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POPPY DAMON popped around the best vintage shops in Cambridge, and assembled two outfits - all for under £15.

Unfortunately, ‘Shopping vintage’ in Cambridge more often than not means resentfully buying cut off, second hand Levis from Ark at an exorbitant price. Plus a busy Cambridge term is hardly the time to trawl the charity-shops hunting for treasures right? Wrong! As summer approaches, it’s time to save, be green and find some unique one offs. See what I managed to pick up for under £15 in just a couple of hours…

Stop one: Jemporium Vintage

Bought: Levis cut offs, £5

This little gem is tucked away conveniently next to the Primark inside the Grafton centre. Although it appears small, it hides a surprising number of glorious scarves, bags, boots dungarees and funky tees. With a bargain bin at the front (everything 5 bucks), I saw a girl before me make a steal with an awesome denim shirt. I managed to get my sticky mitts on these awesome Levis cut offs. A roomie 12-14 and down from £18, this was a classic Jemporium bargain.

Stop two: British Heart Foundation

Bought: Dress: Kathie Lee floral dress, £6.99

Just a stone’s throw away from Jemporium, is a little cluster of charity shops opposite the Primark at The Grafton. Make sure you pop in to see what you can find. This dress is perfect for summer with its floral pattern, pastel colour and awesome oversize-large pearly buttons. With the quick addition of a brown belt, and maybe a floppy hat, this dress is made for a day on The Cam with a glass of Pims. British Heart Foundation is also a win, because you know you’re giving to a good cause and the ladies who run the shop are lovely!

Stop Three: Oxfam, Mill Road

Although I didn’t buy anything this time, this shop is rad. Instead of just lumping every piece of crap dropped on their doorstep for you to rummage through in a heap, they take their pieces and recycle them. Composed of anything from records to lego and scrabble pieces, a set of earrings or a funky clock is waiting to be found at this funky store.

Stop Four: Sally Ann’s Salvation Army store, Mill Road

Bought: Awesome knitted jumper, Cheapest buy of the day at £2.50

Although it may not be the season, as my nana always used to say, ‘you can never have too much knit-ware’. Perfect for those chilly nights after sunrise, or on those hung-over days around college after May week. Sally Ann’s is also pretty dandy for shoes, Tupperware and teacups.

So get on your bike, celebrate the sunshine and the end of exams with some little vintage delights.

Total spent: £14.49

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    yay everythings gone pink!!!

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    i know where i'm shopping next!

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    Oh my God, I love your jumper.
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    omg i know, i cant wait to go shopping with molly here! we can get matching shoes!

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