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Students in search of cash are turning to Sugar Daddy websites in increasing numbers.

Cambridge is fourth in the university league table… of students with ‘sugar daddies’. 

Faced with increasing tuition fees of up to £9,000, and an average debt burden of £52,000, ever increasing numbers of female students are joining specialist dating sites in search of rich older men to solve their financial problems.

And according to ‘sugar daddy’ dating site, 42 Cambridge Students have signed up, seemingly undeterred by the prospect of dating one of their friends’ dads.

The website is very open about the financial motivation of its users. Rather than presenting itself as a traditional dating site, its web page describes it as facilitating ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ between ‘generous’ older men and ‘sexy and ambitious’ ‘Sugar Babies’.

On their profiles, ‘Sugar Babies’ are able to list among other preferences the amount of money per month they expect from an older man seeking an ‘arrangement’ with them.

Sugar Lad-dy: Thumbs Up for Cambridge Students

Nottingham tops the charts of UK Universities with 61 student sign-ups, followed by the University of Kent and LSE.

SeekingArrangement founder Brendan Wade is delighted with the numbers of students joining his site, a trend he puts down to the costs of a university education. Female students who join up are even granted a special ‘College Sugar Babe’ stamp from the site administrators as well as free Premium Membership, and generate up to three times as much interest as other so called ‘Sugar Babes’.

Sugar Daddy websites have been criticised as glorified escort agencies, but Fitz postgrad Noreen Masud was more cynical. “I think it’s just formalising a process that has gone on within the elite universities for years,” she said.

“Don’t they say that there’s no point a girl going to Oxford unless she gets a first, a blue, or a man? It just seems that Cambridge ladies are better at outsourcing their priorities.”

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  • S Daddy

    I for one cannot see any possible issue with any of my 42 mutually beneficial arrangements.

  • Title and Photo

    make me feel slightly ill, but not so ill I wouldn't consider doing this. Pretty sure I'm a terrible person.

  • bored

    I wonder how long it will take Daily Mail to print this one…

  • not impressed

    University students are old, experienced and haggard.
    The collagen in their skin is already starting to sag. It's disgusting.

    • On the ball

      You're disgusting.

  • MinorCorrection

    "Don’t they say that there’s no point a girl going to Oxford unless she gets a first, a blue, or a man?"
    No, no one says this.

    • I agree

      Isn't it just for a first or a man?

      No one believes women's blues are worth anything.

  • slags

    Isn't prostitution illegal? Cos that's what it is.

    • Clifton Bizzle

      Good God I hope not!

    • MinorCorrection
    • Lawyer


      • On which note…

        What happened at the Union debate a few weeks ago where they were arguing it should be 'decriminalised'?

        • Another Lawyer

          Prostitution itself isn't illegal, but solicitation is.

          Doesn't surprise me that the Union cocked it up though…

  • but…

    does this league table rank by the quantity (42) or proportion (percentage of students signed up to this)?

    • Are you


  • Gay Guy

    Is there a websites for guys as well? I could really use the cash!

    • Straight Guy

      Fuck it, I've got lube. I'm in too.

  • Tim P. Johnston

    No wonder i'm striking out in cindies if i'm having to compete with this


    one impoverished, fuck ugly uni lad

  • are you all crazy

    i thought cambridge students were meant to be intelligent?
    they clearly have no integrity, morals and its quite frankly worrying that everybody thinks this is ok.

  • terrible

    this is exploitation.

    • agree

      How awful it is that women are permitted to choose to provide the illusion affection in return for money.

      This time the patriarchy has gone too far.

      • Patriarch

        I KNEW it was that second turning on the right…

  • Outrageous

    I cannot believe this sexist world we live in…
    I simply cannot find a male equilivent site, we have debts aswell!

    • Sugar Mommies

      10 seconds on the same website reveals the "Sugar Mommies" section.


  • Mica

    Cobby can be my sugardaddy anyday

  • exploitation?

    if this IS exploitation, can't help but think it's the 'daddies' (vom) that are being exploited….

  • Logic Friend

    Frankly, I question the journalistic ethics of giving this wretched site the exposure this article provides.

    I know The Tab is a tabloid (Cpt. Obvious to the rescue), but what if someone reads this and for whatever reason decides to avail themselves of its services? Unlikely, yes, but having known someone resort to choosing sexual partners in the name of financial support, I feel that The Tab is taking the issue a bit too lightly here.

    • Stu Dint

      You're right. It's abhorrent to increase the number of options of which others are able to avail themselves of. Journalists should ensure that people make the right decisions by hiding the fact that the choice exists in the first place.

      What makes you think everyone signs up to the same moral code as you? There's no inherent issue with people choosing to do this. I think you're generalising your own morality a bit too lightly here.

      • Logic Friend

        Fair play.

        Except that no one takes these decisions in a vacuum free from financial pressures, and it's naive in the extreme to assume that they do. I would bet good money that if you examined the demographics of the women who use this site, you wouldn't find a group of empowered women using their sexuality to secure their material comfort. You'd find a group of women struggling to pay for the costs associated with their education, or their rent, probably with some fairly serious self esteem issues to boot, who use the site because they feel that they don't have any real alternative.

        Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family who can support them financially, or to attend a university as committed to removing financial hardship from the equation, and the fact that you seem to implicitly assume that everyone does suggest that I'm not the one generalising without cause.

  • Holly

    So scary :(

  • Stickin’ up for the 5-0

    Speaking as someone else in the University area who has also been robbed recently I agree that it is a deeply invasive and unpleasant experience. However, the Police can’t really be blamed, there is very little they can do with regards to catching the criminals and especially recovering stolen goods. These people know what they’e doing and the vast majority of items will be sold on within days. Remember it cost them nothing to steal the items, so they can sell it at any price and make a profit! So yeah, you have my sympathy, but the Police do try their best but reality is that it is an unfair world and in the vast majority of cases criminals get away with it!

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