Ta Bouche Takes The Piss

Ta Bouche's trial of a pee-controlled video game has met with great success.

Cantabs have been streaming to Ta Bouche to try out a piss-tastic new video game being trialled in their urinals.

Ta Bouche installed the pioneering pee-controlled video game for a four month trial, and it’s proved to be a big hit.

The video game is hands-free, and involves a screen that rests above the urinal bowl. As the user pees, he is given three targets to aim for in the bowl: ‘Start’, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’. An infra-red device detects the stream, scoring points for accuracy and endurance.

So instead of being faced with blank walls and each other’s drunken banter, men can now enjoy some light competition with their co-pissers as they take a slash.

Ta Bouche: making peeing fun.

Staff are delighted that the the game, which centres around aiming, is improving hygiene in the gents loos.

Manager Graham Horner gushed: “We’ve heard nothing but great things. It has exceeded our expectations: they have boosted sales, our customers love them, and the staff love them. The buzz they’ve created is phenomenal.”

During the trial period, Ta Bouche reported that:

80% of customers are more likely to stay longer or return to the bar because of the system
100% said they would tell (or had already told) friends
• An eight week promotion for house shots resulted in an extra 264 shots being sold per week on average
• A Corona beer promotion saw sales grow by an average of 203 units per week (47% increase)

And after their success in Cambridge, the game is making its way into the real world, already appearing in Exhibit in South London.

Inventors Captive Media are confident that this is just the beginning, claiming the games will give customers “two good reasons to go out for a drink at a time, when so many people are opting to stay at home.”

And they haven’t forgotten about the ladies either: co-founder Gordon MacSween has assured women that although there are “good anatomical reasons” why the pee-controlled games won’t work in the Ladies’, quiz game units could take their place.

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