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A Cantab is one of 7 brits barricaded in a ski chalet demanding in protest at not being paid.

A Fitz grad is one of seven Brits who have barricaded themselves inside the ski chalets in protest at being dismissed without pay. 

Aanya Madhani, who graduated last year, was one of the group working for ski-tourism company Skithe3V, who abruptly terminated their contracts after a busy period.

The chalet hosts, who include three recent graduates and two gappies, were informed that they would not receive any wages for the three week period worked.

Now stranded with no money for new accommodation or a way home, they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

Hell no, we won’t go: Les Menuires 7

Instead of going quietly, the five students and two older employees refused to vacate the chalet until they get paid, setting up a Facebook group in protest, raising awareness on the radio and online.

Skithe3V is owned by British businessman Mark Ridgers, who has previously served a prison sentence for fraud.

It is believed that Skithe3V pulled a similar stunt over the Christmas holidays when they employed a large group of youngsters before dismissing them without any wages as soon as the busy period was over.

An attempt to negotiate with Mr Ridgers broke down earlier today, so the group decided to make the most of the wonderful weather conditions. Several of them are skiing this afternoon and the rest are relaxing in the chalet awaiting the company’s next move.

  • Brendan

    that guy is a real asshole, these guys deserve their wages!!!

    • Brendan's Friend

      Yeah! Yeah they do!

  • Dereck Chisora

    Say it to my face.



      • bring it

        big boy 😉 xxx

  • WOW


  • Madhorny

    yeh, to be fair, it's not about the money – getting locked in a chalet with a few guys is all I want… I f**** laaaav it in my brown.

  • Just me or…

    is the guy on the right clearly photoshopped in?

    • yeah but

      as I understand it, he was the one taking the photo. they would be a pretty shit "Les Menuires 7" if there were only 6 of them – therefore shoopin'

    • LOL

      Haha this is quite funny

  • Curious

    What happened in the end? Did they get their money?

  • LM7

    We got paid a small sum each with the promise that the rest of the money owed would be paid as normal into our bank account at the end of the month. Nothing as of yet has arrived in any bank account…The director is being chased up by French authorities and faces severe penalties for not paying us. Will have to wait and see what happens next…

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