Trapped in the UL!

Locked in the UL, alone, cold and scared. Won't happen to you? That's what Freya Evison thought...

Saturday, 5pm, University Library. Suddenly you find yourself alone. Alone and locked in. ‘Sh*t, f*ck wank, bollocks’ you may think if caught in such a situation. But not Freya Evison.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, Freya found herself in this nightmare (and retrospectively humorous) situation.  Did she cry for her mother? Did she run around the stacks screaming SOS?

No, she  handled the situation with dignified grace and logic, and here she tells us her story.

Freya’s experience was a surreal enlightenment on patience and panic control, “I felt like a book-ish Bear Grylls” she informs us, and considers herself one of a handful of UL “born survivors”.

Immediately she phoned a friend (what she would have done with no phone she knows not and nor do we), who in turn got onto negotiating the terms of Freya’s release with the UL’s reception.

She remained cool, calm and collected and banged steadily on the door. Sometime later, to Freya’s surprise, the door was unlocked by one very angry cleaner who felt the fault of the traumatic lock-in should fall to the traumatized  historian.

And what she would like to say in response to this treatment? “I probably couldn’t blame him. I’m the last thing you’d want to find – I’d be a nightmare to put in lost property”.

Despite this man’s dubious judgment and patrol skills, Freya escaped unscathed living to tell this juicy tale.


And what happens if you find yourself in a similar predicament? Freya shared her recommendations on how to keep your sanity as you wait to be rescued…

 Create a comfortable nest of books, preferably the paperbacks, in which to cocoon oneself to while away the hours.

 Burn the books. Both culturally and intellectually blasphemous. But an experience all the same. Or a necessity in winter months.

 Be unnaturally nerdalicious and revise.

 If with a partner of your choice, have sex. It would be one tick off the must-dos. Ah-mazing.

 Find the UL’s copy of Karma Sutra and read up.

 Hit up the tea room and scavenge


But above all, she advises  “not to call your so-called friends in your time of crisis. Their response will be something along the lines of’ ‘hahahahaha that is fucking hilarious’, telling everyone you know but doing nothing to try and help you.”

And would she want to be locked in again? “Oh yeah – only if I was locked in the tea room though. Entertaining myself with tea and cake beats books.”

  • Orladdo

    I wouldn't mind entering her comfortable nest

  • Russell Wilson

    Paperback writer!

  • Sad

    This could have been a brilliant article.

    It is not.

  • oh god

    imagine getting trapped in the manuscript room…. the horror.

  • Meh

    She's been around

  • Bunterlad

    Take off those retarded hipster glasses, bitch.

  • photography…

    …is prohibited in the UL. The Tab would be well-advised to remove the pictures if they do not want to face litigation, and co-operate with the UL in providing information as to source of aforementioned pictures.

    • hello


      • but…

        if it were sasha, the comment would surely have been prepended by "Sir:"

    • It's quite clearly ME library.

      • classmarks

        indeed: the classmarks on the books in the picture are most definitely not the UL format.

        but if it were a College library, photography is still probably illegal. Any request for photography anywhere in my College (obviously not the same as the one featured in the photographs, since I do not recognise it) has to be approved in advance by Council, and written consent has to be obtained from all participants in any photograph.

  • Impartial Observer

    Cool story bro

  • hang on

    was she stuck in a lift or what?

  • i would.


  • Prince Harry

    Somebody needs to smash her back doors in…to rescue her of course…

  • Hippie

    I throw up my peace signs to the world and throw my hair back in metaphoric praise. I hope the world becomes a better place for everyone where we all share the love for books Freya has, where we are driven to lock ourselves up in libraries for the sake of knowledge and enlightenment. What sheer determination and courage. Peace, love, happiness bros. Freya, you ledge (not the geographical feature, the other one).

  • To be fair…

    if you choose to stay in the UL after it closes, it's your own fault. Entirely. Had you then stayed until it reopened on Monday morning, that would have been impressive. But you didn't. So it wasn't.

  • Johns boy

    freya is really really hot. wouldnt mind staying in the UL with her….

  • those glasses suck

    Worst article ever. Seriously I would expect this from a school newletter by 10 year olds, but not from someone who might one day actually be a cambridge graduate. For shame

  • John Smith

    Thick girl forgetting that intuition has a closing time, is found by cleaner.

    Stella journalism.

    • Offended R

      I'm just as much a part of stellar as anyone else!

      • Unless…

        he was proposing that this article is to journalism what Stella is to lager: fairly innocuous, but a bit boring and there's bound to be better stuff out there.

  • Bookish Ray Mears

    "I felt like a book-ish* Bear Grylls"

    So basically, according to the Discovery channel this week.

    You jumped off a cliff, pissed on your own t-shirt then put it back on and some spiders?

    (*while carrying a copy of Stendhal's Le Rouge et le Noir)

    • Luke


  • Ben Langridge

    Average to poor.

  • boring

    it doesn't seem like she went through much of an ordeal…

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