Top Of The League And Having A Laugh

Cambridge has smashed its rivals, topping the Guardian's University league tables for the second year.

Cambridge has topped the Guardian‘s University league table for the second year running.

The respected league table, which ranks universities on quality of teaching, spending per student and career prospects, has yet again placed Cambridge well above its rivals, leaving Oxford in second place.

The home of Cindies and Gardies also smashed LSE, St Andrews and Warwick, who made up the top five.

Cambridge took the top spot for 16 out of the 47 subjects the Guardian ranked, including: maths, comp sci, medicine and philosophy. The Other Place mustered a pathetic seven pole positions, and this time it couldn’t even blame Trenton Oldfield for its failings.

Don’t worry, it happens to lots of unis. Cambridge comes first… again.

Ed Legg, a first year PhD student who previously studied at Oxford, warned that Cantabs shouldn’t take the league table too seriously. “Honestly, I think that it doesn’t really matter which of the Universities comes top.

“The university that is best for you and your course is not necessarily the top rated university.”

Other students just displayed sympathy for Oxford. Holly Lovering, a third year from Girton said, “it must be tough losing out on the top spot again. My thoughts are with Oxford’s second-rate students.”

The accolade comes as no surprise, following Cambridge’s crown as the world’s best university in the QS rankings last September, where it beat off stiff competition from Harvard, Yale and MIT.

And there must be something in the air, since Cambridge’s neighbours ARU stormed 14 places up the table to a new high of 77th.

  • Angular Ruskin Stud

    We'd definately beat you on how many nights we go out a week!

    • bill R

      you'll have plenty of time to go out once you are on the dole

      • ARWooo

        So will you when you realise there are no graduate jobs

        • ARe U kidding?

          Even if there aren't any graduate jobs, at least we're not thick

          • Meow

            Easy Tiger

        • AR..


          • AR…


        • Look at the Table

          Our career prospects (employment within 6 months) are 82%. Boom.

    • Burnie

      End of a night out:

      "Small or large fries with that?"

    • *Definitely

      (going to be tough to hold on to 77th position with that sort of spelling)

      • M8!

        There's a little issue in the Anglia bit too – if you look close enough you will spot the mistake!!!!!!!!111 (that is definitely not deliberate methinks)

    • Killer Swan

      But "definately" not at spelling.

    • spelling police…


  • Nelson Mandela

    Fitz beat Johns at rugby

  • Legen..

    ..wait for it….

    • Fuck off


    • 123

      Oh no not Damian again

  • From the top


    • asdasd


  • shut up

    Holly Lovering, you're barely even at Cambridge…

    • Geez

      she herself may be in cambridge but her nipples are certainly residing somewhere closer to devon

  • ehhhh?

    'the home of cindies and gardies'? dude, we're here, we know that.

  • What on Earth

    Is an 'Entry Tariff'?

  • duke

    It's so lucky that nearly all british universities cost roughly the same and there are generous student loans for everyone.
    It means that virtually all students who have any hope of getting in apply to oxford or cambridge as their first choice, so by getting in one is able to feel that one is better than those who didn't get in (everyone else).

    Unfortunately in America, nearly all the best universities cost very much more to go to, so far more good students are inhibited from applying to those places for undergrad education, so feelings of superiority simply from getting in aren't as justified. Isn't it sad?

    • Duke, Paraphrased:

      Thought I could buy my way in, but turns out I couldn't. Had to go to Durham/ similar instead. Still oh so very bitter.

    • nukem

      I don't know… Princeton offers pretty good financial aid to poorer students. People getting in there can feel pretty superior. And people can feel inferior for not getting in. Which is the main thing.

    • Are you

      an idiot?

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Surely an application system based on merit is better than one based on your (or more likely your family's) wealth?

      Might be time to stop living in the 18th century, 'duke'.

      • duke

        I'm not quite sure how you and other people got that impression. I said it was sad and unfortunate that American undergrad students at Harvard or whatever don't get to feel as superior from getting in, because a much narrower range of students would apply than those that apply to oxford and cambridge.
        Where is this confusion coming from?

        • Admiral Ackbar

          I think its because we all thought your last sentence was sarcasm. Many apologies.

          • Admiral Assumption

            Let's be honest, we all knew Americans aren't capable of understanding sarcasm

        • simple math

          Too bad twice as many people apply to do undergrad at Harvard than at Cambridge, and Harvard's (undergraduate) student body is half the size of Cambridge's.. Plus, despite being one of the most expensive universities in the world, it also offers some of the best financial aid

  • please

    pipe down ravi

  • MacFarlane

    in case you didnt know this, i dont even need your love, cos i is at the top of the league table!

  • Just sayin'

    Holly Lovering, a third year from Girton said, “it must be tough losing out on the top spot again. My thoughts are with Oxford’s second-rate students.”

    It must be tough going to a second-rate Cambridge college

    • Girtonian

      Nope – it's bloody easy

      • It's far away, yes?

        That comeback took 5 hours? You could've almost cycled to Cambridge in that time

      • LOLs

        Girton had the highest student family income…. BUT they have a billionaire's son there so event that's out of the window

        • Orthography Police


    • Girtonian 2

      It must be tough going to a College infested with bloody tourists and intruders from other Colleges.

      And, contrary to popular belief amongst some ignorant fools, Girton is actually one of the best Colleges for certain Tripos subjects. Our poor performance in Tompkins table is on account of being relatively weak in the subjects with the really big cohorts.

      • pity no-one actually wants to go there

      • Mr. Cultured

        Whatever gets you through the night, Girton scum.

  • chopra

    this is the best league table…eva!

    • Johnian

      With Cambridge only coming 5th for economics? Not sure if real Chopra.

  • GDB


  • Thomas Smith

    Well done everyone :)

  • TPJ

    shame U21s aren't top of our league. we need to spend more time training, boys!

  • History

    was one of the 16 subjects too! Why don't we get a mention??? :(

    • Groove Armada

      The Guardian's consistently bizarre decision to conflate "History" with "History of Art" means their table should probably be ignored. Other, more credible tables support the Seeley's superiority, however.

  • ?????

    Surprised Warwick are in the top five, no offence.

    • asr

      Warwick is held up by its maths department.

    • Oh!

      None taken x

  • Phil Lopeman

    This is… ideal!

  • Huh

    'Respected league table'?

    I don't know who takes it seriously except the Guardian itself, and that's probably unlikely. This year we've got Lancaster above Imperial, Loughborough above Edinburgh, Surrey above Bristol, etc etc… Cambridge doesn't need this useless ranking to enhance its reputation.

    • Are you

      a Telegraph reader?

      • Huh

        No. I actually read the Guardian online because it has the best Comment section and decent coverage. But its university league tables are shit.

        • Lecture Handout

          The only reason the Guardian's tables are so out of sync with others is because it doesn't take into account research quality of the faculty in undergrad degrees. Which probably makes a lot of sense as quality and provision of teaching are more relevant.

  • Also

    This ranking's so shit it didn't even take any of Cambridge's Natsci subjects into account, so Oxford automatically came top in Chemistry, Physics etc.

    • Natsci

      Lol our natscis best in the world.

  • emrah

    where can i see the content photos

  • emrah


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