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Did you get filthy last week? TabTV did - see how it went here.

Back by popular demand, Filthy Lucre 2 jumped into action with a completely unique compilation of music.

Mixing classical with jazz, pop with soul and pumpping ┬ásome serious bass throughout the evening, The Vaults was transformed into a uber cool, acid rainbow venue. Here’s TabTV’s take on the night…


Some tunes from the night

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  • TPJurassic

    I didn't have time to watch the video because I was busy attending Zoology lectures.

  • Meg

    Where is the baby blue coat from??

    • Flensch

      The 80’s

  • ForzaFlow

    I haven’t seen anybody in campus style studying a proper degree.

    • ForzaBeHatingGetPutInYourPlace

      Biology is a more than respectable degree. Take your head out of your arse, You probably scraped in anyway. Love, a physics student.

  • Lloyd Reid

    You’re about a week late here guys… And no mention of the infamous Tiger Mondays, no?!

  • M

    2CB is non-toxic, meaning tjat it is impossible to overdose. Please stop scaremongering tactics; its poor journalism and bad for anyone that wants genuine information.

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