Take Your Class War Elsewhere

Cärlchen Jupp on why Ian Bone's protest is little more than a load of hot air.

The revolution is coming.

Or so we are told to believe by the most recent addition to the Cambridge chump contingent – the maddeningly incoherent Ian Bone. Bone, a man who in his blog seems obsessed with swans (some might say he’s quackers), has decided that the game is up for Cambridge; it’s chumps vs bumps. He’s coming on down – and he’s going to teach the Eto-, no sorry, Cambridge students a bloody good lesson. The shits.

Now if any of you were thinking of joining Mr Bone for his punishment procession, I wouldn’t worry about booking in advance; last time he marched he had almost as many people as there are brain cells in Sarah Palin’s thick skull. And please note: this is class war. No toffs, etc. Just in case you were thinking of joining in.

The problem is that Bone isn’t as much of a moron as he first comes across, no matter the fact he hasn’t been able to keep a political group together for more than a few months. He, along with an unusual bedfellow Michael Gove, is appalled at how private schoolboys dominate public life. He’s wrong in his assertion that Cambridge is Eton plus, and no one other than deluded idiots and Fiona Millar believe that.

But he’s not completely left field – Cambridge, major firms, the law, medicine and so on are still very private-schooly. Bone’s antics don’t help our access agenda; but in truth, Cambridge will take the kids with highest grades. It’s the fault of progressive governments who have consistently failed youngsters by refusing to rethink education, or understand the link between parental wealth and circumstances, and school success, meaning that the highest grades disproportionately come from private schools, and some schools still say ‘we don’t send kids like ours to the major universities’.

This is a guy fed up with the Westminster bubble, full of professional politicians who haven’t the first idea about life, having been groomed through party offices since conception. He quite rightly suggests that the left are either stupid (SWP) or shite (everyone else), and, like many of the disappointed anarchists and sociopaths, thinks violence is the only way forward. Which is where he loses respect.

This is the guy who published a calendar called ‘Hospitalised Coppers’, which does what it says on the tin. Like a lot on the left, he cannot wait to put the boot in to the ‘pigs’ – that bastard group of people who keep our streets safe and protect the public. Now don’t get me wrong, the police force is not a paragon of virtue, but HM Constabulary is made up of a large number of hardworking, working class people – the exact people he claims to represent.

The reality is that Bone is a failed anarchist, and a bit of an irrelevant twat. He might come to bumps and cause a nuisance, but not much more. But he does leave a few questions hanging in the air, even if we disagree with his answers; and maybe, rather than getting pissed off with him, we should find some of our own.

  • butler

    Bone is an irrelevant old man. The king of anarchists is an anachronism.
    He went to university at a time when most working class people hardly knew what a university was let alone attend one (ask your great granddad).
    His dad was a butler; top of the domestic help hierarchy, and he has carried the shame of daddy's grovelling throughout his eight decades on this planet.
    He used to speak like a bumpkin but adopted a ridiculous fake cockney accent. back in the 80s. Everything about him is fake.
    I know someone who knew him once, and they tell me that he was a very creepy individual. He has a very authoritarian way of policing and censoring his comments section too. Coward.

    • Duck

      I recall his transition from bumpkin to cockney and, oh dear, I hope he lost that dreadful wailing sound which he thought was a cockney means of expressing disagreement. For a while he abandoned anarchism and took up Welsh Nationalism whereupon he pretended to be Welsh, adopting the name Ieun ap Asgwrn which, I believe, translates as Ian son of Bone. Later he reverted back to the all purpose cockney whose rallying cry is faarkin wanker. He was creepy, and tries to scare children as seen in his Eton demo.

  • Mrs Asbo

    Sold my eggs for £750

    Brand new home….

    Jobs a good 'un.

  • Duck

    The latest from the Bonist camp is that the master will not be leading both animal rights protestors and his class warriors, The former are having their own demonstration. Bone has decided, quite arbitrarily for an anarchist, to hold a separate demonstration for his army along the river. He says it will be peaceful which means that the sacking of Cambridge may be postponed.Watch out for Bone, he will be the strange looking man holding his cardboard banner with the word 'wanker' written on it. However, there are rumours that St Bone will preach to the wild life on the river banks and thereafter walk on the water. Needless to say, if this does not take place, his disciples will be instructed to swear that it did.

    • RowersNotMowers

      Ian Bone is an anarchist leader.

      That is all.

  • butler

    Bone has picked his candidate for Mayor of Hackney. The picture of the BNP reject in full fascist type uniform says everything you need to know about Bone and his devoted followers (all 8 of them).

  • Brian Damage

    "He’s wrong in his assertion that Cambridge is Eton plus"

    Yeah, no public-school kiddies at cam, well said. No toff clubs, funny rituals, real tennis, initiations, drunken groups sodding around in city parks, blazer-clad rahs, etc.

    Oh no, hang on, wait…

    • are_you_at_durham?

      didn't really engage with the point, did you?

  • Daventry bland

    Is Mr Bone part of the group that calls itself Cambridge Anarchists?

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