Early Morning Fireworks Surprise Selwyn

Students at Selwyn College were delighted by a surprise firework display at 2am this morning.

Slumbering Selwyn students were awakened by an impromptu FIREWORK DISPLAY at 2 o’clock this morning.


A welcome early morning surprise

The display included over 25 fireworks, which are thought to have been contained in just one launcher.

It was set off in the middle of Old Court lawn at 1.58am, and lasted for just over a minute.

The identities of whoever set off the display remain a mystery, but it was welcomed by Selwyn students.

Second year English student Saskia Goldman told The Tab: “The fireworks woke me up – it was really impressive and loud; at first I thought there was a firework in my room.

“Whoever did it – it was brilliant.”

Rosie Cavill, a third year philosopher, added: “It was the best wakeup call ever – it’s the perfect crime because everyone’s so pleased about it.”

Selwyn porters declined to comment on the display.

Video courtesy of Ashley Hall

  • Guy F

    Probably the best bang any Selwyn student has ever experienced.

    • Selwynite

      Speaking personally, I can assure you that's just not true.

      • Selwyn Fresher

        Jimmy Campbell proved that wrong for a load of us last night 😉

        • Binsonite

          He is our President!!

  • john smiths

    well this is a truly dull article to all who weren't quoted in it and now think they're famous

  • Saskia's Mum

    Daughter, you are officially a FAIL.

  • Saskia's daughter

    My mum is famous!

  • Saskia's Dad

    Don't worry about it love, your Mum just used FAIL as a noun. Also, we love you very much. I hope uni's working out well for you. xxx

  • http://grumpy.com Grumpy

    Well, I wasn't best pleased at being woken at 2am. Whoever did it should have been spun round on a Catherine wheel.

  • Whiskers

    I was surprised to wake up in the morning and find that my bed had transformed into a Norse longboat.

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