UPDATE: May Ball Guide 2012

Peterhouse, King's, Clare, Caius and Trinity have stepped into the frame. All the info, all in one place.

Friday 15 June


Theme: Red Planet.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £85 (standard), £100 (queue jump), and £120 (dining).

Robinson 2011 review.

Saturday 16 June


Tickets: SOLD OUT £300 (standard), £350 (champagne reception), and £400 (dining) per double, with a £10 discount for Peterhouse students on their first double ticket.

Fun fact: Peterhouse is this year’s only white tie ball.


Theme: The End of the World

Tickets: £92 (standard) and £173 (double). Dining SOLD OUT

Fun fact: So certain of their theme are the committee that they advise punters there’s “No point paying for tickets to other balls that will not happen…”

Hughes Hall 2011 review.

Sunday 17 June


Theme: Illusion.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £72 (standard) and £82 (VIP) including an optional £2 charitable donation.

Fun fact: In the past, the June Event has played host to Chase and Status and Artful Dodger.

Monday 18 June


Theme: The Divine Comedy – Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradisio.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £130 (standard) and £150 for guests from outside the university. VIP is £40 extra.

Fun fact: Clare’s Old Court lends itself well to design, with last year’s Alice in Wonderland theme seeing the Cellars turned into a rabbit hole and the Mad Hatter’s tea party in the Fellows’ Garden.

Clare 2011 review


Theme: World of Festivals.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £122 (standard), £138 (priority), and £157 (dining) including an optional £2 charitable donation. Available to Jesus students from 8am on 31 January and general release from 12.01am on 6 February.

Fun fact: This year’s entertainments include a casino and a nine-hole Jesus Open Crazy Golf Course.

Jesus 2011 review


Tickets: APPLICATIONS CLOSED £310 (standard), £370 (VIP), and £430 (dining) per double with a £20 discount for Trinity students. Applications now closed.

Trinity 2011 review


Theme: Metropolis – Two Tales, One City.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £77 (standard), £88 (queue jump) with 2% of ticket sales going to charity.

Clare bridge looking sufficiently glamorous

Tuesday 19 June


Theme: La Cidade Maravilhosa (Rio Carnival).

Tickets: SOLD OUT £122 (standard), £138 (VIP), and £157 (dining).

Christ’s 2010 review


Tickets: Price TBA. Available from 7 March.

Launch party: 8pm on 6 March at River Bar.

John’s 2011 review


Theme: John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Tickets: APPLICATIONS CLOSED £140 (standard) and £180 (dining). Currently open for Caius students only.

Caius 2010 review


Theme: A Night in Neverland.

Tickets: £70 (standard) and £80 (queue jump).

Newnham 2010 review

The survivor’s photo – will you make it?

Wednesday 20 June


Theme: The Four Elements.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £79 (standard) and £89 (queue jump).

Fun fact: Read about the recent controversy surrounding Wolfson June Event picking the same theme.

Trinity Hall 2011 review


Tickets: SOLD OUT £74 (standard) and £84 (queue jump). £5 discount for King’s students.

Fun fact: Sporting the motto “Beats not Bollinger”, King’s Affair is definitely the alternative May Week event. Swap your black tie for fancy dress and skank it up to bands, DJs and MCs on their 7 stages.

King’s 2011 review


Theme: El Dorado – The Lost City of Gold.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £67 including an optional £2 charitable donation. Available now for Pembroke students and general release from 12 February.

Pembroke 2010 review


Theme: Cinco de Mayo

Tickets: SOLD OUT £120 (standard) and £140 (dining).

READ about last term’s May Ball ticketing controversy.

Sidney 2010 review


King’s Affair in full swing

Friday 22 June


Theme: Fire and Ice.

Tickets: SOLD OUT £47 (standard) and £52 (priority) with a 10% discount when buying 8 or more.

Homerton 2010 review


Theme: The Great Gatsby.

Tickets: £89 (standard) and £119 (dining).

St. Edmund’s 2010 review

Brooklyn Bridge

Let St. Eddie’s take you back to New York in the roaring twenties


Theme: Elementa.

Tickets: Early bird prices until 22 February are £64 (standard), £70 (queue jump), and £86 (dining) including an optional £2 charitable donation.

Fun fact: Ladies – get £10 off your ticket when you hire a dress from Girl Meets Dress.

Wolfson 2011 review

  • TPJ

    Unfortunately I won't be attending any may balls this year. I'm too busy with U21s training

  • wtf

    £300-£400 is ridiculous. I know it's for a fouble but where's the money going srsly? I think sometimes the committee goes on a power trip and just pisses away the money on pointless crap.

    • Surprisingly

      tthings are quite expensive to put on…production companies, waste disposal, generators cost a lot before they even get started on food, drink and ents. At about £15 per hour I think you get your money's worth…

      • pauper

        Magdalene was just too expensive last year at £200 a ticket. Definitely not worth it.

        • Supply and Demand

          That's basically the same cost as Peterhouse (dining) this year. I'm not going to comment on the value, but I did buy a ticket anyway and I know the dining tickets sold really fast.

        • EasyBall

          £55 inc Taxi. Hey Homerton

          • GGG

            To be fair, heard a few good things about Homs event

  • Lazy

    I recognise those pictures from an article on May Balls on a certain popular online encyclopaedia.. ..

  • Guest

    Might want to mention on the article that Christ's Ball sold out all its tickets a few hours after they opened for sale a week ago Monday.

    • Yep

      Jesus sold out in about nine minutes.

      • Guest

        'gratz. Wasn't bigging up Christ's, just pointing out that it wasn't marked as 'sold out' at the time.

  • why

    is there nothing on thursday?

    • Informed

      traditionally it's to give the townspeople a night off from endless noise/fireworks/students stumbling home at 5am. which is sort of fair, really …

    • Because

      Official world record human sardines attempt in Life.

    • "Ha ha"

      There's nothing on Friday either.

      • Rebecca Black


    • Me_me

      Clare Hall is on Thursday

  • anon

    wrong Catz link. the website is up…

  • anon

    £300?! That's 50 tabs of acid.

    • interested

      where from?!

      • boring&isolationist

        £300 you could buy Rangers for that.

        and the U21 squad too.

  • King's Affair

    "… [tickets] currently available to King’s students only, and the rest of the university from Monday 20th June."

    I'm glad to see they'll let the rest of us have a chance on the date, if not the day, of the event.

  • Jamie Crawford

    5/10. Could have been 6/10, but this article wasn't informative enough

    • This is

      a comment of questionable value

  • Trollololo

    I'd kind of like to see what'd happen if someone let the bbc know that Hughes Hall May Ball was reusing their website design and content (badly) to publicise their event…

  • http://chball.soc.srcf.net/ Robert Norton

    You forgot to mention Clare Hall! We are having one on Thursday 21st June. Not much to say about it yet…

  • Do Christ's kno

    that 'la cidade maravilhosa' is completely incorrect Portuguese?

    It should be 'A cidade maravilhosa'

    • Hmmm

      This is the epitome of pretentiousness – a college calls its ball something which even the ball committee don't realise is gramatically bizarre…

      • Disappointed guy

        They could have just looked up Google translate. I'm just saying…

  • Leering Lardy Lad

    Tab it would be good to have an update on this soonish if thats alright

  • http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/how-to-be-a-hedge-fund-manager-12152/ John Paulson

    The definition of charity in Australia is derived through English common law, originally from the Charitable Uses Act 1601, and then through several centuries of case law based upon it. In 2002, the Federal Government establish an inquiry into the definition of a charity.

  • Impatient

    Errrrr Tab why haven't you updated this?!

  • CC FAN

    Crystal Castles is playing London the 15th, Newport on the 22nd, nothing in between. So who managed to book them? Pretty awesome name to have for a headlining act.

  • Iris

    I have got two spare tickets for the Jesus College May Ball this year available, as unfortunately I cannot attend. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested or know anyone else who might want the tickets, ideally I need to sort this out by tomorrow!

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