Golden Girls

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TOM RASMUSSEN is inspired by The Union's Japanese festival in this week's Eastern fashion shoot.

Japanese fashion has hit the industry hard this year!

Looking to the East for inspiration we see clean lines, beautiful fabrics, glowing colours and wild patterns. With so much variety in Japanese fashion you can go street, Lolita, or even traditional. With the Union’s Golden Festival this week – a celebration of Japanese culture raising money for tsunami victims – we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at the exciting things they’ve got in store for you.

Check out this week’s shoot for some international style inspiration, and see the Facebook event for more information about the festival.

Buy tickets for the Golden Festival Party here:

Styling: Tom Rasmussen

Photography: Eliska Hascovkova

Kimonos: Lyuba Johnson Kimonos

Evening Dresses: Bethany Kelman

  • a bit extreme?

    6th photo down – you really think that's how we should all be dressing? just seems more fancy dress than street style.

    • Satan

      It's not street style you chode.

    • Time and a place

      They're worn for festivals and other special occasions. It's different yes, but would you accuse someone wearing a kilt of being in fancy dress?

      • St George


    • Kaishin

      That type of kimono is more for traditional wear rather than street style. However lolita is a street style that is popular around the Harajuku. Harajuku is home to all kinds of fantastic styles, and you can even check Wikipedia's article to find out more about them.

      • Lyuba

        Actually this type of kimono styling is as far away from traditional kimono as can be, because traditionally kimono is not worn with western accessories and boots, nor is it worn that short.

        • Kaishin

          My bad, listen to the kimono expert.

    • Surprised…

      that you got to the 6th photo down before asking that question. I don't think any of these will catch on in Cambridge, with the possible exception of the long flowery dresses…

  • fan

    9th photo down. great in every way.

  • I just want to stand

    on that window ledge and watch the world too.

  • GlitterBoobs

    lovely pictures, nice venue idea, go Tom x

  • 5th photo down

    Clothes – Model's own?

    • Kaishin

      Nope, mine. I haven't identified the origin of the sleeveless jacket (bought it in Camden), but the trousers are from Unplugged Museum. Shoes are Tom's.

  • Juanker

    Hahaha Juan has to wear platform shoes because he's a little man

    • confused

      he looks like a cartoon character but i can't put my finger on who. anyone get my drift?

  • just

    juan photo?

  • Christina

    I dress like that all the time! Any kimono enthusiast does =D

    • VON ZAP


  • Elle

    Not loving the photography here but there's some interesting style statements Tom. Look forward to seeing more at the festival!

  • I'v

    Pleasantly quirky styling but the dodgy contrast is killing these photos for me. To be honest i think a lot of the fashion feature photography is lacking. Is Eliska seriously the only fashion photographer the Tab has…?

    • Harri

      I don't think it's only the contrast though…the colour's way off. Everything has a blue cast. Either the camera's white balance hasn't been set right or someone has been having some fun in Photoshop.

      It's really obvious when you see it next to a copy that's been corrected:

      • Elle

        God! Look at the difference…love the impact of the second one. Wow.

    • JJacob

      LOL…Maybe this person should be doing the Tab fashion photography :p

  • mole


  • the other Japanese woman in Tom’s life

    This photoshoot KILLLLLS IT. So hard to do Japanese-themed shoots without being cringy, this is so edgy and the photography/post production is amazing. Really brings out the colours. WELL DONE TOM + ELISKA, the new ANNA and GRACE x

  • ..fgh

    this is so bad

  • Number 5…

    Is definitely not a girl, let alone golden. I am dissapoint

  • Harri

    Love the composition of #2, I just wish there has been a tiny bit more attention to detail so that the wall in the top right could have been excluded!

    Otherwise it's a beautiful photo, the redeeming point of an otherwise badly executed collection of photographs.

  • JJacob

    Ugh, so washed out. And what does 4th down have to do with fashion? Lovely lip prints girls, but I can barely see what you're wearing.

  • sarkozy

    what the fuck is going on?

  • Lex

    Men love all female things Japanese and Chinese
    because they are petite, and they do what you tell
    them without 5 arguments. Right men?

  • Chris

    Now don’t be so harsh to judge Dan Flatt.
    He has many important things to do like attempting to break the world record for eating brussle sprouts….

  • The Truth

    It’s time to vote RON and kick these inept New Labour careerist wankers out of our union and force them into the real world.

  • Nigel Farage

    I believe in Dan Flatt!

  • ALternative needed

    Perhaps they should coerce students into voting by having a REAL CHOICE of candiates rather than 15 candiates all promising the exact same thing

  • Raskolnikov

    Dan Flatt doesn’t care about pissing off the student population, or whether his arrogant actions cause a flood of extra RON votes. It will all have been worth it to him if he can add a line to his CV saying that he increased voter turnout by X%. An absolute disgrace of a president. His legacy is a steaming pile of shit

  • Hanlon’s Razor

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequetly explained by studpidity

  • Fen Greatley

    The grammar and basic maths mistakes in this article say it all, really.

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