Best Dressed: Trinity May Ball

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TOMMY SHANE snaps the best dressed at Trinity May Ball

Atri, 1st year English at Trinity

Catherine, 1st year P.P.S at Trinity

Oliver Dykes, student at Glasgow School of Arts

Amrou, Art Historian at Corpus

Christopher Howarth, 1st year Classicist 

Emma, 1st year Linguist at Trinity

Victor from Trinity Hall (left), and Lucy from Newnham (right)

  • Cobbledick

    The f*ck is Amrou wearing?

    • Brian Badonde

      He's Barty.

    • I don't know

      But it's definitely something very Cool and Alternative I bet.

    • looks like a twat

      He really shouldn't have been let in- what part of 'black tie' was so difficult to adhere to..?

      • you're a twat

        its white-tie preferred, not black tie idiot

        • Cool

          it Eton

  • Just sayin'

    Lucy from Newnham looks nice, but there were at least 4 girls in the same dress.

    • Casual Observer

      I can see nipple.

      • Formal Observer

        I can see underwear.

    • VoiceOfTruth

      but it looked the best on her though…..

  • OHG

    Elsie looks sensational.

  • Trinity

    is so edgy.

  • Howarth

    What a bender.

  • Dykes

    Wrong socks, brogue laces a mess, flashes too small, socks not properly turned down, sort yer bow tie out. Other than that a decent attempt at Highland black tie.

  • Cunnilinguist

    Emma is a babe

  • Chris Douse

    The girls look alright, but since when did dressing like a magician (Amrou), the love-child of a trinity porter and a c*nt (Christopher), a plain Scotsman or an Indian wedding guest (Atri) become well dressed? Who does the Tab actually use to judge well dressed for guys, these choices are appalling. In comparison to the rest of the shockers you have picked, Victor, a man dressed in simple black tie is elevated to a sartorial god. I'm just upset I didn't get the memo on how to dress well- seemingly by changing any item of clothing for some curtain fabric.

  • Chris Douse

    I take it back, Atri looks like a hotel concierge

  • Male Cantab

    Lucy looks like a complete babe!!!

  • christopher howarth

    i commend you… for getting white tie oh so wrong

  • girl in red dress

    would get it

  • so fit

    the girl in black is sensational

  • There's always one

    cunt in a kilt

  • bored

    Catherine is definitely the best dressed here.

    • agreed,

      by a country mile

  • fur

    doesn't make you "well dressed"
    it just makes you smell like wet dog

  • Atri Banerjee

    I can see vagina.

  • Matt Wyman

    I'd defo tap Lucy

  • ikinci el e?ya

    Catherine, Trinity de 1. y?l PPS that words do not need more than the best dressed

    • true pedant

      speak english correctly, or not at all.

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