gossip topics, i'd read Heat or something. Obv there should be some debates and speakers which are less serious, but wont going after celebs so obviously end up damaging the unions rep and dissuading serious speakers from coming?

      • Words, words, words.

        I was saying that it's not a word.

      • Union

        Upwards of 500 speakers are invited each term. Those that end up speaking are those who are able to accept those invitations; the tone of a term depends largely upon luck of the draw.

  • In my opinion

    He is a tad' bit of a plonker, I don't really mind. On a related note; when is the Michaelmas termcard going to be put up? xx

    • a second opinion

      who are the x's for? I hope it's me. xxx

    • Union

      At the beginning of Michaelmas term :)

      • In my opinion

        Thanks darling. xoxo

    • In our opinion

      Sort yourself out before October

      • Union

        If you had any idea of the amount of 'sorting out' that happens to make a Union term actually work, you would change your tune.

  • Vermin

    "In my opinion"

    You are a CUNT. So fuck OFF!

    Deal with it.

  • Disgruntled

    Even Ballotelli isn't as attention seeking as the Union.

  • demotivated 3rd year

    I want to snub Cambridge, but family and the nuisance of having to do something in life stop me.. :)

    • Katie

      I feel your pain. SO GLAD I've graduated and won't be going back in October!

  • Joey Barton

    WHY WASN'T I INVITED I'M A REAL DEEP THINKER LOOK AT MY TWITTER I QUOTE FROYD and i am also a changed man. à bientôt

  • JWH

    :-( I would've gone to that

  • Pointless

    So one person declines an invitation… Unless it was in protest of the Union or Cambridge or a political message of any sort what is the point of this article? What next? Will you write an article for every celebrity that declines an invite?

  • Bad news day

    This is non-story, of course a lot of people must reject Union invitiations, other-wise why do you think Obama, or lot other big names haven't yet popped by. I'm pretty sure it isn't because they weren't invited.

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