Si B Says Bye To Big Fish Ents

, News Editor

Nightlife icon and much-loved Cambridge personality Simon Burdus is leaving Cambridge for pastures new. Everybody's sad.

It’s been a tragic day for Cambridge. 

Local legend Simon Burdus has waved his last lash hound into Cindies after 9 years of dedicated service to student nightlife.

Simon, 27, has run BigFishEnts since 2004, but has announced his imminent departure from Cambridge.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Simon said “It’s time to pass the buck onto someone younger whose liver can take it”.

“I can’t stand at the front of a club anymore, I’m done. But I wouldn’t have wanted to do it anywhere else but here”.

Couple of guys, couple of drinks, having a great time

Leaving to focus on his various businesses around Britain, Simon – or Si B – will devote his time to protecting the environment, expanding his ostrich burger company, and bringing mixed martial arts to the island of Jersey.

Students all over the university will miss him. Simon’s old college drinking society, the Girton Green Monsters said that “Si B is a huge part of Cambridge and a credit to the Monsters. We’re sad to lose him but wish him well”.

They aren’t the only big dog boozers with a Si B-shaped hole in their hearts. Speaking on behalf of the Churchill Bulldogs, Elliott Malone said “He’s always treated us very well and made evenings out massively entertaining.

“Cambridge losing Simon Burdus will be like Cambridge losing a kidney. They say you’ll be fine but we all know it won’t quite be same”.

  • Stelios


  • Nick Marshall

    Si B was a fantastic fella, brilliant value, and an all round great guy. It'll be a frosty friday in July before we get over his loss. Boom.

  • TPJ

    good riddance

  • B L

    Simon Burdus. World's greatest human. Aoo Aoo Aoo

  • Lonely Boy

    But now who will send me invitations of Facebook?!!

  • Dog Enthusiast

    I tried to add him as a mate on Facebook™. My request is still pending. Several of my friends are enjoying the fruits of his pics, interests and wall banter.

    I can only wait and dream.

  • Rob Ireland

    Where was the article when I left?!

    • Questionable

      Who are you?

  • Yep

    As much as I dislike Cindies et al., that last quote is awesome.

  • Hele


  • burd is the word

    I always liked the chap -so good luck to him!

    So will Big Fish still be running? Just with someone else in charge? (assume that was why Tab were running full time recruitment ads for Big fish over the last few weeks?!!!)

    Or is he giving the nights back to CUSU? :-)

    • ISpeakForTheStudents

      Get lost Helen Charman

  • Wolfi

    Pleeeease not to CUSU, I hate those wankers

  • Confused

    Why is Si B sittting next to Ron Jeremy?

    • more confused

      And why is he drinking Si B's urine?

  • FinnB, ExCupids Pres

    is my big fish ents card still going to be valid??? i use it all the time to get into all the best london night clubs

    • Judge

      go home

  • Real

    Who is SiB, anyway. Tiny name!

  • more confused
  • fuck off

    theres only one baldy bastard

  • does that mean

    …that we don't get those annoying twats selling tickets in college any more? they've been clogging up my fbook feed for too long

  • now

    the big fish can swim free… to jersey.

  • bulldogs

    are not big dogs

  • Wow.

    These comments are an impressive astroturf operation…

  • The Woman in Black

    Simon's my real name

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