May Balls-Up Hits Sidney Grads

May Ball tensions erupted after grad students at Sidney Sussex were excluded from booking tickets in a pre-sale yesterday.

Sidney Sussex grads are furious after a website cock-up meant they couldn’t buy presale May Ball tickets.

Despite tickets being released at 4pm yesterday, a technical error meant that grad students were unable to buy any for 15 minutes. By the time the error was corrected, dining tickets had sold out, and some grads couldn’t get any tickets.

2010’s May Ball at Sidney

May Ball President Jack Scannell – now nicknamed ‘Scammer’ by angry grads – offered an apology but as yet no compensation, saying: “Due to logistical and budgetary constraints, the committee is unable to extend the dining provision for this year’s ball.”

Given that a large portion of graduates are on one-year courses and that Sidney’s May Ball is biennial, many students are extremely unhappy. Sidney PhD geographer Sebastian Gibson said: “It is my belief that the committee knew full well postgraduates would be excluded from the dining allocation.”

In a statement to The Tab, Scannell said: “We are currently in the process of collecting the details of all those affected, in order to canvass opinion on the best manner in which to provide compensation. Despite this error, it needs to be stated that overall, the pre-sale was extremely successful.”

“This does not, however, excuse the fact that some members of the college were disadvantaged by a failing in our online system.”

Scannell said efforts were also underway to make sure the cock-up won’t happen again, but this will be little conciliation to current grads who won’t be around for the next Ball in two years time.

Several shunned grads have now rallied together to put on their own dining event before the ball, claiming that they “will dine like kings, for much less.”

  • Tarquin

    Well this is a bit odd…

  • build a bridge

    and get over it.

  • honestly

    waa waa waa – obviously an honest mistake

  • Some consolation

    "Scannell said efforts were also underway to make sure the cock-up won’t happen again next year, but this will be little conciliation to current grads." I'm not surprised, since as noted it's biannual…

  • yawn…

    stop complaining and go play bingo you bunch of old biddies.

    • Grad

      Fuck you. This University would cease to function without graduate students – who do you think takes all your fucking supervisions. This University is built on bloody postgrads and research reputation, you think folk want to come lecture here because you all swan around drinking fucking Pimms out of wheelie bins? Yawn indeed.

      • yawn…

        Sorry what? You used words that I don't understand because I'm too young…

        • Emma Grad

          Or just an idiot regardless of age, which does *seem* more likely…

      • Supervisions

        I don't get supervised by grads. Psssht.

        • Supervised by grads

          Yes, and you obviously are representative of the entire body of undergraduate students…chrissakes

          • Please

            Won't somebody think of Chris in all of this!?! For Chrissakes!

        • Tea total

          I suppose Grads do fund the university, if not much else..

          • Grad

            Well, just wait till we screw you over in supervisions…

      • LAD

        actually I'm supervised by leading academic fellows, not under-educated Durham graduates on a stint in Cambridge to live-out their undergraduate fantasies

        • Undergrad

          I am supervised by grad students and they all have been really good and lovely! I do think this is unfair.

        • Post-lad

          Excellent point. How do you think your 'leading academic fellows' got to where they are? Postgraduate studies, yep.

  • Johnian

    If only it was a May Ball worth going to…

  • You tard


    • Tard yourself

      biennial = biannual. Check a dictionary.

  • T'Pedant

    Who is this 'furious' and why are Sidney grads after him?

    "Sidney Sussex grads are after furious after a website cock-up meant they couldn’t buy presale May Ball tickets."

  • Sid Undergrad

    Such. A. Non. Story. As if anyone cares about grads anyway. Just go to Gardies for dinner pre-ball. Over-reacting arseholes.

    • Homerton undergrad

      What. Sort. Of. Arsehole. Does. This. For. Emphasis. Really?

      I don't think anyone (including most fair-minded Sidney grads) would consider this anything apart from an overreaction, but it's attitudes like "As if anyone cares about grads anyway" that leads to this shit. They're just you (undergrads), but 4-5 years older in most cases and with letters after their name, like it or not. We're not talking about 40-year-olds. Some are twats and some aren't, but a complete failure to recognise anything grads do is indicative of the sense of over-entitlement and complacency that seems to be felt by (a significant subset of) undergrads

    • Your future doctor

      MCRs include medical students and 4th years you idiot.

      • Sussex

        I don't plan on pissing off any med students, I spend too much time in addenbrookes.

  • Sussex

    We all had to check our login worked from 2pm onwards. If you had bothered to do this there wouldn't have been a problem, given that tickets went on sale at 4 and your problem was solved by 4.15. Bit worried that these 'vital supervisors' can't seem to read properly, given that you wanted dining that badly you'd think you could take the time to check your login early.

    • Cromwell C resident

      if thid had effected, say, all 2nd years rather than all grads there wouldn't be moments hesitance in re-running it or postponing it before it started…you have a point but it's a gross simplification

  • Boo

    @sussex: just to let you know: it was not solved by 4.15, around half past 5 I still could not log on.

    To all you undergrads going all wimpy about grads and how undeserving we would be of any form of recognition: grow up! You would be pissed too if you wanted to sign up for something which happens only one every two years and you find out that you are locked out and nothing is being done about it. You may be surprised, but we are people too

    • Say what

      I think everyone's missing the point here that it's only fucking dinner, you still get to come to the ball, even VIP if you want.

      • Boo

        VIP was also almost sold out and if it is 'only a fucking dinner' then why was it sold out within 15 minutes? It is not 'only a fucking dinner' it is a 'fucking dinner' which precedes a great biannual feast where you can start the celebration early with your friends in your own beautifully decorated college before the big crowds come in. I can fully well understand why people are bummed about missing this

  • So…

    An honest mistake that was fixed in minutes, why is this a story?

    • Boo

      I do agree that this all has gone out of hand, sensation articles like this don`t make it any better. Still, there is a bit of a story behind it, as it clearly demonstrates the rift between grads and undergrads

  • Terrance

    This is a shame because May Balls provide a great opportunity for grads and undergrads to interact in an informal setting

  • JohnsJohn

    More than welcome to apply attend to the John's mayball…. OH WAIT

  • Sidney Sympathiser

    It sounds like a simple oversight with ticketing connecting to the lookup system.
    The crsids associated with the grad student entries are more often than not affiliated with the faculty and not the college. If you filter presales access only to what lookup says are Sidney student then the grads are accidentally ignored.
    No conspiracy, give the affected grads fast pass, and give the Sidney committee a break!

  • Bob

    Obviously an honest mistake. They shouldn't lynch Scannell, but even though it might be inconvenient, they should give refunds and do it again.

  • Bellend Judge

    " Sidney PhD geographer Sebastian Gibson said: “It is my belief that the committee knew full well postgraduates would be excluded from the dining allocation.” "

    Seriously? If you honestly think this you're an idiot. There's a grad on the committee for god sake. It was an honest mistake. Get over it.

    • Man

      What does mine score?


    lynch scannell?! are you actually stupid? he cant be held responsible for a computer error leave it out and leave him alone! he worked his arse off for the may ball and deserves to be cut some slack! bunch of ignorant insensitive idiots.

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