Caius Cans Pasty Plans

The West Cornish Pasty Company try, and fail, to join the unholy trinity of Life, Death and Gardies.

Plans to serve late-night pasties in Cambridge hit the rocks on Thursday, following complaints from Gonville and Caius College.

The West Cornish Pasty Company had planned to join nearby post-lash favourites, The Van of Life and Gardies.

The West Cornwall Pasty Company had hoped to pitch pasties to pissed-up Cantabs until 4.00 am but neighbours, including Caius, objected to the proposals.

The college seems to have been unimpressed with the prospect of people staggering around for a post-Cindies pasty fix, and claimed that the move would “prolong disturbance to students preparing for examinations”.

The company has since dropped its bid.

But students seem unaware of the college’s objections. Immy Gardam, second year Caian, told The Tab: “No one’s contacted me and no one’s been speaking about it.”

The pirate-themed pasty place may have a right to feel argh-grieved however.

The McDonalds’ next door is open 24 hours on weekends, while the Van of Life, opposite the shop, keeps serving well into the early hours of the morning.

La Raza’s busy smoking area can also be noisy at night, but the bar bought off students with free tea and coffee. No such luck for the pasty company, whose recent 20% student discount does not seem to have softened hearts.

Student fave Gardies is also around the corner, and also complained about the plans to the council.

It’s not all bad news for pasty-lubbers however. Despite college complaints, The Pasty Company has won the right to serve alcohol until 10.30 at night, although the grog will only be served with meals.

WCPC recently hit the headlines when David Cameron claimed he had enjoyed a large pasty from the company at Leeds station. It later emerged that the company had not sold pasties there since 2007.

But unlike the Tory front bench, students seem keen for a fix of mystery meat. Immy added: “It would make a welcome alternative to the terrible food at Caius hall.”

  • Rose Crescent Caian

    Caius students live all along Rose Crescent, and with exams on their way, it's only right that they object to this, but after exams, I would love a late night pasty! I'm sure agreements can be come to…

    • St Mike's Caian

      Because Rose Crescent is usually so quiet…

    • Derek Chisora

      I'm going to physically burn you

  • I thought…

    Caius students had a rep for being lads (see jcr-trashing gate). Clearly they are massive wetters.

    • Progress

      that's the freshers, the third years are a docile bunch, and the second years are like a halfway version. It's almost like they've grown up along the way or something.

      • really?

        No, the second years are shite.

        • Kort

          I'm a 2nd year caian and i'm a massive lad. disproved-a-mundo, mate.

    • umm

      Well you thought wrong cos nobody in cambridge is 'a lad' whatever you think that means

  • Caian

    With Gardies right in the middle of Rose Crescent, opening up the pasty shop till late wouldn't make a spot of difference. Typical Caius college management pretending to speak on behalf of students and just getting it wrong…

  • asr

    Doesn't the cornish pastie crop usually run out of pasties for the day by 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon?

    Maybe they should try continuing business up until thier current closing times before attempting to increase their opening times to 4 a.m.

  • ClassWarVictory!

    "The West Cornwall Pasty Company – dubbed “Posh Man’s Greggs” – welcomed the PM’s claim he had bought a pasty from the chain."

    A company 'endorsed' by Cameron fails in a 'Cambridge expansion bid'?

    Where's a quote from CUSU claiming this issue was really all about tuition fees and it was their campaigning that resulted in the city council's decision?

  • hal

    ^what in fuck

  • Hungry 3rd year

    Stop being so boring keys

  • Never mind…

    wouldn't eat the pasties anyway. I'd prefer a burger from the Van every single time if I'm lashed.

  • Gonville

    I would have allowed it. But my knobhead partner is a turbo-nerd

  • Fowler

    *at weekends

  • pasty@urbandic

    The most favourable referance for a vagina.
    Originating from the resemberlance to the top of a cornish pasty

    Bloke A: Did u get any last nite?
    Bloke B: Yer i totally smashed her pasty :)

  • Well I for one…

    can't wait to hear what ISpeakForTheStudents has to say about this.

  • Maximus

    At my signal, unleash hell.

  • Andy Ansah

    unbelievable brekkers

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