Jesus May Ball

JOHN BARDSLEY is left feeling contented by a solid May Ball.

Jesus May Ball

Revelry: World of Festivals

Monday 18th June 2012, £122

Everywhere you turn, festivals and parties will appear out of the dark. This is how the Jesus committee described their ambitious theme in the programme. The spacious setting  certainly helped convert the college into a fantasy world for the night; there was so much on offer that it was near impossible to see, do and eat/drink everything. However, the ball itself didn’t quite manage to hit the heights on all fronts.

The food and drink was pretty spot on though. The Chinese New Year themed fellows’ garden provided some decent enough noodles, though the milkshakes and chocolate fountains didn’t quite seem in line with this Oriental mood. That didn’t stop me stuffing my face though; the fruit salad milkshake was a particular highlight.

The hockey pitch, temporarily converted into a Mayday party, was my favourite area of the ball. I became rather well acquainted with the staff at the doughnut and candy floss stalls by the end of the night. And what better way to compliment these sweet treats than with an ice cold Hendrick’s G & T. Especially when you consume all of these items whilst sliding down a massive helter skelter.

Rizzle Kicks’ set was pretty much as expected: energetic, yet ultimately a bit disappointing. They played some interesting covers and have a few catchy tunes, but perhaps weren’t the best choice for a headliner. Sadly I arrived too late to catch Brothers & Bones, but Faith SFX and Kings of Queen, a Queen tribute act, kept me pretty contented for the evening.

I felt pretty bad for Jaymo & Andy George, the DJ headliners; the tent was near empty for most of their set. Due to sound constraints, the tent had to turn into a silent disco after 12, and as everybody knows, silent discos suck. The sound quality was grim, and it all seemed just a little bit tragic. But, it was still a good laugh and some cracking dance moves were on show throughout the night.

Russell Kane was a popular choice, and various student and acoustic acts lit up secluded areas of the college, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere that beautifully complemented the hedonism of the ball proper.

Maybe there wasn’t much that really stood out at Jesus, but as I played my final round of crazy golf before leaving, I felt it had been a night well spent. The ball was well organised, professional and a great start to my May Week.

Food and Drink:

[rating: 4/5]

Wow Factor:

[rating: 3/5]

Value for money:

[rating: 3/5]

Star Attraction: Varied and diverse food and drink.

Biggest Turn-Off: Average headliners.

  • Klarpet Muncher

    You should have seen the Klezbians. They were awesome.

  • Jesus Bon Jovi

    rizzle kicks were shit…

  • So basically

    you could have written this review before the ball. You don't like the headliners or silent discos, but other things were ok, so an average mark. No mention of the ball not really running out of food or alcohol until very late in the game, barely any queues for most things, the ready-made fajitas given out with champagne as people walked in? The ball had its faults, but on the whole it seemed far more organised and well done than a fair few I've been to at Cambridge.

    • In fairness

      He doesn't raise any problems with food and drink. He loves that.

  • Cloakroom

    To that guy who did not reclaim his camera, it was given in as lost & found.

  • David King

    The fun factor was 5 STARS. I had a lot of fun. My only critiscism would be maybe I had too much fun, but that's just me 'cus I'm mad! I'm mad I am!

    • Tim Heath

      I hope your casual fun was confined to the allotted time-slots and locations.



  • Brothers & Bones

    was mental, insane, awesome. thanks gilboy

  • Kings of Queen

    were absolutely crackin

  • Great Ball

    Rizzle Kicks were brilliant. Maybe it's you who's a bit boring?

  • omj

    Best mojito eva!

  • Johnny Blokesville

    Smelly chat at this May Ball. I saw a few of the Caseareans and asked them why they weren't chopping face. They said they just wanted to enjoy the ball. WHAT TERRIBLE BLOKERY! A few of the garçons rouges were there – typically getting battered, on great form. One of the lads chundered on me and it was serious jokes. I stank the place out, especially when I did a huge dump on the rugby pitch. I then rode naked on that silly horse, and Bozzer got a picture – he sent it around the mailing list and the lads found it hilarious; so hilarious in fact that i have to do an LBC in the college bar in celebration. Any more silly questions???

  • so…

    if you had had a few more drinks you would have enjoyed it

    • blokey mcblokington

      naaaaaaah mate, i went to this duuubious ball and despite chopping a loooooooot of tinnies i still thought it was an enormous pile of sh*t. so stop being an antibloke you bellend

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