Cambridge Student Arrested in Exam Scam Sham

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A student at Darwin is in the slammer for helping immigrants cheat their way into the county.

A Master’s student from Darwin has been arrested after sitting English language exams for cash in an immigration related scam.

Junhua Yu, who was studying for an MPhil in architecture, has been jailed for 12 months for his actions.

Yu posed as a series of different Chinese nationals using fake passports and sat exams on their behalf as part of a scam to sneak them into the UK. The exams were to help young Chinese people secure student visas.

Police caught Yu on March 10 this year sitting an English language exam with a fake passport. After a search of Yu’s Darwin House accommodation it turned out that Yu was in the possession of six passports bearing his photographs but with different names.

Yu was sentenced in Cambridge Crown court after pleading guilty to charges of possessing false documents and conspiracy to break UK immigration law.

Yu, who was apparently a brilliant student, had no other criminal record and now faces deportation to China after his sentence.

6 fake passports were found in a shoebox in Darwin accommodation

The student got involved in the scam after being sent an internet link by a group of conspirators who targeted cash-strapped students of Chinese descent. The Tab has learned that those operating the ring have been arrested.

Moiez Farhan, an overseas student completing a masters’ in law, said Yu’s actions were ‘clearly wrong’. However, a Robinson postgrad from overseas sympathised with the difficulties foreign postgraduates face trying to make ends meet.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for foreign students to study in Britain, despite the fact that they contribute between £5bn and £8bn to the UK economy each year. New rules on student visas include tougher English language requirements and limits on the number of dependents allowed for those taking short courses.

The news of Yu’s arrest comes only a week after the Tab reported that Chinese students were paying up to £100,000 for educational consultants to help them get into Oxbridge.

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  • Headline_Judge

    Was that really the best headline you could come up with, given this guy's surname?

    How about:
    "Does this passport belong to Yu?"
    "Will Yu do my exam for me?"
    An unYusual source of funding
    Darwin's theory of evolYution

    • Headline Judge Judge

      Was actually quite a good, if concise, and well informed article I thought. But by all means focus on the lack of puns in the fucking headline.

      • Reality check

        Because we all read the tab for good, well informed articles

    • Not sure…

      but is that racist?

    • TabEditor

      Applications to

  • Russell Wilson

    With love, from me to Yu.

  • Matt Burke

    Fuck Yu

  • Burke

    Baby Yu light up my world like nobody else

  • I feel for Yu

    I feel really sorry for him, 12 months in prison is harsh in my opinion.

  • Bounder

    nothing wrong with being 'creative' in dealing with exams:

  • Borderline Racism…

    Am I the only one who noticed that the author isn't sure if Yu is a man or a woman? To be fair…I can't tell either.

    • Eh??

      Have you read the article yet?

    • Fail

      Yu is male. I got that from the second line.

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