Camshots: Pretty in Pink

"Look at my fucking pink trousers" may not have the same ring to it, but works better for TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE.

Are you in pink? Because pink is in. In fact, pink is so in, that the word ‘in’ is in the word ‘pink’.

As Joy Starkey advised us last term, pastels generally are in this summer. But walking round Cambridge this weekend, we found lots of people donning pink trousers to get summery but stay warm. Pink trousers may well be the answer to the disastrous overkill of red chinos, for which Cambridge is apparently famous.

Alex, 2nd year Geographer at Downing – She even coordinated the shopping bag

Jess, 2nd Geographer at Murray Edwards – If you look really closely, she’s also got pink nails. Love it.

Amy Bennet, 2nd year Natsci at Homerton

Ed, Law fresher at Jesus – Ok, so they look red, but I promise they are pink

Harrie, Natsci fresher at Homerton

Alice, 2nd year Historian at Murray Edwards

Mannequin, at Jack Wills – Jack Wills: secret trendsetter?

  • Oh man

    Now I'm going to have to get back to the charity shop to find some newly non-ubiquitous trousers. (First world problems) Might go for a zingy yellow ones, channel Rupert the Bear.

    • hmm


    • Tourtel

      You want to be careful or you might end up looking like Podgy Pig.

  • Really?

    Most of these aren't pink. Numbers 2, 3, 4 & 6 spring to mind.

    • Well,

      Number 2 is CORAL. Which is pink.

      • Well, no

        Coral is CORAL – not pink

    • perhaps

      someone was having a little too much fun with photoshop?

  • Mr Rainbow

    Only 3/7 of those trousers are actually pink, if we're going to be picky about it.

    • pinky fan

      i think you're being very perpinkity indeed!

    • pink

      is not a colour of the rainbow

  • Amy Bennett

    There's bile behind my smile.

  • Lippalicious

    What a babe

  • next week, people wearing jeans.

  • John

    Red trousers were originally worn by sailors in the merchant navy who had done an atlantic crossing.

    • Caleb

      Pretty sure there was red trousers way before an atlantic crossing but you can say whatever floats your boat.

      • Grammar Police

        Pretty sure there WERE red trousers.

  • why

    does your camera turn pink into orange?

  • Severe

    lack of talent.

    • …..says

      the guy who is so fit, he has to use tab fashion to scout for talent…..

      • Severe

        Doesn't stop it being true though does it?

  • Critic

    And none of them look good in them.

  • Oh dear

    So there were so few people actually wearing pink you had to resort to taking pictures of a mannequin in a shop window…

  • Yes

    Harrie from Homerton.

    • Yes

      Ellie from Homerton

      • please

        shut up you two

  • Considering there's a store on almost every highstreet, I highly doubt Jack Wills will ever be a "secret" trendsetter, and given that the mannequin is in boot cut jeans and AN ANORACK, I would question whether it's actually a trendsetter at all, seeing as both (thankfully) died a death in the 90's. It's a good job the majority of people in this article had the good sense to avoid such disastrous dressing and chose to wear, oh that's right, trousers that AREN'T PINK.


    bags are supposed to be orange – thanks for photoshopping the fuck out of these.

    • But Superdrug bags

      are supposed to be pink.

    • umm superdrug bags are pink though?

    • Haha

      You twat.

  • love it

    i am gonna go get some pink trousers now .

  • Sam Winward

    Noodle Tired!

  • Jacqueline Kennedy

    Great article!

    Plus, pink Chanel suits make you invisible to snipers.

  • yes for

    alex, 2nd year geographer from downing. delicious.

    • Sam Winward

      Hands off my Alex!!!

      • you can't

        keep my hands off my 'alex', though.

  • MacFarlane

    I've got the latest new fashion trends in my latest video! Check it out

  • Sam Winward

    That Alex girl hurts my shoulder when we go at it. She is peng though.

  • Childsy

    I'm nursIng a semi about that Amy girl.


    Do fashion article titles really need to pun on 'cumshots'?

  • Converted Jew

    I changed my religion after a holiday to Israel with Alex. I'm sure you can all see why!

  • OMG


    • Sam Winward

      No, that's my Alex.

  • Biology Max


  • is it me

    or does amy bennett look like a 12-year-old girl?

    • Agreed

      A 12-year-old girl with an agenda.

      • or indeed

        *puts on sunglasses*



  • umm

    All the pervy comments above make my skin crawl

  • alex jones

    you'd all get it

  • tugrulhan

    i don t understand anything

  • LOOK!


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