JCR Prez Well Hung

Selwyn has passed a motion to 'venerate' its JCR president.

Selwyn has decided to hang an official portrait of its JCR President to help students know who he is.

In a motion described as “simultaneously glorious and ridiculous” by Selwyn rugby captain, Jeremy Cribb, framed presidential photographs will be hung in a “hall of fame” in the college common room. Selwyn appears to be the first college to take this kind of photo opportunity.

The “Selwyn JCR Veneration of the President Policy” passed with 47% in favour of the scheme in an online vote. Current President, Glen Pearse, said that the policy was part of a larger incentive to encourage undergrads to take more of an interest in the workings of the JCR.

Super Prez: The Venerable Glen Pearse

“In a lot of colleges including Selwyn, people tend to know very little about the JCR unless they’ve been personally involved or have a real interest in student politics,” said Pearse. “This policy was just another way of getting people to notice the JCR and realise that despite our serious work, we do actually have a sense of humour” he added.

Speaking of the policy’s grand title, Pearse pointed out that “of course we’re not suggesting that Presidents should actually be worshipped, but the name was designed to make people curious and I think it achieved that.”

The reaction to the happy snap has been positive. First year Tom Bell said that the pic was “part of making the JCR committee more integrated. The JCR is part of the college community as a whole and it’s important that people know who the President is”.

It is understood that Pearse’s first portrait “won’t be a particularly serious picture”.

  • democracy?

    'passed with 47% in favour of the scheme'

    • Insider information

      Official results:

      (blank) 44 votes 20.09%
      Yes 104 votes 47.49%
      No 71 votes 32.42%

      • Mouse

        are blank votes discounted? would explain how it passed?

        • Confused

          What else would you do with a blank vote?

  • who


  • a


  • Symbol of Authority

    Seriuosness is not a major concern at Selwyn. We are to busy being AMAZING.

    • unconvinced

      'to' busy? Clearly not THAT amazing

      • Oh?!

        Too busy for another 'o'

    • Grammar Police

      Clearly spelling isn't much of a concern either…

      • Spelling Police

        Oi! Stop meddling with our remit! You should be picking up on the superfluous capital letters, and leave the spelling to us.

        • Grammar Police

          Don't complain – if we were quangos we would both have been abolished by now!

          • OOooO

            Oooo a bit political, ha-ha see what you did there 😉

    • Symbol of Authority

      I wish to apologise unreservedly to all those who may have been disturbed by my spelling failures.

      My only excuse is that I was rather drunk.

      I hope no undue distress was caused. Rest assured, this incident shall not be repeated.

      • Probably

        big ears Kissin. What a twat.

    • true pedant

      alas, i have arrived too late.

      • true pedant

        but nobody seems to have picked up on "Seriuosness"


    BOW before out GLORIOUS President. Exalted is his name.

    • Kim-Jong Il


      • North Korean

        I could've sworn you were dead

        • No Swearing

          at the Dear Leader, it's very naughty.

  • The internet

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    • god.

      ask and you shall receive…

      • i asked

        if i dont get a first, you lie.

  • Johnian

    You should see our JCR president. HELLO MAMA

    • J-cup

      I think I know what you mean

      • D-Cup

        The Vice-Pres has a cuppa on her too.

  • MacFarlane

    I is well hung in my newest video

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