Upper Class-Holes

Balliol College have a travel grant specifically for Old Etonians so they can get paid to study 'poor people'.

An Oxford College is offering a massive travel grant for Old Etonians to study poor people.

Details emerged last week that Balliol College offers a whopping £4,000 postgraduate pay-packet for any student who had been schooled at Eton to study at a foreign university for a year.

There is a catch, however. The terms of this Gap Yah clearly state that applicants’ work must involve “a study of the social conditions of poor people”.

The fund was set up in the will of a Mrs D.J. Vaughan in the 1950s. While priority is given to Balliol students, any old Etonian at Oxford who fancies roughing it for a year is eligible to apply.

Balliol-Eton alumni include former Conservative PM Harold Macmillan and gaffe-prone Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The news is another blow to Oxford, which is desperately trying to shake off its rah-putation after a string of embarrassing revelations this year.

In January, 19 year-old Elly Nowell dramatically sent Magdalen College her own rejection letter, claiming it deliberately “intimidates state school applicants”, while last month, the notoriously elitist OUCA was expelled for the second time in three years after dining-and-dashing at a Pall Mall club.

Because the grant was part of a will, Balliol can’t do anything to change the details of the award, meaning young toffs will be paid to live like common people and see whatever common people do for years to come.

Fitz student Noreen Masud, who went to Jesus College, Oxford, has come up with a novel way to redress the balance, however.

“I think they should make the application process so involved and arduous that, in practice, it’s impossible to apply. Then they reabsorb the money.”

“Perhaps an application fee of £4,001?” she suggested.

  • O.E

    surely its good to see paupers and burst the bubble that is Eton.

  • yawn

    Fine, take issue with the person who donated the money and specified the conditions of the award – it is bizarre.
    But this is one award, open to applications, which will go to the one student who is the best applicant. And I doubt that would be a ''young toff'' with no better reason for applying than ''wanting to live like common people''. It would be a student who wants to study abroad and needs help paying the tuition fees. Typical bigoted tab article.

    • "needs help paying the tuition fees."

      Oh come on… Eton costs £30,000 per year.

      • Ever heard of scholarships and bursaries?

        • Forgetful

          How many students at Eton on bursaries? Not none, for sure, but not that many I'd guess. Let's call it 10%. Which seems high.
          How many Etonians apply to Oxford? A third maybe? In a good year?
          How many of those get in? 50% would be astonishingly good. My school tends to get about 1/3 of it's year into Oxbridge, and that's considered exceptional. And Eton's not the number 1 school in the country by any means!
          So, that would leave, at a high-end estimate, a probable 3% of Etonians with bursaries at Oxford. How many of them are likely to go to Balioll? 20-odd colleges, so we're looking at probably a fraction of a person a year.
          Then they need to want to study 'poor people' as part of their degree.

          Looks like there are very few people eligible to me!

          • Jackington

            Probably more than 10%. Eton is far and away the richest school in the country so they can afford to give assistance to students who will raise their average grades. I went to westminster which is considerably less wealthy than Eton and more than 10% of their students don't pay full fees.

          • Why don't you

            look up some statistics instead of guessing?

            • Agree

              22% receive some form of financial support.

          • Remembers

            No you're right, Eton is the second most successful school on Oxbridge entrance: http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/jul/08/u

          • FLOREAT ETONA

            'my school tends to get about 1/3 of it's year into Oxbridge' – did they teach you the difference between it's and its?

            1 in 4 students at Eton receive bursary

            Eton has set its primary financial aim as being able to afford to run the school with no income from fees (ie be able to afford to pay full bursary for all, making admissions entirely meritocratic)

            In my year, 200 etonians made applications (out of a year of 250) and 92 offers were made… of which 5 are at Balliol.

            If this donation to Balliol had been made by an Old Harrovian, noone would even give a shit.

            • Argh

              I hate the pretentious grammar police.

          • McKinsey

            Forgetful, you do realise that case study interview methods don't actually work in real life, right?

            Or if they do, you're shit at them.

        • Joe

          Ever heard of state schools?

      • Lazy thinking

        Because everyone at Eton is filthy rich? See comment below. They offer loads of financial support AND did it occur to you that the student applying, even if he did come from a well-off family, may either no longer be financially dependent on his parents or no longer wish to be?

        • Lazy thinking

          *comment above, about bursaries

        • Mate

          Bad comment, being poor isn't usually a choice.

      • No

        Yes, and PARENTS pay for schooling. Your mummy and daddy may be nice enough to pay for your uni fees, but mine certainly don't. Rich parents =/= rich student.

        • No

        • Poor you

          My heart bleeds.

      • Duh

        This award is SPECIFICALLY for students ''of limited means''.

    • phuqwhatyouheard

      Bigoted? lol the only rreall racism is that towards white people!

      • not

        yes the only form of bigotry is racism, and there is no such thing as racism towards white people.

    • 17 replies

      Just isn't enough.



    • NAAH

      Nope, PULP reference ("Common People")

  • Ricky Alty

    Being a tee total-er, I hate poor people.

  • Toff

    Hazaar. Love studying the oiks.

  • Johns

    This johnianally sounds like a good idea…

  • Balanced?

    A short, balanced, better article: http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/issue/news/anger-over-ox

    To qualify for the grant, applicants must achieve a 2.1 or higher in their final exams.
    Crucially, the grant is only available to undergraduates "of limited means."
    Approximately 22% of Eton's 1,300 students receive some form of financial support from the school.

  • http://fuckingschweffes.tumblr.com/ Fucking Schweffes
    • Haa

      Nick Hewett

  • Matty McBroide

    Those eton boys can suck the back end of my balls!

    • strange shapes

      Your balls have ends?

  • Balliol-dickins

    The money would be better spent on Old Etonians living like Old Etonians. Most Eton boys seem like poor people to certain types. I think this is a bad idea as we don't want to encourage poor people, it should be encouraging O. E. s to live with middle-class people.

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