Camshots: The Girls

TOMMY SHANE lets the girls take on the guys. But this time with clothes on.

Oh – Camshots: The Girls? This was just an afterthought. I mean, after the success of the guys’ version, I just thought: ‘Why the hell not?’ But the girls really have shown that they can take on the boys, though admittedly in less provocative style than Rear Of The Year.

The girls seem nowhere near as formal as the guys (despite being pineappleless), perhaps suggesting they’re a little less neurotic about exams – though I’m still unsure which strike the better pose. But, in any case, we have given both the girls and the guys a platform. Therefore Camshots is not sexist.

Arch Anth 2nd year from Corpus

Mary, 3rd year English at Peterhouse

2nd year Linguist at Magdalene

Helen, 2nd year English student at Queens

Ainslie, 1st year Natsci at Homerton

Philippa, 1st year English student at King’s

  • Mary and Ainslie

    Are the only ones who look good.

  • mop

    cheer up arc and anth 2nd year

  • James Hay

    No one ever wears track suit bottoms these days. Sometimes I hunger for casual fashion!

  • Woah

    Mary and Ainslie…. 😮

  • Helen's Legging

    Did they come from a Nepalese mountain tribe?

  • O_o

    The unnamed second year linguist from Magdalene looks terrified!

  • Lolz

    Not everything weird is automatically fashionable.

  • Truly inspired

    The guy wearing yellow shorts in the background of Helen's picture. Brave soul.

  • cumshots

    this is hardly inspiring fashion

  • fafe rletcher

    Ainslie – my dream gal. I'm a big deal, y'know.

    • spooner

      shut up, prick

  • Dirty? no Crazy? no

    SEXY Ole' Phil

  • hmm

    I'm pretty sure Philippa has been on the cover of Grazia…

  • Ruth Graham

    Interesting how most of the girls are wearing tightly fitting clothes, and some in exceedingly short shorts, whereas the guys were all in ridiculous jumpers and trousers.

    The Tab is clearly STILL objectifying women, putting pictures on the internet for people to look at and judge. I am disgusted by the misogynistic editorial team. I call for a BOYCOTT!

    Who's got a phone number for the Daily Mail?

    • Sad

      You need to drop this. The real Ruth Graham has better things to do…maybe you should find something to stand up for other than trolling.

  • Philippa rocking

    the classy inside-thigh-tights-ladder look…

    • Cliché

      Is that a ladder in your tights, or a stairway to heaven?

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