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TOM RASMUSSEN brings this weeks shoot into bloom, by mixing colour, florals and Americana...

Now we’re heading into Spring, it’s time to make your wardrobe bloom. Pull out your loudest florals, and team them with fluoro-luxe pieces. Merging these trends will really make your outfit pop. Add a hint of Americana by wearing torn denims, slogan tees and anything bejewelled. This week’s shoot should give you some inspiration, so check it out:

Styling: Tom Rasmussen

Photography: Eliska Haskovcova

Model: Gloria Thomas

All clothes are Vintage or Topshop

  • These photos

    get better every week. Eliska, you are quite something.

  • wha?

    "it’s time to make your wardrobe bloom"…. now look at these boring blue-wash photos

  • deeply impressed

    this could be in any of the great editorials

  • Philip Pirrip

    Joe regularly showed me a kindness or two at the forge but I was not allowed near his torn denims.

  • yes

    this is absolutely stunning photography. Also, Rasmussen is a genius.

  • is that

    a milk trolley from sainsburys in the last photo?

  • incandescent

    why mute the colours in a shoot based on flouro? she might as well be wearing pastels

  • photoshop

    think you might need to fix your white balance a bit

  • Helson Mandela

    This is extremely impressive in every way x

  • Will Lawrenson

    this is shit

    • Gareth Rhys


    • Will and Gareth

      Who are you? Why are you such a freak?

  • hypocrisy

    what happened to big girls are beautiful?

    • Daily Mail

      He's gone for an ugly bird instead.

    • realistic

      well they arent really are they?

  • Anon


  • aww darling

    so pictures not even an attempt at an article to compliment the?? intelligence of fashion article authors speaks for its self

  • observer

    the cage one is fantastic

    but i agree (seriously, rather than catily) that it would be nice to see some diversity in your models' bodies Tom in terms of 'plus size' etc

  • Scott

    I like the feel of these images. They are classic Haskovcova. I particularly like image No. 6. The model Gloria Thomas has an interesting look.

  • I just noticed this

    Reaching for a cheeky feel in #6.

  • Simon Bibby

    Not true of my GP – the question is, why doesn’t VP Tomlinson hold the university to account for requiring such mundane information? The reason doctors have to charge for these notes is that a number of employers now require them as a result of tribunals etc. There are no charges for long-term/chronic illnesses.

    Does the author honestly believe that the NHS, (and their staff), are flush with cash in these supposedly austere times? We are fortunate to have a healthcare system that is based on need rather than profit, and in any case I think students will be more concerned with their tuition fees and the price of a loaf of bread than medical treatments, which are always free at the point of use.

  • Anon

    This is not what the NHS is for. You’d have to pay for insurance, work (less than 7 days). The statutory sick note given by GP’s is actually for statutory sick pay and is a legal document.

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