Murray Edwards Get That Winning Feeling

NETBALL: MICHAEL ALHADEFF watches Murray Edwards continue to go on the march

It was yet another competitive round in the college netball league. TabSport catches up with all the action.

Murray Edwards 23-16 Corpus

Murray Edwards are quickly establishing themselves as the queens of college netball. The Muz girls continued their stonking progress by chalking up yet another win. They beat Corpus 23-16 in an entertaining affair.

The game wasn’t without controversy though – the match had a fair amount of contact and heated disaggrement over the ref’s call. It reflected just how hard both teams were pushing. Corpus’ goal keeper dominanted and made life difficult for the Muz shooters, who have been on fire recently. Muz’s goal shooter Maya Beano struggled to get possession and shooting wasn’t quite as good as normal but there was improvement as the half progressed.

If the attack struggled, then the Muz defense made sure they were not going to leak at the back with great play by Eliza Lefroy(GD) and Laura Gell and Paddie Ingleton, who shared keeping duties.

Muz go for goal

The match was mainly played out in the centre of the court and both teams turned over quite a few of each other’s centres, resulting in a close contest. The critical point came in the second half when Muz were really able to push ahead. They firmly established their lead by the end of the 3rd quarter, and victory was assured with a final push in the last quarter as Corpus tired.

Queens’ 22-18 Newnham

In another tight match, Queens’ also continued their winning run, but Newnham certainly didn’t role over. Both teams were on form, with players showing skill and determination.

Queens’ were faster out of the blocks and quickly established a 4-0 lead. But Newnham weren’t prepared to let Queens’ completely out of sight, coming back with a confident reply. Queens’ were able to do just enough to keep their lead.

The match revealed Newnham’s strength in depth, giving a good account of themselves despite missing a couple of top players. It was only a stingy Queens’ defense which kept out the excellent Newnham shooters. Queens’ offered a strong all-round performance: confident in possession, strong in defence and reliable shooting. Indefatigable centre court play from Abi May and Lottie Mungavin, was also crucial in helping Queens’ to victory.

John’s 24-20 Tit Hall

To underline the strength in Division One, this was yet another competitive match with John’s eventually claiming the victory. Despite only turning up with six players, Tit Hall started the stronger, winning the first and second quaters. Their surge in the first half was powered by goal shooter Antonia Mattos who had an eye for goal. However, John’s made a second half comeback, helped by the strong defensive paring of of Vicky Evans and Parisah Seyed-Safi  who only allowed one goal past them. It allowed the John’s attack to secure a narrow victory.

Photos courtesy of Maya Beano and Jeny Oates

  • Terrance

    The lycées in France also play netball. Some are all girls and have similar winning statistics

  • sporty girl

    loving the reporting of womens sport on the tab! thank you!!

  • Charlie Sheen

    I get "that winning feeling" every time I go to Murray Edwards.

  • TPJ

    I often get that winning feeling when I play for the Cambridge U21 rugby team…

  • Charlotte

    GO MTUCKZ ! x

    • RSD


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