Tab Trains: Roller Derby

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This week TabTV get rough n' tumble with all-female contact sport ROLLER DERBY.

Ever heard of warrior women on skates?

TabTV decides to check out the obscure world of Roller Derby hidden in the heart of Cambridge. Join Ophelia Chattergee as she meets the notorious Roller-Billies!


If you want to learn more, visit their website at

  • Anonymous

    Ophelia song coming on!

  • Voice Coach

    Roller Daarby


    Best film everrrrrr.

  • polo on bikes

    looks so much cooler

  • Library Fan

    Worth noting – it wasn’t *decided* at AGM that the library should be open 24hrs – it was announced that the Uni Principal had committed to making it so. Which is a lot more happy!

  • anon

    This is brilliant.

  • Phil Manil 212

    This is funny but I don’t understand any of it. Why would you have an only Stirling version. Totally pointless. So dumb.

  • Oxjam Stirling Takeover

    Top up your Tab Cards Against Stirling with the full original pack and two expansion packs by winning at our tournament to raise money for Oxfam at the Settle Inn, Stirling. You can win with funniest answer, most black cards or by winning the raffle!

  • Mother of Dragons

    Are you joking? The Quidditch team is 24th out of 46 in the UK! We have competed tournaments and are sending players to the UK cup!!! So many people have worked so hard for that team to be laughed at publicly!! Check you facts before you make up things like that, we are far from failing.

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