Top Of The League And Having A Laugh

Cambridge has smashed its rivals, topping the Guardian's University league tables for the second year.

Cambridge has topped the Guardian‘s University league table for the second year running.

The respected league table, which ranks universities on quality of teaching, spending per student and career prospects, has yet again placed Cambridge well above its rivals, leaving Oxford in second place.

The home of Cindies and Gardies also smashed LSE, St Andrews and Warwick, who made up the top five.

Cambridge took the top spot for 16 out of the 47 subjects the Guardian ranked, including: maths, comp sci, medicine and philosophy. The Other Place mustered a pathetic seven pole positions, and this time it couldn’t even blame Trenton Oldfield for its failings.

Don’t worry, it happens to lots of unis. Cambridge comes first… again.

Ed Legg, a first year PhD student who previously studied at Oxford, warned that Cantabs shouldn’t take the league table too seriously. “Honestly, I think that it doesn’t really matter which of the Universities comes top.

“The university that is best for you and your course is not necessarily the top rated university.”

Other students just displayed sympathy for Oxford. Holly Lovering, a third year from Girton said, “it must be tough losing out on the top spot again. My thoughts are with Oxford’s second-rate students.”

The accolade comes as no surprise, following Cambridge’s crown as the world’s best university in the QS rankings last September, where it beat off stiff competition from Harvard, Yale and MIT.

And there must be something in the air, since Cambridge’s neighbours ARU stormed 14 places up the table to a new high of 77th.

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