The Tab’s T-Shirt Design Competition

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We're on the lookout for the next stash-master to come up. Submit your best Cambridge-themed design to win a fabulous prize, and the glory of seeing your design in print.

The competition is now closed – best of luck to all who entered.


Everyone loves stash. It is categorically important that people know that you’re at John’s (scarf), were in a Corpus lateshow (t-shirt), are on the JCR (hoodie) and play seconds lacrosse (trackies) without ever speaking to you.

But it’s pretty dull to be honest. Here at The Tab we’re devoted to providing the entertaining alternative, so we’re on the hunt for the best Cambridge-themed stash designs.

All you have to do is think up a witty, Cambridge-based (even Tab-based) slogan, pun or reference and send it to us. The best wins.

Frustrated by people across the street who don’t know how much you hate Oxford/rival college/Sophie Thorpe? Need to say something to everyone in Cindies but can’t shout loud enough? Stuck for a budget birthday present for psychoboatie friend? This is your chance to make a difference.

Some ideas to get you started

We’re also devoted to giving our readers free stuff. Winning designs will be printed for their designers, and the winners will also receive a free meal for two at the Riverbar Steakhouse and Grill.

Where winners dine in triumph

Entries should be sent to by 10pm Monday 9th January, either as jpeg images or text slogans.

Please specify where such images/slogans should be placed on the front/back of the T-shirt. Winners will be contacted by email within a week of the competition closing.

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  • TPJ

    I enjoy wearing my U21s stash, because I don't think people are currently aware of the fact that I play and train for the U21s!

  • TPJ

    I took time off training to enter this! Here's my design:

  • TPJ

    I've already got my U21s stash!

  • TPJ

    Despite my hectic U21s schedule, I am pretty much the Tab's only commenter, and will probably be the only one wearing this new Tab collection.

  • TPJ

    I am a shemale.

  • TPJ

    I used to train for the U21s… but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    • The only TPJ comment that's actually made me laugh…

  • J-Money


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