Holly’s Highlights: Week 8

It's week 8 - you've made it! Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON is here to guide you around the best events of the week, and give you a celebratory pat on the back.

I am weeping into my keyboard. This will, sadly, be my last Holly’s Highlights. There’s been some fun, quite a lot of nudity, and regrettably, some bacon vodka. It’s been beautiful. It’s been emotional. But, above all, it’s been cultural.

ART –  The Body in Women’s Art Now: Part 3 – ReCreation

Where? Murray Edwards

When? 10am-6pm, 27th Nov – 6th Jan 2012 (free entry).

Why? Last week I brought you the exclusive news that the girls’ colleges can do films that don’t involve sleepovers and cheerleaders.  This week, I can reveal that they can also do art. Inspired by the internet, the exhibition will feature interactive performance works by artists such as Helen Carmel Benigson and her alter ego rapper ‘Princess Belsize Dollar’, who was described as: “a Pipilotti Rist for a harder, more media-savvy generation au fait with The Hills and The Kardashians” by The Independent. Not your average art exhibition.

A still from Miri Segal’s ‘BRB’

 TV – Formula 1: The Brazilian Grand Prix

Where? BBC1

When? Qualifying: 3pm, Sat 26th, Race: 3pm, Sun 27th

Why? I’ve left it until my last week to ‘fess up and possibly earn some undying enmity: I am a massive petrol head. My first word was ‘traction control’, closely followed by ‘brrrrrooommm!!’ This weekend is the last race of the season – there will be thrills and spills of the high-octane kind, and then I will be in mourning until March for big engines and sweaty men in overalls.


MUSIC – Newnham Jazz and Cocktails

Where? Newnham

When? 8-11pm, Friday 25th Nov (free entry).

Why? This will be your last chance to a) Listen to the Emma Big Band this term, b) Drink cheap cocktails, c) Bag someone of the naïve female persuasion. It’ll be all egg nog and dodgy Christmas jumpers when you get home!

Everyone loves jazz and cocktails…

FILM – 50/50

Where? Vue Cinema, Grafton Centre

When? Out now

Why? Indie yet lovable Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Adam, a young writer who is diagnosed with cancer. Chubby yet lovable Seth Rogen is Kyle, his best friend that helps him deal with his discovery with weed and women. Business as usual.



UNION – Sir Patrick Stewart

Where? Cambridge Union, Bridge Street

When? 7.30pm, Wednesday 30th Nov

Why? As someone who has just been told by her supervisor that she can’t use split infinitives in her work, I will be going to assert my grammatical freedom and to joyfully shout, ‘TO BOLDLY GO’. Others may want to go to check out his impressive facial hair on the last day of Movember.

Impressive beard


Where? Mill Road

When? 10.30am-4.30pm, Saturday 3rd Dec

Why? Mill Road is a bit like passing through the looking glass; students who venture there are often astonished to find that there is a part of Cambridge which not only doesn’t have much to do with the university, but doesn’t even care. This fair is a big deal – the entire road will be closed in order to make way for a food fair, craft stalls, busking and live art. Get down there for some refreshing non-student fun.

You might want to bring your sunglasses.

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