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Library Whispers shuts down after cases of cyber-bullying.

Anonymous site Library Whispers has today been shut down after “bullying and aggressive messages” from a “large number of individuals”.

The site has seen occasional offensive comments since its inception last year, but these have escalated recently causing founder Oliver Rees to close it down.

A statement on the site claimed that “it has turned into a forum of hate” and claimed that “the decision to close the site was taken before anything really bad happened”.

One regular user told The Tab that there were the occasional sexist comments which turned nasty, and that things had been getting worse recently.

Library Whispers was “started to give people the opportunity to break the boring revision period with a bit of interest”, and has for the most part been an interesting and diverting place to procrastinate.

Oliver Rees had no further comment other than that he was focusing a on a new project, We Are Cambridge.

End of an era: the page today

One user reacted to its closure with a Facebook status saying “Library whisperers is no more =(. Going to have to make do with listening into grad whispers in the real library. Nightmare.”

Clare mathmo Juan Ojeja told The Tab that the site’s anonymity, one of its selling points, made its demise inevitable: “anonymity incites bullying as you can completely disregard consequences, it gives people a sense of power to completely trash someone who perhaps they’ve never met.”

But it isn’t all bad news. Adam Gray, second year muso from Selwyn, said ‘I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if there was a noticeable improvement in exam results this year.’

It seems Cambridge students will have to find a new way to gossip and procrastinate in the run-up to exams.

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  • #therat

    i squealed

  • But how will I know

    what's happening in Corpus toilets now????

  • Whispers down

    Only the tab to go!

    • Helen Charman

      Yes, only the tab to go! Come read varsity we have a new article today!

  • Good point

    Adam Gray

  • Adam Gray

    I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if I was a twat

    • Grammar Police

      If I WERE a twat.

      • Adam Gray

        I genuinely would not be surprised were I to somehow scrape a 2.i this year…

        • muso

          Just as long as you don't cheat like you did last year; you were lucky the invigilator was so lenient ("please hum more quietly").

  • Disappointed

    Are you actually serious?! Have you read the article you utter moron

  • This is just

    Such a stupid comment

    • curious

      What did he say? It's been deleted now..

  • WYVERNS 4lyf

    He's just such a massive deal

  • The UL

    TPJ takes all the 'friendly' abuse on here like a real trooper.

    That Magdalene bucket should learn from his stellar example.

    • woop U21 yay

      Great call

  • jjj

    So what was this "worst kind of bullying" ? The article doesn't tell anything other than that some of them allegedly sexist.

  • you're the dick

    that got library whispers shut down.

    nice one mate. cunt.

  • cyber bully

    What a nerd.

  • douchepatrol

    thanks to your targeted victimising of random people you shut down a website that was someone's hard work. websites like library whispers take a load of hard work and because of some desire to bully some people you got it shut down. grow up we're not 15.

    • in opposite land

      yes, i am sure whoever made that comment is responsible for the website shutting down

  • individual

    how do they know it's a large number of individuals? it's anonymous, could just be one creative and prolific individual

    • You have

      an IP adress.

      • you have

        no sense of humour

      • and

        poor spelling

  • hlounge

    library whispers may have been closed, but it's still an #hloungelife

  • most people

    what actually happened?

    • Disappointed

      What an awful (in the bad sense) Tab article! -instead of giving us the details of the bullying. Sample comments made on the website, etc. Opportunity wasted.

  • juandefrancisco

    Who the hell is Juan Ojeja?

    • Everybody

      Shut up Juan.

    • Juanker

      BTW, Juan, your website's a bit poo.

    • Who

      the fuck are you?

    • Go away

      Why don't you just do juan?



  • I blame


  • Wow

    Juan you are quite literally one of the least gifted photographers I have ever come across.

    • Grammar Police

      Juan, you are quite literally one of the least gifted photographers across whom I have ever come.

      • Grammar IA

        actually, if they didn't use a relative pronoun (i.e. "who/whom"), it is perfectly correct to say "one of the least gifted photographers I have ever come across".

        Go read up on X'-theory.

  • P.H.

    briefly and pleasurably procrastinate here instead, if you will:

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