UPDATE: Two Charged Over Fitz Robbery

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Officers detain two men in relation to the Fitz robbery in London after Crimewatch appeal.

Update: May 4th, 9am

Police have charged a man and a boy with theft and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Patrick Kiely, 28, from London, and a 15-year-old who cannot be named will attend Cambridge Magistrates’ Court this morning after being arrested on Wednesday.

More to follow

Police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery at the Fitzwilliam Museum this morning.

The men were picked up by Cambridgeshire and Metropolitan policemen in London, and are currently being transported to Cambridgeshire.

The breakthrough comes after the case was broadcast on BBC1’s Crimewatch last night, prompting “more than 10 calls”.

An estimated £18million worth of Chinese jade artefacts were stolen on April 13th. Their whereabouts are still unknown, but experts suggest it is likely to be sold on the Chinese black-market.

The entire heist is thought to have been well-planned and smartly executed, with the thieves entering the museum, taking the items from behind re-enforced glass and leaving within 10 minutes.

Police have released details of a white van they believe was connected to the robbery, as well as CCTV footage broadcast last night.

In the aftermath of the theft questions have been raised over the Museum’s security, which used only a silent alarm system which was not directly linked to the police.

However, the museum has remained open to the public and continues to house extremely valuable items despite an admission that it needs to review its systems.

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