UPDATE Trenton Pleads Not Guilty

The boat race swimmer is in court today.

UPDATE 5.15pm

Oldfield has pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing a public nuisance.

Appearing at Isleworth Crown Court today the protester entered his plea, and was granted bail until September 24th, when he will stand trial.



Trenton Oldfield, the man who stopped the boat race, is to appear in court today.

Oldfield, 36, is charged with causing a public nuisance on April 7 in the Thames near Chiswick Eyot, after he swam in front of the boats in the 158th annual race.

His first court appearance, exactly a month ago, saw heavy bail terms imposed, preventing him from entering the City of Westminster on certain dates, or the Olympic torch route, to prevent further protests. His conditions prevent him from entering Cambridge to take part in the Anarchist march planned for next month. At the time he entered no plea.

Oldfield, an LSE graduate who lives in Central London, claimed to be protesting about elitism when he disrupted the famous race by swimming between the boats.

Trenton interrupting the race

A website said to be written by him includes “manifesto for civil disobedience”, whilst his tweets after the race said he was prepared to do jail time in order to change the system. That now looks like a reality.

He continued: “Still waiting for someone to show me when elitism (seeing oneself above another) hasn’t lead to oppression and tyranny?”

The interruption was widely condemned as a dangerous and pointless stunt, with the Oxford captain tweeting Oldfield to tell him “this was the culmination of our careers and you took it from us.”

Students, who reacted angrily at the time, will be hoping for a stiff sentence. James Sheldon, a second year engineer, told The Tab that “The man is a knob. He screwed up those guys day to make a point, now the court should make a point of him.”

  • judge

    jesus christ

  • ….


  • asr

    What's the difference between elitism and belief in a meritocracy?
    If one believes in a meritocracy then surely one believes that some people are better than other people.

    • Work reward

      A bit, but i suppose the line stands when:

      a) I worked fecking hard for my A-level results and first-class degree
      b) I was born better than anyone else.
      I feel more aligned to 'a'.

      • Problem

        But I know plenty of people who worked much harder than I did at GCSE to get 6 passes and plenty who worked harder at A level to get 3Cs.

        Work doesn't equal success, it's merely one component towards it.

        • Problem

          Ps meritocracy isn't that one is better than another, but that one can achieve more. ie not just that one isn't born better, but that one doesn't become 'better' either

        • Problem solved

          so our system is either not a meritocracy, or a flawed one. That's not inconsistent with believing our system should be a meritocracy.

  • grf45

    Jailing him for swimming in front of some boats?! A bit much I think.

    • Bin Laden

      Nothing wrong with disrupting sporting events in my opinion, bring on the Olympics.

      • aren't you


      • Nietzsche

        Bin Laden ist tot. Also sprach Zarathustra.

  • Still Funny

    'Fenton! Oh, Jesus Christ, Fenton! Fen-tooonnnnnnn!'

    (should've been the picture caption)

  • jim horner

    why did the boats stop
    give the man his moment of fame
    let him die for his cause

    • boz

      Almost a haiku
      Got my hopes up but then dashed
      Them. Now I am sad.

  • Matty McBroide

    In Dublin's fair city,
    Where the girls are so pretty,
    I love pints.

    • i thought

      you loved points….

  • Since when did

    "James Sheldon, second year engineer" become a pseudonym for 'Jonny needs an outraged commentator'??

  • Irony

    Can't wait to see if he's still opposed to 'the system' when the prison officers are turning a blind eye whilst he's being thrown around between the inmates like a dog-toy

    • ThePeople

      Because of course there's nothing that gets cons more worked up than interrupting oxbridge students racing.

      I'm fairly sure the pecking order 'inside' is something like murderers>rapists>paedophiles>trenton.

      Fuck with cantabs and they'll fuck your shit up. They got our back.

  • Mate you went to LSE and you talk about elitism

    • Oxbridge student

      clearly an oxbridge reject…

  • Jonny Singer


  • Unlucky

    Trenton 'arse like a vintage golf bag' Oldfield, good luck to you in prison son.

  • trentina

    oh god. 'students will be will be hoping for a stiff sentence'.

    since when did students become so boring? where's the spirit of '68?

    you guys can be boring and middle-aged about things in thirty years time. but right now, there's some crazy stuff going down, all caused by frivolous sociopath neo-liberal elitists, but when the dust clears we might have the chance to make society a lot fairer and a lot better for everyone, even in this jaded country.

    • Middle Aged

      Shit, I hadn't realised how boring I was for not finding it amusing when some prick ruins an event which is part of our national idenity, has run every (peace time) year since the 1850s, and in doing so stole from a group of devoted young athletes their moment of incredibly hard earned reward. Silly me…

    • Actually

      You may have a point you know. Trenton struck right at the heart of this country's problems, attacking it at the roots. He's ahead of his time, a thinker, a man of the people. . .

      What the fuck am I on about. He's a grade A cunt (or grade B i suppose cos he got rejected from oxbridge, I don't know how the scoring system works)

    • Smells like coffee

      "The spirit of '68" is back in 1968 where the majority actively chose to leave it because they no longer wish to share the beliefs/ ideals/ attitudes/ lifestyle it embodies. (Of course, I'm assuming here for simplicity of dismissing your comment that "the spirit of 68" is both coherent and definable, neither of which is true)

      Note also that the people who originally fostered and carried "the spirit of '68", whatever that boils down to, went on to become lawyers and businesswomen and car salesmen and police officers and vote Tory etc etc.

      Your mysticism is failing to interest anyone. Go back to your Woodstock DVD and secret pot stash so you can "take on the man".

    • Moving speech


      NEVER SACRIFICE OUR IDEALS, so that a twat can soil the idea of equality and fighting injustice.


    the Girls' Rear of the Year is gone!


    • Arse-King For It

      What? The Tab's caved to pressure?

      Also, they haven't taken down the men's one. DISCRIMINATION.

      • Ruth Graham



        • Womyn's 'Council'

          Protest outside the Tab Office?

          Graffiti the walls?

          Smash the sexist invisible elites?

        • A man

          Not all men are predators. Women are not better than men, they are equal. While I agree with the vast majority of what feminists campaign for (of course women should have all the same rights as men), it is definitely possible to be sexist towards men. This, for instance; what makes it OK for women to gawk at men's bums and not the other way around? Fair enough, they're just being "laddish" and they wanted to show off their posteriors to the whole of Cambridge, but didn't the girls also voluntarily display their behinds to the public? Unless the Tab photographers have started breaking into girls' bedrooms.

          I don't like the objectification of women, so I understand that you totally disagree with Girls' Bum of the Year or whatever it is. That's fine. But I totally disagree with feminists that are supposedly after a fairer, more equal society, but then go on to treat men like they're inferior, unintelligent, sex-driven idiots. Sure, there are a lot of men out there like that, but to make generalisations like "Men are predators" and "women are better than men"… surely that's the definition of prejudice?

  • Owen Holland

    As champagne socialists we have a divine right
    To shut down anything we do not like.

    You see, comrade, our exclusive right to protest
    Extends to shouting down the invited guest,
    Then whipping up a storm of indignance,
    When the authorities punish our malignance,
    We get a high-ranking sabbatical mate —
    Who diligently follows his democratic mandate —
    To organise a petition or two in solidarity,
    To give our behaviour the impression of popularity.

    The elitist toffs have no right to free speech,
    Or to respond as we self-righteously impeach
    Their thoughtcrimes and bourgeois oppression;
    Just in case they actually give a good impression,
    And through sophistry dissuade the public from revolution,
    As they persist in propounding their social pollution,
    Of quaint boat races and civilised debate;
    All of this we must upstage and berate,
    Until our disruption forces them to concede,
    The incontestable superiority of our creed.

    Postscript: Trenton, my courageous comrade, if you do go to prison, can I stay at your central London abode; not for too long mind, just seven terms. You see, it is a bit uncomfortable sleeping on the floor of Ian Bone's temple.

  • Brian
  • Stephen Fry

    Fitz beat Johns at rugby

  • The real MacFarlane

    this is the best example of elitism in cambridge!

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