UPDATE: Bomb Scares At Girton And Churchill

Two more bombs scares today leave students frustrated and concerned.


A further bomb scare occurred at Downing today.

No-one was evacuated, but the gates were locked and students advised to remain alert. The atmosphere was generally calm.



There have been two more bomb scares this afternoon, at Girton and Churchill. 

Students working in Girton library were told that the University received an email this morning naming Girton as a college that has been targeted by the hoax.

“We were advised to take our bags with us when we leave the library, and the librarians keep wandering around doing checks. But no one’s at all concerned,” said Sophie Cavanagh, a third year Girton geographer.

Students at other colleges have been emailed evacuation plans, should the situation develop.

More details to follow.

If you hear any more information, please email news@cambridgetab.co.uk



There has a been a third bomb scare in three days, with King’s evacuated this morning.

Shortly after 9am this morning the university security centre received a call claiming to have planted a bomb inside King’s, but after an evacuation and 45 minutes of searching students and staff were allowed to return after nothing was found, and police confirmed it was being treated as a hoax.

Speaking to The Tab the university said: “No devices were found. No members of the public were on site at the time as King’s Chapel has not opened for the day yet”.

The University Communications officer did admit that a link seemed “likely” between the three events but that it was a matter for the police.

A police spokesman told us that the threat was thought to be part of a series of national hoaxes and told us they were ‘not too worried’: “This is being investigated as part of a series of hoaxes and students should not be concerned.”

Eva Nisse, a first year PPS student at Kings, told The Tab the mood was generally one of indifference.  ‘The main question on everyone’s minds was “Is this the usual fire alarm and when can I get back to my toast?”‘



Speaking to The Tab, University Communications Officer Tim Holt confirmed that the bomb scare at Clare was a hoax after a full security sweep was conducted.



All sites at Clare have now been reoccupied. In an email to all Clare students, steward Mick Petty explained: “the perceived threat was reported to the authorities at Clare by the University Security Control Centre who had received email traffic indicating a security threat to both Clare College and Hughes Hall”.



Clare College has been evacuated following a bomb scare on all three of its sites at around 11am this morning. Residents of the Colony on Chesterton Lane have been evacuated to Jesus Green whilst those in Old Court have been directed to the Fellows’ Garden.



Students have been emailed informing them that they are now allowed back into the site. Melissa Reilly, the Teaching Administrator said in the email that ‘the site is now open and freely accessible.’


The New Museums Site has been evacuated after a bomb hoax in the CUSU offices.

The Tab spoke to Clare second year, David Byrne. “The general mood was one of concern but not fear. People seemed more annoyed than afraid. Most people thought it was probably a hoax – a Trenton-Oldfield-style disruption to studies.”

Thirty people were evacuated from the Old Examination Hall and the Earth Science Laboratory at 2pm in a hoax that mimicked the spree of scares from other Russell Group universities.

  • miked

    nice way to cancel an exam you arent ready for

  • Sam Wakeford

    Strikes again

  • Po-lice

    Charlie Bell, I'm looking at you.

  • Gerard Tully

    I blame Sam Wakeford

  • Ian Bone

    haha i bomb you

    • Lolcat

      i can has grammar?

      • true pedant

        there's actually nothing grammatically wrong with the sentence "I bomb you." Semantically, and conversationally, perhaps, but not grammatically.

        • You Moron

          Umm…. how about the lower case 'i'

          • true pedant

            umm… how about finishing your questions with a question mark?


  • Charlie Bell

    This ludicrously overblown and dubious complaint about frankly irrelevant bombs is a direct attempt to undermine Gerard, and has been going on all year, masterminded by the pathologically jealous Sam Wakeford, who was categorically trounced for the Presidency by Gerard.

  • Joe Crannan

    I was in the C-Lab the entire time; I saw everything!

  • Hugo

    Sorry guys, I farted.

  • http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/ Satirical website

    You beat us to it!

  • Rebel sans cause

    Woah, calm down guys!

    I can perfectly understand wanting to bomb CUSU, but what did Clare ever do to anyone?

  • Trenton Oldfield

    hehe, im so mischievous

  • #therat

    what they thought was a detonation wire was actually my tail. awk

  • David Byrne

    This is a once in a lifetime event! they thought it was a bomb but it was nothing but flowers! glad there wasn't a psycho killer about after all!

  • thank god

    I'm at Homerton. Bombers can't even find the place.

    • Girtonian

      amen brother

      • jinxed it.


      • yeah?

        perhaps premature

  • Meme Judge

    bomb hoaxes are a shit meme

  • Ian Boner

    haha i bone you

  • Thing is

    it's never-ending, potentially. you can't just not evacuate for a bomb threat because you think peter's crying wolf again and then a thousand students get killed

    • YEAH!

      i hate it when that happens! fuck peter!

      • Pyotr

        CONTRARY to the posts above, I never cried 'Wolf'. I merely wandered the wilds with my animal friends and was unlucky enough to encounter a FIERCE WOLF.

        Luckily the situation was resolved with minimal unpleasantness.

        You appear to have conflated my unfortunate experience with that of an unnamed shepherd boy who TROLLED HARD by claiming to be attacked by a wolf. Thankfully Providence has a sense of humour and as such elected to treat a real wolf to a tasty Shepherd Pie.

        I must say I can't quite understand how you manage to confuse myself, a proud Russian, with a shepherd from Greece. Perhaps it's the similarity of our Churches?

        • Erudition judge

          Top knowledge

  • lol

    good job this isn't the USA, the whole university would have been evacuated.

    • confiddled

      where exactly is 'the whole university'?

  • Johns

    Why does no-body like me =(

  • Girtonian

    But we're not even IN Cambridge!!

    • Good


  • hoax

    hoax   /ho?ks/ Show Spelled[hohks] Show IPA
    1. something intended to deceive or defraud: The Piltdown man was a scientific hoax.

    Before it's actually been proven fake, it's a scare not a hoax

  • Homertonian

    Wey am feeling pretty safe here at Homerton…

    • thank god

      for someone else managing to make the same joke 5 comments ago…

      • Should have looked

        True story.

    • also homertonian

      hey WHY would you do this? look what happened to girton! they'll be coming back the other way, no doubt.

    • Bin Laden

      We wouldn't waste our bombs on the likes of you.

      • i knew it

        you are still alive

        • Bin Laden

          It'll take more than Seal Team Six to stop me!

  • Bored?

    As long as they don't they don't use the firm alarm in a bomb drill causing the internet to shut down then it's sweet. I could do with some excitement.

  • Untraceable

    So worried at the fact that they're unable to trace the e-mails… :/

    • anon

      well i doubt the perpetrator is using their hermes account

  • update

    there was a bomb scare in the geography department at the beginning of term …

  • J.W.

    If it comes down to it, Churchill can be our Coventry, so as not to give away that we've found them out.

  • La Roux

    The Department of Chemical Engineering didn't feel the need to evacuate for some poxy hoax…


  • Al MacFarlane

    hey guys make sure you check out my new music video! This one is for all the fans that have supported me throughout my career. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JldTIJZfxYQ

  • Dum dum duuuuuum

    Maybe all these hoaxes are to lower our defenses for when the real bomb happens. That would be a dastardly scheme.

    • ehhhh

      how would that work, exactly? they're going to be more on guard than if nobody had mentioned it, surely?

      if you wanted to catch people off guard, you could just not tell them. unless the plan is to do it so much that people stop reacting, and then do an actual bomb, and it would show how hubristic we are.

  • i am concerned

    In the thing they sent around our college, it said they'd been warned about the possibility of this by the police. NOW, isn't it a bit worrying that they didn't tell us? And tehy don't seem very forthcoming with the content of the emails, etc. I'm worried. WORRIED I tell you.

    • Me too

      Who's 'tehy'?

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