Cosmopolitan Bold VS Country Bloom

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HELEN IZETT matches urban bold with rural pretty in a summer fashion shoot.

As the summer holidays begin, and a long three months await away from Cambridge, try expanding your wardrobe. Impress by mixing styles you might have not yet even contemplated.

See how the garish and bold block colours, which inject a sense of city sharpness, are combined with lighter, more casual pieces. Mix block colours with intricate prints for an easy approach to strong contrasts. Spring and early summer has seen minimalism, especially in terms of makeup, but statement lips have found their way onto the catwalk.

Styling: Helena Izett

Photography: Thurstan Redding

Model: Victoria Gramm

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  • Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl

    don't pout. It no look hot.

  • fan

    well done guys. another triumph.

  • Not a Fashionista

    Pretty good. Minor complaint: the photographer isn't just there to take the pictures, they have to direct the model as well. Given that there's a summery/nature-y kind of theme going on here, some lighter, less sombre expressions would not have been amiss. Models are allowed to smile you know, you don't have to remain determinedly po-faced to be taken seriously…

    This urbane scowling doesn't really fit.

  • Seriously?

    I usually like the tab fashion pieces, but this really is just a girl throwing her hair around in a field.

  • Hmmm.


  • bored

    Are models not allowed to smile or what? She looks so miserable apart from the last one

    • Trying to help

      I got my cock out on the last one, sorry i couldn't get there earlier

  • Judge

    Could you not get a shot where it didn't look like you've just told the model that you ran over their puppy on the way to the shoot? Seriously – exams have finished, cheer up people!

  • Inspired

    I really like this- model expression is natural and not contrived- works well. TAB fashion needs more shoots like this.

  • love

    the hair in the 4th one down

  • i'd love to

    Gramm stain her

  • *sigh*

    Better than the usual crap the tab tries to pass for fashion. That said pic #2 is dreadful, I honestly have never seen a worse pose.

  • ikinci el e?ya

    what is the most beautiful and lovely that the image at the end. A very nice lady

  • J.R. Smith

    She is a pretty? How much?

  • nice

    great styling, model and photography.

  • Haters

    Gon hate, this is cracking stuff

  • Timbo Slice

    has not done badly

  • Rupaul

    #5: Tranny shits in field

  • Matt Wyman

    Facebook stalking

  • Matt Wyman

    Adding to the wank bank

  • yeah
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