UPDATE: Truly Medley Deeply Do Britain’s Got Talent

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Cambridge rising stars Truly Medley Deeply are set to give a stellar performance on Britain's Got Talent tonight.


If you missed TMD’s performance, the whole clip is now on YouTube.

The lads are through to the next round, so keep checking The Tab for updates on their progress in the competition.



Student act Truly Medley Deeply have been playing in Cambridge for years, but now they’re set to take the stage by storm tonight on Britain’s Got Talent.

The up and coming acoustic act from Cambridge are making an appearance on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent.

The three-piece band are famous for taking popular hits and remixing them into unplugged versions. So far they’ve played the Cambridge circuit of garden parties and May Balls to great acclaim.

But tonight they’re going on stage in front of discerning judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon.

Tapping that: Truly Medley Deeply give BGT a bash

The Tab caught up with Nick Goodwin, the guitarist who performs alongside Charlie Cotton on mandolin and Dominic Johnpillai on violin and crotch-bongos.

They originally auditioned in front of a Cardiff audience in January.

“It was a great experience”, remembers Nick. “We thought it went down pretty well at the time, hopefully we’ll come across okay”.

Although their act has been tried and tested in front of a Cambridge audience, the BGT crowd took to the quirky group in a flash.

“It was all a bit of a blur, but we got a good response“.

As for no-nonsense judge Simon Cowell, renowned for his brutal approach to auditions, “he didn’t like our name, but he liked our act”.

Cantabs are eagerly awaiting TMD‘s performance tonight.

Second year Trinity student Nick Marshall said “I’ve got so much time for those top, talented boys in the band. I’m sure they’re going to give a cracking show, I can’t wait”.

Also keen to see Nick, Dom and Charlie is Holly Lovering, 3rd year Girton student who told The Tab “I love Nick Goodwin almost as much as I love Simon Cowell. Tonight all my sexual fantasies are coming true”.

Tune in from 8:30 tonight to see rising stars Truly Medley Deeply on ITV1.

  • Oh god

    Not Holly Lovering again -_-

  • TMD fan

    shortest performance ever. boooo

  • Ooooooh my

    Nick Marshall!

  • TPJ

    Nick Marshall is a bloody great guy, he's excellent value, all in all a brilliant bloke.

  • yyyyeaaaaaahhhhhh

    take that, oxford.

  • Ninja

    Just so you know, even Joey Essex loved the performance, tweeting: "These 3 cambridge boys are Doing Bits!!! Good work." YAY!

    • value-added

      good work ninja

  • Hmmm


    Oxford boffins, apparently…

  • SimplePleasures69

    These boys are genuine, the real mccoy! Tidy!

    • charge

      good job davo

  • WHAT





  • asr

    That 11 year old who went on a couple of acts afterwards was really pretty.

    • asr

      What? She was.

  • Big Name Police

    Don't worry Marshall, you're free to go.

  • Wakkers

    i am a fucking goon

  • confused

    what happened to them?

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