Cambridge Guests New Vibe

A new website is working with The Tab to provide better deals for students in Cambridge.

A new website for Cambridge nightlife could mean the end of college club reps.

Guestvibe, which launches this week, has been set up to provide an online guest list, where students sign up in advance and get reduced cost on the door – exactly the same as college reps provide, but without having to leave your computer.

The Tab will be working with the website from Michaelmas to provide the best deals to Tab readers.

With the majority of Cambridge club nights already listed on the site, it has been suggested that promoters may in fact prefer this to using student reps.

However, the site’s founder, Sebastian Salek, quickly played down the issue, explaining that “It works alongside reps so it doesn’t screw them over: lists have to be submitted by 9pm and inevitably there’ll be people wanting wrist bands after that.”

James Sheldon, a second year engineer, told the Tab, “If you’re someone who goes out all the time I can see how it would be useful, but to be honest, I think most people decide late on and will use the reps.”

Either way, students will no doubt be pleased that they can get cheap deals without having to track down their reps.

  • Club Frequenter

    Surely this is exactly the same as just posting on the FB events a list of the names of people going?…

    • except

      all in one place and easier to find

  • Coincidence Spotter

    How convenient that Sebastian Salek is also the tab opinion editor

  • hmm

    Oh wow thanks for advertising one of your writer's new companies, really helpful Tab

    • NotNews

      it wouldn't be quite so bad if it had been a feature, like other shameless tab promotions, but news? Really?

      Come on tab, you're better than this.

  • Despite blatant advertising…

    This is actually a really good idea.

  • 404

    shit boys

  • hmmm

    Well, if it puts the student reps out of business, that would be a mightily good thing. They are such irritating people, what with the amount of spam they generate on the JCR list. At my College, the JCR moderators seem to give them carte blanche to post *incessantly* with impunity (I am fairly sure that nobody would have difficulty tracking them down, given the running commentary as to where they will be at a given time), whilst advertisements from Societies are relegated to a bloody weekly bulletin, meaning that by the time the advertisement is disseminated, the event in question is either too soon for the advertisement to realistically make a difference (would you suddenly decide to go to a talk/play/concert/match/&c. an hour before it starts?), or already past.

  • Guestvibe?

    Could it have a shitter name?

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