May Ball Blog 2012

Another slew of leaks in our latest May Ball Blog update!

With exams looming large, The Tab has come to lift your spirits with the return of our May Ball blog. There are always rumours about who’s headlining where, but don’t worry: we’re on hand to keep you up to date.

If you have any inside info that you want to share, or have heard any rumours, let us know at, and don’t forget to get involved in our comment section.


Gonville and Caius have announced their May Ball line up.

Indie popstrels The Feeling, famous for their 2005 hit ‘Fill My Little World’, are headlining the ball.

They are supported by up-and-comers Spector, whose classic indie sound saw them named amongst the BBC’s Sound Of 2012. Cambridge May Ball regulars and BGT stars Truly Medley Deeply will also be making an appearance.

Live At The Apollo star and QI panel member Seann Walsh is headlining the comedy tent, a late substitution for the absent Tim Minchin.



Dubstep star Jakwob will be headlining Peterhouse’s May Ball.

The 22 year old DJ and producer has been tipped for the big time ever since his remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Under the Sheets” was chosen as Zane Lowe’s “hottest record in the world” on Radio 1. Jakwob has also remixed Lily Allen, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and M.I.A.


Lining up alongside Jakwob on the Main Stage will be London based singer-songwriter CocknBullKid and chilled out electro duo Urban Myth Club, whose released their second album, Open Up, last year.


St. John’s have announced their May Ball line up.

Focusing on a dance vibe, they’ve bagged dubstep supremos Magnetic Man. Made up of Skream, Benga and Artwork, the trio are bringing their full live show headed by Sgt. Pokes to Johns. The ball has spent four times the normal amount on a specially designed lighting rig.

Kieran Brunt, Ents Manager, said John’s is revered as the ‘Party May Ball’ and we’ve kept this in mind when choosing our acts. There’s lots of music to dance to… That said, we’ve also got a huge variety of genres being played across our 6 stages.’


This will be backed up by sets from top DJs: Redlight, B. Traits and the boys from Bombay Bicycle Club will all be playing.

They have also nabbed some top student talent, with an exclusive set from Denim and and DJ set from Klubnacht.

In an unusual move, the ball has also booked top classical composer Nico Muhly. Muhly has worked with bands including Grizzly Bear and Sigur Ros and looks to bring a different vibe to the ball.


The acts booked for Tit Hall have now been leaked. Headlining are dubstep veterans Benga and Youngman performing together.

Supporting is glam-folk act King Charles and the Leeds five-piece Hey Sholay, who won the BBC Must-See band of summer award.

Also confirmed is electronic dance act DJ Jigsaw and freestyle funk band Bijoumiyo.


Check out for upcoming act info.


Pembroke June Event‘s acts have been leaked.

The college has booked energetic Brighton band Two Spot Gobi and Round Table Knights, the Swiss DJ duo. Round Table Knights have played alongside the likes of Soulwax and Simian Mobile Disco, and now they’re set to take the Pembroke stage by storm.



Anastacia is to headline Clare May Ball, The Tab can reveal.

The multiplatinum artist has had wide-spread success in the earlier noughties, but has never had a number one hit in the UK.


Anastacia may not be the biggest star playing this year, but compared to Christ’s May Ball headliner she’s a mainstream hit.

The committee has gone for a left-field choice: a little known indie band, Theme Park, who have yet to release a full studio album. The band has received mixed praise from critics for its Talking Head-style breezy indie fun.

For the more mainstream ball goers, however, recent BGT stars and Cambridge favourites Truly Medley Deeply will bring their signature, quirky arrangements of well known songs.


After rampant rumours, it has been official confirmed that Pixie Lott will be headlining Trinity May Ball.

The 21-year-old has three UK number one singles to her name and a string of Top 20 hits.


The contract had been found in a photocopier. Our anonymous source claimed she has been paid £20,000 to appear at the ball.

The ents team confirmed the line up as:

Headliner: Pixie Lott

2nd Bill: Vengaboys

3rd Bill: Clean Bandit

They added: ‘Boo Ya to all the haterz.’

The rumour that King Charles was booked to play was denied, but various ‘celebrity DJs‘ were promised on top of this eclectic line-up.


Tuesday 5th June 17:30

Donae’o has been bagged for Robinson may ball. 

The rapper, who is known for his hit single ‘Party Hard’ is on the Robinson line-up alongside swing act The Correspondents and indie duo Summer Camp.



Friday 1st June 14.30

Hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks are to headline Jesus’ may ball it was announced today.

The indie rappers will be joined on the Jesus main stage by bands including Faith, SFX and Brother and Bones.


Ball-goers will undoubtedly be delighted with the news, with Rizzle Kicks, who have supported Dizzee Rascal and The Streets in the past couple of years, known for impressive live shows.

Meanwhile on the comedy stage TV favourite Russell Kane is the standout name, with up and coming musical comedian Rob Carter also on the bill.


Hammersmith Apollo is small fry next to Jesus May Ball

Kane has featured on BBC’s Live at the Apollo as well as previously presenting Big Brother’s Big Mouth.


Friday 1st June 

The Tab can exclusively reveal that Sidney Sussex have secured Kelis as their headline act.

The Grammy nominated star is a huge coup for the smaller college, and was believed to have been part of the Trinity line-up before sneaky Sidney nabbed her from under their noses.


“Kelis chose Sidney May Ball and she’s like, it’s better than yours!”

Kelis, best known for her classic ‘Milkshake’, has won Brit Awards and NME Awards, and had nine singles in the top-ten of the UK singles charts.

Trinity themselves have booked Europop classic Vengaboys. The ‘boys had their biggest hits in the late 90s, but they’re still set to give a great performance of their old classics.


Joining them at Trinity will be West London singer-songwriter King Charles and Cambridge’s own Clean Bandit, who played several May Balls including John’s last year.


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    Eat me

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      No, me, me!

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        I will do both…add me on facebook

  • Thurman Murman

    Fitz beat John's at rugby

    • Redboy

      Yes but we weren't trying

      • Clearly not.

        After all, getting a try or two is the best way to win rugby…

    • Johnsbridge Megalad

      Bad blokes

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      What the fuck are you on about?

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      Vengabellends! hahaha!

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      Hannah levy has shit chat #bannedfrommayballs?

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      Stop being so smug, Mr. Smugsville

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    Jesus have dicked all over Trinity.

    • Just saying

      To be fair Rizzle Kicks are shit unless you're 14

    • yikes

      Ooooh. Ouch. Must feel bad to be so wrong like that

  • Yawn

    Given the amount of money each individual pays 'Rizzle Kicks' and one-hit-wonder Kelis and fairly disappointing.

    • In the Loop

      ummm….she has lots of songs

      • but

        only one HIT

        • Guide

          May I direct you to the 9 top tens

      • Yawn

        you have all failed to mention rizzle kicks. i stand corrected on kelis but really.

        • Rizzle Kicks

          Mama Do The Hump & Get Down With The Trumpets are both great songs!

    • I smell a

      Trinity student.

    • Carly Rae Jepsen

      Last time I checked 9 top tens definitely didn't equal a one hit wonder…

    • excuse me

      HOW did you manage to bypass Trinity – clearly the biggest rip off the others aren't bad at all

    • ERM

      Since when is Kelis a one-hit-wonder?!

    • Really?

      If ALL the ticket money went on music you might be right, but given it's not just a music event you are in fact wrong – also: "nine singles in the top-ten of the UK singles charts." Hardly a one-hit-wonder.

      • A Fan

        Not to mention that Kelis is also incredibly fucking amazing, regardless of top tens or sales figures. Do wish I was going to Sidney now.

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    I don't even neeeed your balls

  • Trinity Student

    Looking for a Sidney ticket…

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      That's nice. I don't have one, nor do I know anybody who does

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      Hey if you're still looking I hear Pixie Lott is selling one? Ask her.

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    Trinity. Hahhaahahhahahahahahahahaahhaa

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    Probably should have also included these guys for Jesus.

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    Who drops Kelis for the VENGABOYS?

    • Why capitals?

      I don't KNOW!!!!!

    • Top Bloke

      They should call them the Vengablokes. I'm a top bloke. Just chopped 5 tinnies without even chundering cos I'm a massive name in Johnsbridge University.

    • Even more confused

      How did Sidney outbid the richest college…

    • wtftrinity?

      trinity should be ashamed

    • Jim

      Vengaboys are second headliners, I'd guess Kelis was dropped for double booking herself.

  • Pundit

    John's better pull it out the bag or it's looking like Sidney have this one….

    • Grammar genius

      *of the bag

      • Correction

        *Grammar Gimp

      • true pedant

        there's no reason why "out" can't be a directional preposition as well as a static one. by your rules, you should really say "out from" instead of "out of", but language is a flowing entity and who's to say what's really correct? It certainly seems redundant to place two prepositions ("out" and "of") side by side where one will do the trick… if we resisted overwhelming changes in language it would be incorrect to say "what's" instead of "what is".

    • Wrong

      Jesus have quite easily beaten Sidney here. Kelis' set will only be good to watch some posh-boys playing with their moobs.

      • Oh, so wrong

        so in contrast, at Jesus we can see some 'posh' boys jumping up and down…yay win for you -_-

      • Not Likely

        posh boys? at sidney?

    • Seriously?

      Jesus win hands down.

      • Adult Male

        Sorry I'm not a teenage girl so can't agree I'm afraid

        • Adult Male #2

          You can't deny that RK are disgustingly catchy

  • lala

    I LOVE KELIS! How embarrassing for Trinity!

  • Interestingly

    Just saw Olly Murs and (presumably) his agent getting into a taxi in John's forecourt…

    • Sidneyite

      This means we definitely win.

    • You sure

      It wasn't Olly Budd?

  • Peterhousian

    My mate just found a contract in Peterhouse library; it says that Mel B is playing at Peterhouse May Ball! Can't wait!

    • Hate dumb people

      it's Petrean

      • Petrean 2

        I wondered how long it would take for someone to point this out. Every time I see a Petrean comment on the Tab it's either this or, more often, "it's just Peterhouse, not Peterhouse College".

        Lighten up. Anyone who gives a shit already knows.

      • No one

        gives a fuck about Peterhouse.

        • Big Mamma's House

          Apart from the those who have the chance to go to our class May Ball.

      • Ted

        Wasn't he from Land Before Time?

    • Petrean

      lol, "Peterhousian"

  • Circus goer

    John's is focusing on contortionists, escapologists, jugglers, magicians and tightrope walkers this year. There will be no main act. The reason is that John's is set to adopt a circus theme. I am very excited, as it will give me an opportunity to wear the clown fancy dress costume I bought in Freshers', but have never had chance to wear. I'll show them that it was 40 quid well spent.

    • Johnsbridge Mega-lad

      Stop clowning around mate



  • josh levy robinson

    so upset i cant come BUT ON THE PLUS SIDE credit suisse yay xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • josh levy robinson

    i am the new hugo cobb

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      massive lad

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      in that you have shit banter?

  • Johnsbridge Megalad

    Alright Jibsons. I'm a top bloke and I'm getting faced tonight because I'm a BNOC. Yeah, that's right, I'm a massive deal. I can chop 3 pints (prefereably an LBC) in 14 seconds, because I'm a garcon rouge. Can't wait for Suicide Sunday – I'm gonna rip up BTS and chunder everywhere, especially on St. Legend's. I chopped 9 pints before writing this, so excuse the poor grammar. Oh wait, no the grammar is sick, because I'm a Johnbridge Superbloke.

    • shut


  • sidney ticket holder

    Most happy with this. Beats having Big Boi at Johns…

    • Truth

      Yeah but you're still going to Sidney.

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  • Johnsbridge Megalad

    I'm a top bloke

  • Johnsbridge Megalad

    Bloke central at Johnsbridge tonight. Chopping pints galore with the garcons rouge

  • Top Bloke

    Just chopped 5 pints because I'm a top bloke.

  • Top Bloke

    Blokes being blokes: Top banter, great chat and loads of tinnies. Just got off at Choppinton Station for 5 pints of choppage and a dirty poulet

  • Top Bloke

    Just chundered!


    for Jesus

  • King Charles

    Selwyn Snowball 2009

    • King Charles

      Robinson May Ball 2011

      • King Charles

        Ball Whore

        • Oliver Cromwell

          There's only one way to treat a ball whore
          OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

  • in the know

    1. Half of this info is wrong and whoever has written this hasn't done their research 2. trinity have the vengabus but they will also have a big headliner. 3. pretty sure clean bandit no longer play unless they have reformed again recently 4. apparently tit hall has a couple of top top acts

    • hey mate guess what?


    • Sherlock

      "Half of this is wrong and whoever has written this hasn't done their research" Yep, definitely needed both halves of that sentence to say the same thing.

  • Bounce

    …erm, how is Kelis a one-hit wonder?

    • agreed

      milkshake, caught out there, trick me, acapella, 4th of july, bounce… all fantastic tunes.

  • good music

    is not cindies cheese, no matter how you rationalise it.

  • venga-fan

    I wanted to relive my childhood and listen to some vengaboys, so I downloaded their album… was disappointed to find that most of the tracks were some boring hardcore/trance sounding stuff. but 'the vengabus is coming' and 'boom boom boom boom' still remain absolutely fantastic tunes.

  • Trinsider

    Vengaboys are Trinity's second act. Headline yet to be announced…

    • Trinsider fan

      Yeees Trinity FTW! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

      • Lady Gaga

        I'll BE THERE

  • Top Bloke

    I'm such a mint guy. I'm a Johnsbridge UniLAD.

  • Hmm..

    Should probably give my Trinity ticket to my mum.

  • Ricky Alty

    As a tee-totaler who will not be getting his moneys worth in booze at the Trinity ball, I feel my money could have been better spent on things rather than the Vengaboys. Still, with any luck, I will end up with a girl back in my room to boom boom.

    • Ricky Astley

      Never gonna give you up

  • Kelis feat. #therat

    where there is cheese there's #therat/ wherever there are rats there are catz/ wherever there are catz there are dogs/ if you got the dogs you got bitches/ bitches always out to put their paws on your riches. mama i'm a millionaire

  • Matt Merrick


  • MacFarlane
  • jesus is risen

    in the rankings

  • ……

    Faith SFX is a beatboxer….

  • Hurry Up Clare

    Tell everyone we have DJ Fresh!

    • Varsity Trip 2011


    • Tit Haller

      Not a big deal, if Clare is subject to the same rules about noise after hours that Tit Hall was last year, any DJ set is going to be pretty shit.

      Admittedly Nero wasn't exactly doing any inspired things behind the decks, but the fact that the volume was pitifully low didn't help.

      • although

        it could be his live show? he doesn't just do DJ sets these days:

        • That looks


      • Nero

        is not a person.

        • Tit Haller

          Alright, we had one third of Nero and I don't know his name.

        • Classicist

          But he was once…

  • ikinci el esya

    I love Kelis she is doing a very nice job

  • josh levy robinson

    correspondants at robinson – also buy your affinity tickets from me at the hog roast

    helping one child at a time

  • overheard

    friendly fires a johns

  • Pixie Lott

    Will be headlining Trinity

    • Committee

      This is true

      • Seems


  • I've Heard

    The Saturdays are headlining Trinity

  • Mumford and Sons

    Will be headlining Trinity

  • Word on the street

    is that Diana Vickers is headlining Trinity May Ball!!!

  • Fun

    Will be having fun at Trinity from the President

  • Will Young

    WIll be at trinity or Johns

  • Sorry, but…

    Trinity haven't actually announced anything yet…

    • They're

      too embarrassed…

      • Announcement

        they have Pixie Lott

  • Pavement

    will headline John's

    • 90s kid

      if only

  • Trolololololololo

    lololololololololololololololololololololo *sob

  • Funky Raver


    • Really?!

      'Party Hard' is the biggest load of unoriginal wank ever.

  • Gary Glitter

    to headline Hughes Hall…

    • target audience

      banned from colleges with under 21s.



    • see me now

      can you see him now?

  • Outraged

    I cannot believe that a musical group would be so insensitive to modern societal norms and call themselves 'Vengaboys'. That is so sexist. If I were them, I would rename the band to a more appropriate 'Vengapeople'. This has outraged me so much, I am going to call on all my friends in Archeaology and Anthropology, Architecture and English to come together and make a stand against this terrible misnomer with a demonstration at the Union. We'll make loads of shit points and cause a nuisance, like really cool, edgy people do.

  • cool guy

    I am a cool guy from johnsbridge. Once upon a time I went to johnsbridge, and i became a pretty massive name inside the johnsbridge campus, and i went to the buttery for a dirty little redboys session and chopped numerous pints (obviously with my left hand – to avoid the dreaded buffalo). Then I went to the johns may ball (cleeearly the best of the may balls – cos it is in johnsbridge) and chopped down multiple shots of smeg. Therefore i am a johnsbridge megabloke 4eva. vote 4 me

  • May Ball Analyst

    Just got back off a swap with the Emma Lions. Absolutely battered. Quality night though, they're all top blokes who can chop loads of tinnies. Last week I went with the Wyverns to the Mahal. It was jokes, they were throwing curry around like properly lads, and one of them chundered on the table. Best bit – some other bloe pissed on the window. Great chat all night long. That said, went out with the Girton Green Monsters last night and they were stale chat. One bloke coudn't even do an LBC, cos he was a knobhead. What an anti-fun anti-lad. The point I'm making is that Emma, Magdelene and Girton are full of bad blokes, so don't go to their may balls. If I were you, I'd go to Johnsbridge, because les garcons rouge are there, and everyone knows they are top bant. Anyway, gotta go, will speak to you jibsons tomorrow when I've finished this bottle of voddy.

  • PhD at J'Bridge

    [polldaddy 6290839 polldaddy]

  • Lady Sweet

    It's all about Sidney Sussex and Robinson. Trinity is not the one. I can't fuck with that shit.

    • Dictionary Corner

      Well, if all you're looking for is to fuck with some shit, you could save yourself a lot of money by not going to a May Ball at all, which would probably be ultimately disappointing in that respect.

      Perhaps you might get luck in Trinity's cow field, but I imagine they clean it up before the Ball.

  • Bounder & Cad

    [youtube S80SvZBmzOY youtube]
    The alternative Jubilee anthem from Bounder & Cad, performing at Trinity and John's balls this year.

  • Rumourhasit

    Clare May Ball apparently have 'The Risk' from X factor!!! Eeee Excited!! 😀

    • Clareite

      Someone told me they had Gotye..

  • Sidney


  • finalist

    the only reason i know donae'o is from that annoying as fuck spotify ad from about 3 years ago.


  • SIDNEY still wins

    Pixie Lott *snorts*

  • Daily Mail


  • Trinsider fan

    YES TRINITY !!!!

  • Pixie

    Fit legs, shame about the voice.

    • Serious?

      Are you kidding?! Her voice is amazing!

  • Tune
  • LOL

    at the fucking idiots wasting their money on Trinity tickets. They will try to convince themselves Pïxie Lott and Vengaboys are as good as Kelis but they're not kidding anyone.

    • yeah but

      may balls aren't all about who's performing

    • "kelis"

      Sorry who?

    • And everyone who is not going will try to convince themselves it will be rubbish… give over, most Balls are great, some are a little better, some are a little worse. Who cares?!? Pixie Lott is a great shout, absolutely right for the party atmosphere.

    • How

      do you not realise that people don't go to a ball like Trinity only for the music. If all I wanted to do was see good acts I'd buy a festival ticket for the same price.

      • Yeah

        You go to show you're a rich wanker.

    • Meh

      Seen Kelis, she wasn't that good at Bestival last year. Not wild about seeing Pixie either but it'll be someone new.

    • LOL

      Wasn't expecting so many to bite on my half-arsed trolling attempt. Seems like I've touched a nerve here.

  • anastacia hater

    what happened to dj fresh?

    • this is what

      happens when you give people who applied for food the ents job

      • what you get is

        tasty, delicious ents. cannot wait.

        • the vanity

          of this ents team knows no bounds

  • bloody hell

    clare's going for gold

    • paaaaaaah

      bit far

      • Elrond

        If you knew what I know…

        • shutup

          We all know about DJ Fresh…still a bit far

  • digby

    I am so fucking jelly of Clare right now.

    Anastacia's songs are the best catchy, trashy power ballads to sing along to in a gay voice.

    • clareite

      i wanted nelly furtado

  • Music Critic

    Generic one hit wonders from the nineties? Check.
    Criminally undertalented boys from da hood innit? Check.


    • ……

      which act is 'from da hood'?? or are you really that ignorant?

  • Pleasant Surprise

    Looks like Jesus acts are bearable. If I'd paid £120 to see Anastacia I'd get liver failure trying to make up for it in free drinks. Making up for Rizzle Kicks will probably only require tactical chundering.

  • MyDreamMbLineup?

    Franz Ferdinand
    Miike Snow
    Lonely Island

    • Caius? Peterhouse?

      hinting at something?

  • Wtf is this

    With perhaps the exception of kelis this years may balls are a bloody embarrassment to Cambridge.
    I'm not quite sure where Clare's reputation for good new music came from (probably 2010's bagging of faithless and tinie tempah) but its completely undeserved.

    • Joe

      Completely agree. Clare is an utter disappointment, especially going on past years. The only one I'm impressed by is Sidney Sussex.

      • finalist

        ms dynamite wasn't particularly great

      • Clareite

        nothing has actually been announced for us yet, our main act is definitely not a disappointment…

  • Rumourhasit

    Clare hasn't actually announced anything yet?


    are you serious?! that it is one John's ticket wasted on a swap!

  • If you're all that fussed about who is performing, why not apply to be ents officer on the committees?

    • Bizzle

      LEAVE IT, YEH!

      • Caius

        See you next week Biz

    • ……….

      Because not everyone is an arts student.

      • And not everyone on the committees are arts students either…

  • I <3 Chumpstep

    Forget what you heard bruv, Tit Hall's got this on lock.

  • OMG

    Amazing choices by Christ's and Tit Hall!

  • TH ticket holder

    very pleased

  • Juan

    Hey guys, as a frequent partygoer I thought I'd add my view on the may ball entertainment. Really good all round ents teams, but I think Trinity clinch it. I remember partying hard to the Vengaboys in my youth. Of course I haven't grown much since then, so I guess my opinion's as irrelevant now as it was then. But hey, you can't fault an oompa lumpa for trying to assert himself in a man's world. Can't wait for King's Affair though. Going to be mad crazy. Me and my girl are going to crank it.

    • juandefrancisco

      Well you got that last bit right at least.

    • CamFM Listener

      Speaking of the Kings Affair…did you hear Cam FM are exclusively revealing that lineup as well after their Bumps coverage on Thursday? You heard it (there) first…

  • Easily Pleased

    Disappointed there is no joke about DJ Jigsaw "going to pieces".


  • not so long ago

    Disappointed there is no joke about DJ Jigsaw "going to pieces".



    • Someone Who Does

      Apart from… the people going to Clare? Maybe? (And you, apparently)

  • not so long ago

    Comedy – Liam Williams – St John’s May Ball

  • Bothered?
  • nitpicker

    hey tab, don't say 'leaked' when you mean 'released'. it's a little bit sensationalist.

  • When you say

    Leaked – do you mean posted on their facebook group?
    Great journalism.

  • Annoyance

    Hey guys, I finished exams a week ago!

    • Good for you…

  • confused

    who does christ actually have… oh and tom jones is at cauis

  • Clare May Ball

    say that "The Tab got it wrong!" regarding their headline act in an e-mail to ticket holders. Claiming they will try to keep us guessing in the coming week…

    • Clareite

      I'm quite liking the clue dropping thing, I don't think anyones done that before. They've got this thing going with twitter as well, where you can get texts during the ball when somebody good is about to play. Pretty cool..

      • KeenBean


      • Musician

        Unless you're one of the bands not chosen and therefore feel completely undervalued.

        • Elastic band

          Tell me about it…

  • CamFM

    Cam FM 3-6pm will be exclusively revealing Peterhouse and Johns..

    • hmmmm

      …bit cheeky of the Tab not to be acknowledging the sources of their 'revelations' and quotes…

  • Christ's

    Truly Medley Deeply playing at Clare AND Christ's … wow

  • Jamie Crawford

    John's blew everyone out the water, 10/10

    • Pah


    • Crawford's Chat


  • Tab hacks

    Listening to Cam FM, just like the rest of us.

  • Awesome!
  • Confused

    Since when has John's been known as the 'Party May Ball'?

    • Big Rahul

      Since I matriculated!!

      • Rapey Reece

        Not ideal

    • For a while…

      …it's mainly how it's referred to in relation to the other large-scale May Balls. The white tie ones are more traditional and Trinity is supposed to be modelled on a more classy ball (doesn't have a theme, there's champagne all night and oysters etc). John's is more colourful and more of a huge party than a traditional ball.
      I have a ticket and can't wait, the line-up is mad! so much to see

  • Question

    Is Cambridge honestly that backward….no one likes dubstep

  • Dubstep Overload

    Wub Wub Wub

  • Peterhouse

    I want my money back.

  • Cam seems to be

    heavy on the WUBWUBWUB this year.

    • Jakwon


    • Yep


    • Hey Hater

      Spread the WUB

  • Disgrubwubwubtled

    Great, as a Tithaller going to John's I get to see Benga twice! Swell!

  • Fitz Soundcheck

    Bombay Bicycle Club DJ Set….been done come on johns

  • Dear Peterhouse

    Jakwob was shit at Robinson last year.

  • Commentator

    Magnetic Man is a big score for Johns. Jakwob for Peterhouse is a little embarrassing. I hope their musical ents budget was purposefully very small and they didn't overspend.

    • Jakwob who?

      They also have ABBA Gold. Embarrassing when that's going to be the highlight of the night.

  • nobody

    likes f-cking dubstep
    disappointed with john's

  • Uhh

    Honestly a little disappointed – going to Peterhouse, John's and Tit Hall I'm getting bugger all variety unless I'm super keen on wubwubwubbing one out to faceless DJs.

    Christ, if you'd told me that the only performer with a bit of star presence this year would be Pixie Fucking Lott, I'd have just degraded.

    • Solution

      You'll be super keen on wubbing after 10 beers

      • That, or

        some MDMA

    • variety

      I think King Charles is a pretty good booking for Tit Hall, he's really lively. Cocknbullkid have some nice tracks too, and Johns… well… oh well.

    • stop crying

      there are other acts apart from the main headliner, stop being so ignorant. the main act takes up one hour of one stage – you'll have an amazing time at all of the balls if you stop moaning about it and loosen up a little. jeeeez

      • Uhh

        I never said I'd have a bad time, I said I'm "a little disappointed".

        For those whose sarcasm switches are turned to 'off': that bit about degrading was a joke. If you believed that I would be that upset over something so trivial, then more fool you because it was a really unrealistic suggestion. I asked my tutor and he said the university wouldn't let you degrade if it was just over May Ball performers. So there.

    • Tab commenter

      I can exclusively inform you that next year there will be zero performers with 'a bit of star presence' so now please kindly drop out and fuck off.

      • Uhh

        Good one!

    • erm

      so you only listen to one act at each then?

      If you look at their line ups a little more closely I think you will find a pretty eclectic mix. e.g. Trinity Hall have King Charles supporting which isnt exactly dubstep…

      • Uhh

        Exactly, I go only for the main act. That is why I am qualified to be disappointed. How dare anyone who moves around the event be disappointed.

  • Hilarious

    How did Sidney get the biggest act

  • Someone with taste

    The Feeling are headlining Caius May Ball. I thought they had been banished to the part of my brain where all my nightmares and disturbing memories are hidden away. I guess not. FML.

    • "Indie band"

      Spector are pretty good though

  • Mr Realistic

    All abt Robinson. Life and soul of the party, puts to shame Trinity and St Johns defo

  • lineupthisyearsucks

    Picture Book (I know, who?) are headlining Emma.

    • Music Critic

      Relatively unknown ≠ Bad

      • yes

        but they are bad though

  • KA

    KIng's affair line up looks insane

  • Canon IR1600

    "The contract had been found in a photocopier. Our anonymous source claimed she has been paid £20,000 to appear at the ball."

    According to reports in The Sun, Trinity hopefully saved themselves a bunch elsewhere on her contract…

  • Bollege Bambridge

    I see that the Tab review for last year –… gets a mention on the Kings website!… "We received a 5 star rating from the Tab, a student newspaper, last year and our music line up was voted to be the best one out of all the May Week events."

    Bullion at Kings this year?

  • Just saying

    Jakwob actually puts on a decent live show. You can't judge if you haven't seen him live before…

  • blob

    Please change clare's anastacia..

  • The truth

    Who is actually playing Clare? Anastasia is just too random.

    • Clareite

      DJ Fresh!

    • Clareite

      Guests got an email yesterday! It's DJ Fresh!! Well psyched! Looks like the tab have screwed up a bit, still haven't changed it…

  • Clare

    So all that build up and clues leading to WHAT EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW

    • Also Clare

      Everyone apart from the Tab, apparently.

  • Going to Clare

    Really excited for Anastasia tonight!

    oh wait…

  • KA


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