Jordan? Please, Bring Back Greer

Can Ms Price be described as a champion for anything except self-promotion?

Having seen Katie Price speak at the Union a few days ago I became convinced of something I had long suspected.  The ex-model was relatively charming, self-deprecating and honest about her life, claiming ‘there is no such thing as can’t’.  She is a more complicated woman than she seems.  But she is in no way a Feminist.

What she is is an excellent Capitalist.  She has worked out how to extract the maximum profit from her body and her marital and family life, churning out books, perfumes and singles – doing everything she can to push the ‘brand’ of Katie Price.  And she is hugely successful at that.

Yet just because a woman is successful or high-profile does not make her a Feminist icon.  Katie Price has done nothing to improve the cause of her gender as a whole.  For her it is all about individual achievement, based purely on her own determination, not about fighting alongside her ‘sisters’ but pushing them, and anyone else who stands  in her way, aside.

In this way she is similar to that other, in my opinion,  spurious Feminist icon who everyone’s been discussing lately: Margaret  Thatcher.  She was another woman who,  while enormously successful, was so on a purely individual basis and once she got into power did bugger all to help other women follow her.

I think it’s a rather sad state of affairs when it is women like these who are held up as icons for other women to emulate.  For, in my opinion, feminism is about collective endeavor and cooperation, not about individual drive and competition.  Every woman should be a Feminist, and every man too, striving for absolute gender equality – not merely facilitating the rise of a few successful women.

So, all respect to Ms. Price for making so much money from big boobs and a dramatic marital life, but Feminist icon?  Give me Germaine Greer any day.

Read the full report on the Union Debate HERE.

  • Dohvakin

    Give me Elisif the Fair any day of the week

    • Firebeard

      Feminist icon? That's Falking ridiculous.

  • Tab Right For Once

    DAMN RIGHT, good piece

  • katiefan101lol

    You make a reasonable point, but perhaps the case could also be made that Katie Price's message (even if she doesn't realise it herself) is that you don't need a hand-up from anyone (male or female) in order to be a successful woman, just as Thatcher became PM without any overtly feminist support. Perhaps the point is spurious in Price's case because she became successful in a field dominated by women, but for Thatcher the point is a better one. Of course both of them are exceptional talents at their respective areas of expertise and this doesn't imply that the gender gap is completely closed in the more average case, but it's a positive message nonetheless.

  • cenán x

    Have you never heard of post-feminism? What were you doing in your HAP exam?
    Surely the fact she is there and standing up for women in general is enough. What do you want from her :( ? She is hardly going to paint pictures with her period blood like Germaine Greer; that's pretty gross and also, let's be honest, just shut up. Stop basing your conception of feminism on a outdated 1970s paradigm. xx

    • sinead connolly

      Post feminism? Purlees……..that's just a construct aimed at convincing us "wimmin" to shut up! And using the word "paradigm" doesn't convincE me you made a valid argument, rather that you prefer to use"big words" to also shut up us wimmin!
      Let me tell you, after 20 years in the RN and as the mother of a girl, Greer's message is as valid as ever.

    • Grar?


  • Head in hands

    What on earth could be more feminist than this?

  • An actual feminist

    Germaine Greer is a disgrace to feminism; radical feminists like her have done nothing but undermine the crux of the movement, managing to make most men feel even more alienated from women's rights than they probably did before. She is also rather stupid, which doesn't much help. Anyone see last week's Question Time? Sigh.

    • An actual feminist

      (and since when did 'feminist' start having a capital letter? You don't spell nouns like that, did you not know? I am a Woman, etc…)

  • Hippy Liberal

    you lost me around the bit the part that said "when it is women like these.."

  • Hippy Liberal

    PS: Varsity had boobies on Page 11 this week!!!

    PPS: And an out of focus bum on page 15.

  • JCW

    She is the very epitome of "sex object" women: (ostensibly, artificially) attractive, but actually dim and uninteresting.

    Surely nobody really believes that a woman who has succeeded by dumbing down and tarting up advances the goal of gender equality?

  • Agreed.

    If a male model had made lots of money from selling his abs, following it up with a few books and a dubious lining in clothing etc we would not be hailing him as an icon. He would just be a successful businessman. Jordon is NOT a feminist icon. Making money out of an inherently misogynistic institution does not make you empowered, it just serves to reinforce belief in the stereotypes that the institution propagates. Please can the union have a proper debate on this, not just pander to the daily mail.

  • Uh huh

    Is nepotism a requirement for being a feminist icon now?

  • Try branching out

    You seem to go either for very "safe" opinions, or regurgitating ones which have been rather common in the press/round middle class dinner tables for some time. You deliver your line about Ms. Price being an excellent capitalist as though its something that you've just thought of, I mean come on, it really is a stale argument (also- just because it starts with capital doesn't mean it needs one!). I haven't read all your articles, but this was certainly those I have.

    Your style isn't bad- I think your work could be good if you spent some time actually coming up with a fresh idea for an argument rather than constantly taking tired ones and adding nothing new to them. Its just a little dull, where I think you could actually be quite interesting if you tried for a jot more originality.

    • Disagree with you

      This is a guess, but I don't think the opinions in this article are there because they are safe or regurgitated.

      Isn't it better to have opinions that you actually believe in rather than ones which are carefully constructed to light up those middle class dinner tables?

      Rather than criticising ideas regardless of their content for not meeting your exacting standards of freshness, could you at least articulate what you find wrong with describing Katie Price as a successful capitalist rather than a feminist icon?

    • Grar?

      well THANK GOD you were here to SORT EVERYTHING OUT twatty mctwat twat. You go for very safe criticisms. Oh, and your style is bad. And stop saying fresh, makes me think of PANTS

  • nah don't

    Greer is mingin

  • K. Kardashian

    Let's be honest, at least I managed a decent sextape.

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