Jesus v John’s LIVE

John's have come out on top once again, beating Jesus by 19 points. Full match report to follow tonight.

It’s all over! St John’s have beaten Jesus, with 36 points to 17.  

In the first big showdown of term the Redboys managed to rise to the occasion, dominating the first half and holding out with only 14 men against a spirited fight back from Jesus early in the second half.

See the blow by blow account of the days events below, or check back this evening to read a full match report. Alternatively, read interviews with both captains here.


16.13 FULL TIME. ST. JOHN’S WIN 36-17. Full write-up to follow this evening on The Tab. Thanks for reading.

15.59 YELLOW CARD. Exton is off for jesus whose afternoon is getting worse and worse.

15.56 TRY! It’s the hattrick for kelly from more poor fringe defence. 36-17 and the crowd is deathly quiet.

15.51 29-17 after the points are missed.

15.49 TRY! John’s hit straight back. Kelly is over after Jesus juggle it in their own 22.

15.48 TRY! Greenfield comes up with it after Jesus drive it over. Points added for 24-17. Only a converted try in it…

15.41 TRY! And that should be that for John’s. Stovall and wilson combine to put in Michelmore. Points missed but it’s 24-10.

15.37 Cliffe puts in a huge hit for John’s, winning a penalty but they turn down the points and miss touch.

15.33 John’s back to 15 and back to contested scrums. 7 points shipped while he was off.

15.32 All jesus now as Marron breaks. Wonderful covering tackle from Stovall. The 14 are struggling.

15.29 TRY! And it is Tanhara breaking through again and he adds a difficult conversion. 10-19.

15.27 So close for Jesus. They’ve come out flying and Tanhara breaks through 3 and offloads from the tackle. Held up over the line.

15.20 HALF-TIME. Well it’s been John’s half but they’re down to 14. Jesus will rue the missed kicks.

15.18 YELLOW CARD for John’s. Calvert comes in from offside and he’s in the bin. Penalty missed again though.

15.15 TRY! It’s more awful jesus defending as Ben Wilson waltzes through. Points over and it’s 19-3.

15.11 Stovall has wasted a wonderful chance for John’s. Big overlap and Michelmore free but it’s forward.

15.09 3-12. He’s landed it this time but it could be 9-12 if he’d taken his chamber.

15.05 Cliffe adds the 2 and it was dreadful from Jesus. 12-0.

15.04 TRY! Kelly, John’s No. 8 carries the ball and the defence parts embarrassingly. 10-0.

15.00 Jesus looking really short of ideas in attack. All John’s at the moment.

14.53 Conversion missed from Cliffe.

14.52 TRY! John’s 5-0 Jesus. Driving maul from the Redboys and Emerton is over. Good control and it’s been coming.

14.49 John’s bombarding the line at the set-piece try. Jesus lucky to avoid the penalty try for hands.

14.45 John’s work a line-out on 5 metres but a sloppy drive and a knock on and the chance is gone.

14.42 Jesus taking a shy from the tee. Long way out though… Straight but short from Tanbara.

14.39 First line-break comes from Jesus captain Roope but the ball’s knocked on from his pass.

14. 34 Kick-off and John’s take it securely and win a penalty from the ruck.

14.30 Players out for kick-off. Crowd not really out yet – only 2 dozen on the John’s side.

14.20 Conditions looking perfect for Jesus’ running game.

14.09 John’s need to see they don’t tire before k.o. Incredibly intense warm up.

14.06 Pete Atkinson, missing the game for the redboys through injury, ‘We’re going to smash them up.’

14.02 John’s line-out drill looking a bit dodgy. Jesus to dominate at the set piece?

13.53 Both teams out on the pitch. John’s seeming the more focused, chanting through their warm-up!

13.39 Ilia Cherezov, John’s crocked Blue – “Every confidence in the boys today. Sure we’ll get the result.”

13.38 Apparently Hugo Kelly of John’s and Jesus’ Russell Rammage fought at Captains’ Cocktails – look out for that match up on the pitch today.

13.31 Redboys have set off for the pitches. The mood’s pretty positive.

13.11 John’s captain, George Hunter communicating in monosyllables. One focused man.

13.06 The confirmed John’s team is:

1. Hunter
2. Calvert
3. Hezlet
4. Emerton
5. van Zwanenburg
6. Poole
7. Cozens
8. Kelly
9. Wilson
10. Cliffe
11. Michelmore
12. Crawford
13. Stovall
14. Day
15. Prys-Jones

13.00 The Jesus team going out today are:

1. Taylor
2. Fitzmaurice
3. Exton
4. Meads
5. Colegrave
6. Belben
7. Greenfield
8. J.Miller
9. Roope
10. Tambara
11. Pelton
12. Gill
13. McDonald
14. Lewis
15. Marron

12.32 Eating in John’s buttery pre-game. Like a sea of red. They’re up for this one today…

  • Public School Boy

    Lewis on the wing for Jesus is a hell of a player. Fresher who's made quite an impact. Going for him to score first try and Jesus to win by less than 7. Heard it here first!

    • Nostradamus

      Oh dear.

  • Jesus

    @13.38 Ramage looks for fights though, he's a cock.

  • bravo

    thanks Rupert. Excellent Coverage x

  • The Redboys:

    4 weeks in and already league champs.

    • really?

      think you may have misunderstood the concept of a league..

  • El Quimp

    Sure. You can beat Jesus. But can you session?

    See you at old boys…

    • El Quimp

      When is old boys?

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